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A2 music video evaluation.


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this is the first draft and still has a lot of work to be added. i will upload the completed verson soon.

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A2 music video evaluation.

  1. 1. Music video production. Evaluation.
  2. 2. 1)In what ways does you video use develop or challenge forms and convections of real media products.
  3. 3. As a group, we did a lot of research into other music videos of the same genre (R n B, folk and indie music). This was to helpus see what the typical conventions there are for our chosen genre and to get influence for our music video production. Wealso made a marketing aims profile before making each product. This allowed us to get ideas of how we could be selling and promoting our products successfully.Our finished music video uses some convections of the R n B genre but also challenges some. We chose to use the structure of a R n B/rock video – where theres a band performance and an underlying narratives. The main influence of how our video is set came from the scouting for girls video – “Elvis aint dead”. We were influenced by mainly the band setting and lighting. Just like the scouting for girls video, our video is set in a stage(church stage) and we used similar props – the keyboard, the microphone etc. We wanted to copy the style of lighting with candles but it was impossible as it of high risk and a fire hazard. The narrative style is similar – as we used a narrative and actors that is totally different from the band performance. As well as using some of the conventionof the the R n B genre, we also challengedsome of the convection - in the sense thatthere is less clips of the performance and the narrative out ways the performance which is quite unusual for an R n B video.
  4. 4. The tone and pace of our music video was also influenced majorly by skylar grey “invisible”music. In the sense that slow paced and has a eerie atmosphere which is what aimed to achieve. Our camera work and visual style was mostly influenced by “Lana Del Rey`s video game musicvideo. For instance, the shot of the pigeons, clouds and boat in our music video was done to look like some of the Lana Del Rey`s video. Also, the fact that some of the shots are not in synch withthe music - (the music is slow paced and some of the shot are normal paced) – this was an effect that we wanted to create too and we achieved that in the couple`s fight scene – the actorsactions where a little bit faster than the music pace. We chose to this because we did not want to follow all the convections of an R n B video.
  5. 5. website-my digipack is quite conventional as it has the masthead/title at the top of the website with the artist name at the top right. The colours would challenge the normal conventions of an R n B as Ive used dull colours (grey, black and white) to reflect the mood of the song. The webpage of my website is layed out like gary jules one but with just with dull/dark colours.I will add pictures of my finished website when it is complet.
  6. 6. Digipack.My digipak uses and develops the convention of folk music genre. Just like the website Ive onlyused dull/dark colours to create link between the two – this then reflects the mood of our music video. My digipak is in a montage which was influenced by the Beatles album cover. I will ad pictures of my digipaks when Ive finished making it.
  7. 7. 2)How effective is the combination of your product(video) and the ancillary text (digigpak and homepage.
  8. 8. The digipak and website are currently still in the process of been made but already there are are links.Website:I`m currently making the home page of the website in photoshop and have decided to make the main home page monotone – just black and white which would reflect the mood atmosphere of the main music video. Ive planned to make the masthead a photo- montage of different inanimate objects or a montage of different long exposure picture, this would link it visualy to our finished music video as our music video focuses on different montages of life – specifically couples. Space for screen grabs/shot of website.
  9. 9. Links between music video, website and digipak. To make my audience familiar with the digipak and website I`ve included some similar characteristics to make it relate. digipak is not finished yet but there are already clear links between my digipak and website. Firstly, Ive stuck to the black and white main colour just like I did with the website. Also, Ivedecided to use a different photo-montage (just like I did with the website but a different one), this in turn reflects the idea of a montage thats in the music video. Ive also used the same font to write the name of the band in both the website and the digipak and is placed in a similar position in both – the top right. This is a normal convection in music video website. I think this is successful as the audience would be able to visually link the digiak and website because ofthe link between the photo-montage masthead in the website and the photo-montage background in the website – this would help them link the promotional material to the idea of a montage in the music video.The digipack challenges the normal convections of a R n B and video and uses more convections from the folk music genre – the front and back cover does not include the picture of the advert. This is quite similar to the original album cover for Gary Jules “mad world”.• space for screen shots.
