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Newspapers, IIIF, and ALTO


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Presentation to ALA Newspaper IG

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Newspapers, IIIF, and ALTO

  1. 1. Newspapers, IIIF, & ALTO ALA 2016 Karen Estlund Co-chair, IIIF Newspaper Interest Group Associate Dean for Technology & Digital Strategies Penn State University Libraries
  2. 2. What is IIIF?
  3. 3. IIIF APIs
  4. 4. Image API {scheme}://{server}{/prefix}/{identifier}/{region}/{size}/{rotation}/{quality}.{format}
  5. 5. Presentation API …..
  6. 6. Search API: Use Cases ● Searching OCR generated text to find words or phrases within a book, newspaper or other primarily textual content. ● Searching transcribed content, provided by crowd-sourcing or transformation of scholarly output. ● Searching multiple streams of content, such as the translation or edition, rather than the raw transcription of the content, to jump to the appropriate part of an object. ● Searching on sections of text, such as defined chapters or articles. ● Searching for user provided commentary about the resource, either as a discovery mechanism for the resource or for the discussion. ● Discovering similar sections of text to compare either the content or the object.
  7. 7. IIIF Newspaper Interest Group Goals ● To determine development + Usage of IIIF for digital Newspapers ● To demonstrate best practice in exploitation of IIIF for Newspapers ● To promote usage of IIIF for Newspapers ● To consider related formats, especially serials ● To explore and exploit possibilities for search, discovery, and annotation of Newspapers Chairs: Karen Estlund, Penn State & Glen Robson, National Library of Wales Special Thanks to Glen! I’ll be using examples from National Library of Wales throughout.
  8. 8. IIIF Newspaper Resources ● Newspaper IG Page: http://iiif. io/community/groups/newspapers/ ● Newspaper IG Working Documents: ● IIIF Awesome: ● IIIF User Stories: ● Slack Channel: #newspapers ○ Email to be added ● Code of Conduct:
  9. 9. IIIF Mapping Newspapers IIIF Title Collection Issue Manifest Edition Manifest Article Range Page Canvas Image Image Alto Annotations
  10. 10. IIIF Newspapers Best Practices Document (Draft)
  11. 11. OCR in Annotation List { "@id": " uk/iiif/4342443/annotation/list/ART8.json", "@type": "sc:AnnotationList", "label": "SIEraOROLlOIOAt, OBSERVATIONS,", "within": { "@id": "http://dams.llgc.", "@type": "sc:Layer", "label": "OCR Article Text" } },
  12. 12. OCR and ALTO in Open Annotations { "@type":"oa:Annotation", "motivation":"sc:painting", "resource": { "@type":"cnt:ContentAsText", "format":"text/plain", "chars":"SIEraOROLlOIOAt, OBSERVATIONS," }, "on":" uk/iiif/4342439/canvas/4342443#xywh=2003,4684,554,34" },
  13. 13. Also Recommend Link to the OCR in the Manifest "seeAlso": [ { "profile": "https://www.loc. gov/standards/alto/", "@id": "http://oni.mith. us/lccn/sn83045396/1911-09-17/ed-1/seq-1/ocr. xml", "format": "text/xml" } ],
  14. 14. Getting Newspapers Into IIIF ● Quick Start Guide for IIIF: details/ ● Newspaper Best Practices Model: Forthcoming, Draft: ● NDNP Data ○ Open ONI (open source fork from Chronicling America software): ○ RAIS image server: libraries/rais-image-server ○ Python Library to host static images: https://github. com/umd-mith/ndnp_iiif
  15. 15. IIIF Guidance in Open ONI / How to use APIs Example: http://[url]/about/api/
  16. 16. Open ONI Newspapers in IIIF Viewer
  17. 17. IIIF Newspapers in IIIF Viewer
  18. 18. Comparing Newspapers in IIIF Viewer (Mirador)
  19. 19. OCR and ALTO as Annotation Layers
  20. 20. What this Means for Newspapers