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Ebook lending agreement


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Used for the Camden Library Kindle lending program.

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Ebook lending agreement

  1. 1. Camden-Jackson Twp. Public Library E-Reader Borrower AgreementTo borrow an e-reader, you must be 18 years of age with a Camden Library card in goodstanding. Patrons must read and sign borrower’s agreement form, acknowledging their financialresponsibility.By signing this agreement, I agree to take full responsibility for the device that I am borrowing.I understand the following: The replacement fee for the Kindle 4 plus its accessories is $130 The replacement fee for the Kindle DX plus its accessories is $400 The replacement fee for lost charging cables is $20 The replacement fee for a lost case or cover is $40If a device is lost, stolen, or broken in my care, I agree to pay the full replacement fee.Kindles must be returned in-person to library staff. They may not be returned in the librarydropbox or dropslot. If I return a Kindle by putting in the dropbox or dropslot, I will be fined $25,even if the Kindle is not damaged.Kindles may be checked out for two weeks. I will be billed for the Kindle if I am more than 30days overdue.Borrower name (please print):________________________________________Borrow name (sign):________________________________________________Date:___________________________