Struggle for democracy in myanmar


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Struggle for democracy in myanmar

  2. 2. WHAT MAKES THE GOVERNMENT NON- DEMOCRATIC? Myanmar gained freedom from colonial rule in 1948 and become democracy. But the democratic rule ended in GROUP NO:- 6 1962 with a military coup. In 1990 elections were held for the first time after almost 30 years. Aung San Sui Kyi won the election. The military put the elected pro- democracy leader, including Sui Kai under house arrest. The military leaders of Myanmar refused to stop down and not recognize the election results.
  3. 3.  The great in Myanmar has taken all rights from the people and about 6-10 lakh people have taken shelter in other countries. Myanmar continues to be unclear military rule. Universal adult franchise does not exist GROUP NO:- 6 in the country i.e. the right to vote is given to a limited number of people with some specific qualification. Legislatures are either dissolved or suspended and they do not function. Only people with some specific qualification can contest elections. Freedom of speech press and association is censored. Newspapers are mostly state owned and contain limited news. No one can question the ruling party.
  4. 4. WHAT ARE THE MAIN COMPLAINTS ANDDEMANDS OF THE PEOPLE IN THAT COUNTRY? Beginning of democratic process is their main demand. They really wish the right wing government would stop murdering them GROUP NO:- 6 and taking away their rights. The excuse that "theyre fighting communism" went stale 20 years ago. They are deprived all kinds of political freedom. They cannot choose or elect their leaders. They are unable to form associations. They are denied freedom of speech and press.
  5. 5. HOW DO THE EXISTING RULERS REACT TO PEOPLE’S DEMAND? The existing rulers of Myanmar react harshly to people s demand. People seen as expressing their view regarding government, or raising their voice against rulers. They were sent to 20 year prison. Even the minor crime is punished. GROUP NO:- 6 The leaders of the struggle are rebels who hit and run, hide from the government troops, and strike without warning, sometimes killing innocent civilians in the process. In July 1988 Ne Win suddenly announced that he was preparing to leave the stage. Seeing at last a possible escape from military rule, economic decline and routine human rights abuses, thousands of people took to the streets of Rangoon. Demonstrations broke out across the country during the so-called "Democracy Summer" that followed. But on August 8, 1988 troops began a four day massacre, firing into crowds of men, women and children gathered in Rangoon. At least 10,000 demonstrators were killed across the
  6. 6. WHO ARE THE MAIN LEADERS FOR THE STRUGGLE FOR DEMOCRACY? Aung san suu kyi is the prominent leader in the struggle for democracy in Myanmar. Politics played a big role in Aung’s life. In Burma she joined the pro democracy GROUP NO:- 6 movement which was pushing the political reforms in Burma she preached the people and called for a democratic government so that the people of Burma could experience freedom. She kept on fighting for democracy and freedom in her homeland for Burma. She had dedicated her life to the citizens of Burma so that the people of Burma could experience the freedom that they deserve. She has secured her name in Burmese history and will fight forever for democracy.
  7. 7. NEWS REPORT - TIMES OF INDIA, NEW DELHI Myanmar, a country around 50 millionpeople. Is ruled by fear. A military machine of 5,00,000soldiers denies a whole nation its most basic rights Aungsan suu kyi, pro democracy leader, symbolizes the GROUP NO:- 6struggle for Myanmars people to be free. She has spent many years in house arrest.When she was released in may 2002, there waswidespread hope that it would be a step towardsdemocracy in Myanmar which will lead to major politicalreform. However during the tour of northern Myanmarlast year, Aung san suu kyi and her supporters wereattacked by government sponsored mob. The attack took place in Depayin. As manyas 70 people were killed in the attack and ovet 100people were arrested, including Aung san suu kyi. Officesof the National League for democracy(NDP) throughoutthe country have been closed. She remained in secretdetention for over three months. She is currently underhouse arrest in Yangon.
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