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Beyond NDNP: Technical Specifications Working Group


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Recommendations for digital newspaper descriptive metadata specification based on the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) technical specification but extended for beyond NDNP uses.

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Beyond NDNP: Technical Specifications Working Group

  1. 1. Beyond NDNP Technical Specifications Working Group NDNP 2015 Karen Estlund Assoc. Dean for Technology & Digital Strategies
  2. 2. Working Group Membership ● Chair: Karen Estlund (Pennsylvania/Oregon) ● Luis Baquera (California) ● Brian Geiger (California) ● Mark Phillips (Texas) ● Shawn Schollmeyer (Washington) ● Kopana Terry (Kentucky) ● Laura Weakly (Nebraska) ● Eric Weig (Kentucky) ● Frederick Zarndt (Independent)
  3. 3. Activities 1. Metadata Application Profile a. Functional Requirements b. Data Model c. Metadata Schema 2. File Formats & Resolution Recommendations 3. Directory Structure Recommendations 4. Backup & Storage Recommendations
  4. 4. Metadata Application Profile
  5. 5. Functional Requirements 1. Newspapers should be retrieved based on issues 2. Items may be sorted and retrieved by date of issue 3. Multiple editions for particular issues may be related to an issue 4. Aggregated and common titles can be used to retrieve user-friendly results beyond the serials catalog record for a title 5. The model must use the NDNP model as a baseline 6. Identifiers should be present to correspond with additional metadata resources whenever possible 7. Newspaper content should be retrieval based on copyright associated with the work at an issue level 8. Full-text searching is assumed and not represented in the descriptive model
  6. 6. Mandatory Metadata Properties Digital Responsible Institution Edition Order [at least one identifier]: ● LCCN ● ISSN ● OCLC ● Local Identifier Issue Date Title Rights Publication Location
  7. 7. Metadata Properties Added to Profile Digital Responsible Institution* Common Title / Curated Title ISSN Common Title / Curated ID OCLC Number Rights* Local Identifier Language [Original Object Information]
  8. 8. File Format & Resolution Recommendations 1. Microfilm a. 300-400 ppi b. 8-bit grayscale 2. Paper a. 250 ppi b. 8-bit grayscale (even for color) 3. Born Digital a. PDF -> PDF/A b. PDF -> TIFF images c. Websites -> harvest to WARC Preservation Formats: ● TIFF 6.0 Uncompressed ● PDF/A Flavor of your choice ● WARC Access Formats: ● JP2 ● JPEG, and/or ● PDF
  9. 9. Directory Structure Recommendations ● University of Kentucky Libraries ○ [collection uniquecode]/[lccn]/issues/[YYYY]/[unqiuecode] [YYYYMMDDED]/ ○ lvc/sn86069643/issues/2012/lvc2012030101/ ● Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research (CBSR) at the University of California, Riverside ○ [batch_directory]/[pub_code]/YYYYMMDD[_EE]/ ○ batch_curiv_eagle/SFC/19101226/
  10. 10. Storage & Backup Recommendations 1. External Hard Drives 2. Networked Local Server 3. Engineering Backup Servers 4. Cloud Hosting Preservation Best Practices Following preservation best practices for digital newspaper content is encouraged. More information about digital preservation best practices is available from the Library of Congress:
  11. 11. Scripts & Software Scripts and software to help with processing, hosting, or preserving digital newspapers. For additional resources, see PaperVault "Tools for Working with Digital News". ● Open Source Newspaper Viewer, chronam/LC Newspaper Viewer: https: // ● Open Source JP2 Image Server, RAIS: libraries/rais-image-server ● ALTO-like XML ○ PDF2ALTO, ○ PDF to Text, ● PDFs to NDNP-like technical specification, libraries/pdf-to-chronam