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How Much SEO Juice Do You Get From Google+?


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • I get a huge amount of SEOJuice through Google+ when I link my websites to it through Google Authorship. Yes I know Google+ is a huge identity collection portal, as Stephen mentioned, but you kind of have to bend to Googles will if you want any hope of ranking.
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  • I'm not a huge fan of Google+ either (since it is more of an identity collection and verification network). Also, Google does work for the Gov. (likely why it has not seen an FTC investigation). As far as I'm concerned, I'll find other ways to generate traffic rather than make a bloated Gov., and corporation even bigger and more powerful. Enough is enough.
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  • Nice deck mate.
    Not a huge fan of it but have seen some benefits - brands should embrace it. Chris Brogan said a really cool quote @ blueglass -
    'Google + is like a vending machine... you have to fill it'
    I have a few interesting findings which I'm working through about social sharing.... surprising so far.
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  • interesting to see that google plus is being indexed. having been inspired to use G+ (okay, not really) I've uploaded my LinkedIn contacts I made at #smx to Google +. great tutorial here:
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How Much SEO Juice Do You Get From Google+?

  1. Kevin Gibbons How Much SEO @kevgibboJuice Do You Get Founder From Google+? SEOptimise May 2012
  2. Let’s start with the theory – What are Google are saying?@kevgibbo
  3. So we tested it out… CTR Impact: Homepage with +1’s vs site with Google+ brand page@kevgibbo
  4. Test 1Site with no+1’s or G+brand page@kevgibbo
  5. ResultAs expected, no impact@kevgibbo
  6. Test 2 Website with 57homepage +1’s & no G+ brand page @kevgibbo
  7. Result 19% CTR without +1 0% CTR with +1@kevgibbo
  8. Test 3Site with 456 Google+brand page votes@kevgibbo
  9. Result 9% CTRwithout +1,5% CTR with +1@kevgibbo
  10. Which means the CTR impact is…@kevgibbo
  11. The lower CTR for +1’s actually makes sense for two reasons:1. +1 results are often less relevant than standard listings2. Many homepages appear as annotated results (so normal CTR is likely to be high due to brand visits) @kevgibbo
  12. So what about the impact to rankings & organic traffic?@kevgibbo
  13. Test 1: Set of Clients Who Have No Google+ Presence@kevgibbo
  14. Result:19.5% decrease in organic traffic for clients who aren’t using Google++Source: Analytics Canvas@kevgibbo
  15. Test 2: Clients Who Have a Strong Google+ Presence@kevgibbo
  16. Result:42.6% increase in organic traffic for clients who actively use Google+!Source: Analytics Canvas@kevgibbo
  17. How about other brands?@kevgibbo
  18. Result: Huge Organic Search Impact for @kevgibbo
  19. Does this mean Google+ has a direct correlation to organic rankings? No!@kevgibbo
  20. But… does it really matter?@kevgibbo
  21. Where are Google going with G+? “SEO is like being aweather man” Source: Greg Boser@kevgibbo
  22. Google are pushing G+ like crazy…@kevgibbo
  23. Google Penguin is making link building harder@kevgibbo
  24. To Quote Danny Sullivan…“links are creaky, outdated signals that haveincreasingly been harder and harder for thesearch engines to depend on.” @kevgibbo
  25. Which means social signals have to be measured by Google to assess a sites authority @kevgibbo
  26. If I could give you 5 Google+ tips they would be…@kevgibbo
  27. 1) Focus your strategy on great content & stop chasing Google’s algorithm@kevgibbo
  28. 2) Build a great content team• Community manager• Bloggers• Content strategist• Infographic designer• Guest authors• Video producers @kevgibbo
  29. 3) Use Rel=Author to link-up your writers using Google Authorship@kevgibbo
  30. 4) Create a G+ brand page & link to your site@kevgibbo
  31. 5) Share content daily, even if you have to force yourself!@kevgibbo
  32. And lastly, 4 Google+ tools to help…@kevgibbo
  33. 1) View Social Connections to a scary level! @kevgibbo
  34. 2) Find Influencers on
  35. 3) Analyse your reach on Google+ Ripples@kevgibbo
  36. 4) Social Sources Activity Stream in Google Analytics
  37. In Summary…1. Google+ has negative influence to CTRs!2. Websites using Google+ experiencing significant uplift in organic traffic3. Strong social footprint is likely to make your rankings more defensible to algorithm updates4. Make content marketing the centre of your SEO strategy @kevgibbo
  38. Thank youFeel free to ask any questions &follow me online! @kevgibbo @kevgibbo