  10. 10. How did you use media technology in the construction and research planning and evaluation.
  11. 11. • During the pre and post production aspects of creating our music video, I have used a variety of media technology.• Pre-production. wordpress – throughout pre and post production we`ve used wordpress to document all our work which includes, research, planning and production. I`ve also used slideshare to embed powerpoints to my wordpress account. For thus i had to set up an account to be able to use it for sharing purposes. Internet for research purpose – I majorly used the internet to research similar music video. I used youtube to watch and compare videos which helped us to make a descision on what genre of music to use. We also used last fm online listening ( ) to search for artist and to easily find similar artist as it has a link that directs you to similar artists to the one you`ve searched for.
  12. 12. • Production and post-production. Video cameras- we used cannon video camera for all the filming. This was quite challenging as none of had used one before. At first we`re filming and overwriting what we already filmed because we tried to watch back what we had filmed and forgot to fast-forward it. When we filmed the band scene (lip-synching) we took out the micro-phone from the camera to act as a micro-phone for the singer – unbeknown to us that it was actually the sound recorder. When we started editing we realised that all the scenes of the lead singer had no sound. This made making his singing in synch with the actual song almost impossible. Final cut pro – we used final cut pro to edit. We all had impute in the editing and we all too turns in logging and capturing the clips we need. I added some of the transitions like the cross dissolve between the shot of the birds and the fast cloud. I also sped up the shot of cloud by increasing the speed from a 100% to 200% - thus compressing it from a five minute clip to a less that 20 seconds. I also added mild filters to some of the clips i.e. I reduced the contrast in the clips of the birds and the clouds.
  13. 13.  Final cut pro – we used final cut pro to edit. We all had impute in the editing and we all too turns in logging and capturing the clips we need. I added some of the transitions like the cross dissolve between the shot of the birds and the fast cloud. I also sped up the shot of cloud by increasing the speed from a 100% to 200% - thus compressing it from a five minute clip to a less that 20 seconds. I also added mild filters to some of the clips i.e. I reduced the contrast in the clips of the birds and the clouds.
  14. 14.  Photoshop - having used Photoshop before, I was quite familiar with most of the features. I`ve used photoshop to make the background/layout for my the website and to add pictures and the masthead to the website, I will develop this further in dreamweaver and add html and links. I have also used Photoshop to make the digipak by adding and editing pictures to fit into the montage of photos and to design the font. Ive also used to get fonts that Ive used in my digipak. Space for screen shots from photoshop Dreamweaver -
  15. 15. What have you learned from you audience feedback?
  16. 16. • Class feedback – our finished music video was played in class and we received some feedback from out peers. Getting audience feedback helped us improve our rough cut – as we were told that our narrative was not clear – with this we decided to do some more filming to help our audience understand the narrative. Audience feedback also helped to know the success of our final cut as – the main comments given where: The camera work was good: to be specific they said the camera work on the scenes with the first couple was good and the setting was specifically good and they liked the fact that we had a variety of shots from different angle. Editing is efficient and anchors the genre/style of music – they commented on the editing and favoured our editing of the shots. Although they said we could have used less transitions as it was not needed. I agree with this and would remove some of the “fade in fade out” transition effects if I was giving another chance to correct the editing. The random cut out scene makes the music video more interesting and adds to the montage – I also agree with this and would had more random shots if I could to fit into the montage. The story line could have been more clearer – this true and evident in the music video. If I was to film again I would add in more couples to make the montage more effective and I would keep the actions in the scenes simple so that is understandable to everyone and not just those of our target audience. The storyline is not clear because the actors where too shy to act out some of the scenes that we intended to shoot. If I had more time, I would do some more filming to make up for it.
  17. 17. Video of audience feedback.• i`m still collecting audience feedback ( by filming).