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  1. 1. In this presentation I will be talking about the different use of radio waves in different areas of media technology such as wifi, television, mobile phones and computers and explaining what a radio wave actually is and concluding with my views on radio waves being used in media.
  2. 2. A radio wave is an electro magnetic form of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum that is longer than microwave, infrared and ultraviolet. It generally has a longer frequencyRADIO
  3. 3. WIFI (wireless networks) is an example of a new type of media that uses radio waves to transmit its signals. They transmit frequencies of 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, but usually the higher frequency the more data it can carry. The way it works is-- A computer will have an adapter that will pick up the wireless signal and translate the data into a radio signal which will then be sent back to the wireless router using an antenna.- The router will then receive the signal and decode it and send the signal information to the internet.
  4. 4. Television is a way of receiving moving images and viewing them. The way it works with radio waves is:- The antenna on the TV receives the signal in an electromagnetic wave and that is broadcasted from the station of the channel the viewer is watching, the signal is then received and shown on the television screen.
  5. 5. A satellite dish works in a similar way to a TV antenna- the signals are sent from the programming source to a satellite in space, which is then directed to the television centre where the channel is based, and then the signal from there is beamed again into space where the satellite dish receives it and this is then connected to a receiver box connected to the television and it then shows the program.
  6. 6. - A mobile network uses radio waves to transmit their signals to and from mobiles to the base stations that are usually located very close by.- The signals also carry data and it is also used to access the internet on phones, but it can be quite slow because of the interference, and 3G networks are now being used instead because of the quicker speeds that data can be transferred.
  7. 7. Radio waves are used in a much more wide variety of media today than it was used in the past. Today people use it to watch television, use mobile phones and listen to radio more importantly, but even now these are starting to make way for a newer generation of media broadcasting mediums such as;DAB radios, the digital switch over on TV and 3/4G networks, which provide a quicker, safer and better service than radio waves. Radio waves are starting to become more less used and my prediction is that soon there will be a world where everything will be digitalised and radio waves will not exist anymore.
  8. 8. content/uploads/2010/09/Electromagnetic Spectrum.png (Picture of the electromagnetic spectrum) (satellite dish picture) ge/0003/36372/digital2.png (digital switch over man)