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Open ONI and IIIF: NDNP data in an IIIF Viewer


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Overview of implementation of native IIIF compliance in fork of LC Newspaper Viewer Software (chronam), Open Online Newspaper Initiative (ONI).

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Open ONI and IIIF: NDNP data in an IIIF Viewer

  1. 1. Open ONI and IIIF: NDNP data in an IIIF Viewer Karen Estlund Special thanks to Ed Summers, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
  2. 2. Newspapers and IIIF Small Sample of Openly Available Newspapers Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library 201 titles Chronicling America 10,184,006 pages Europeana 3,666,594 issues National Library of Finland 1,960,921 pages (open) National Library of Wales 1,100,000 pages; 15,000,000 articles National Library Singapore 200 titles Trove 188,896,865 articles
  3. 3. LC Newspaper Viewer, Open Source, Open API
  4. 4. Chronicling America
  5. 5. Open Online Newspaper Initiative (ONI)
  6. 6. IIIF Mapping Newspapers IIIF Title Collection Issue Manifest Edition Manifest Article Range Page Canvas Image Image Alto Annotations
  7. 7. National Digital Newspaper Specification (NDNP) 10,828,353 pages at LC to-date + Additional state pages in NDNP format
  8. 8. RAIS now in Docker set-up for Open ONI
  9. 9. IIIF Guidance in Open ONI Example:
  10. 10. Link to the OCR in the Manifest "seeAlso": [ { "profile": "", "@id": " 17/ed-1/seq-1/ocr.xml", "format": "text/xml" } ],
  11. 11. Open ONI Newspapers in IIIF Viewer
  12. 12. Compare IIIF Newspapers Research in IIIF Viewer (non Open ONI)
  13. 13. Next Steps
  14. 14. Development and Development Assistance From: ● Library of Congress ● University of Oregon ● University of Nebraska - Lincoln ● MITH, University of Maryland ● Northern New York Library Network ● Stanford University ● Penn State University ● North Carolina Digital Heritage Center ● Paul Smith's College ● University of South Carolina ● LYRASIS Thank you!