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Novotel Kapla Family Event


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Children set a European record by constructing the longest giraffe neck with KAPLA.

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Novotel Kapla Family Event

  1. 1. Children set a Europeanrecord by constructingthe longest giraffe neckwith KAPLA.
  2. 2. At a glanceOver 500 children set a European record by constructing the longest giraffe neck with KAPLA.The event gave a boost to Novotel’s reputation as a family hotel chain.
  3. 3. Situation AnalysisThe Novotel brand of Accor Hotels wanted to reinforce brand awareness for their family offer‘Family & Novotel’. Often Novotel is primarily seen as a business hotel, but with ‘Family &Novotel’ it offers special packages for families.ObjectivesTo reinforce brand awareness for Novotel’s family offer ‘Family & Novotel’ and boost Novotel’sreputation as a family hotel chain.StrategyCreate the opportunity for children and parents to get in contact with the Novotel brand in aplayful way. Inspired by Novotel’s partnership with KAPLA, Ketchum Pleon developed theconcept for a yearly recurring KAPLA building & playing event. We partnered with WWF tostrengthen the message of Novotel as a family brand and the partnership matches Novotel’smarketing campaign ‘Natural Living’.
  4. 4. ImplementationThe first KAPLA building & playing event was held inNovotel Amsterdam City. To attract as much children aspossible, the event was held during the spring break onMonday afternoon. The target for this first event was set at200 to 250 children between 4 and 12 years and theirparents.The theme was ‘Animals of the world’. The children couldcreate their own KAPLA animal. Professional KAPLAbuilders helped the children with tips and tricks. There wereprices to win for the most beautiful KAPLA animals. Thefirst price was a trip to the KAPLA factory in France and aweekend trip for the family to a Novotel hotel in France.During the event there were various entertainment activitiesfor children and parents.Ketchum Pleon produced all marketing materials (such asleaflets, posters, billboards, and website) and wasresponsible for PR.
  5. 5. Please turnpage to seethe giraffe
  6. 6. ResultsMore than 500 children and 200 adults visited the event, resulting in94% happy visitors! They set the European record and built the tallestKAPLA giraffe’s neck. Novotel will continue to organize this successfulevent every year.