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Evolution of the Client-Agency Relationship


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My presentation from #SEOBarcamp in July 2013 on the evolution of the client-agency landscape

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Evolution of the Client-Agency Relationship

  1. 1. Evolution of the Client-Agency Landscape KEVIN GIBBONS BLUEGLASS.CO.UK @KEVGIBBO
  2. 2. No-one wants just SEO anymore… changed-in-2013
  3. 3. Search should be part of a single strategy, set by the brand across all marketing channels
  4. 4. The agency role is to support in-house marketing teams & work closer to execute
  5. 5. Agencies need to be more agile - shorter term projects vs long-term contracts
  6. 6. We had to break down the silos & re-structure our team based around client lifecycle
  7. 7. What are you doing now, that wasn’t on the agenda 12 months ago? • Are you reading different blogs? Or attending different events? • How has the importance of content increased over the last 12 months? Is the brand involved in providing data/information? • Are you working closer with internal digital teams? What about offline marketing and brand teams? • Is the agency role now more supportive/delivery based? To challenge ideas and provide industry knowledge/trends