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Presentation on NBC Heroes

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  1. 1. Heroes
  2. 2. What my presentation is aboutMy presentation is on the subject of the hit NBCshow Heroes.
  3. 3. It was a show that was split into 5 series tellingthe story of several people with super powersand who try to live everyday lives. It has a fewmain characters :
  4. 4. Peter Petrelli- He started having dreams about him flying and eventually found out that he could do much more. His power is empathic mimicry, which is the ability to absorb and use other peoples powers. He is played by actor Milo Ventimiglia.Picture from http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/3/39102/1130172-untitled_1_large.png
  5. 5. Hiro Nakumaura- Hiro starts off in the series as him trying to use his powers for good and become a hero, but it usually lands him as well as other people in the series in some danger, but he always comes through as the hero at the end of the day. His power is time and space manipulation. He is played by actor Masi Oka.Image from- http://cdn.crushable.com/files/2009/01/nup-132228-0004.jpg
  6. 6. Claire Bennet- Claire starts off in heroes as a simple cheerleader confused with not just everyday teenage life but dealing with her powers as well. She later goes on to become a much bigger role in all the heroes lives. Her power is the ability to rapidly heal from any injury (also giving her longevity). She is played by actress Hayden Panettiere.Image fromhttp://store.infinitecoolness.com/coolposters/personalities/haydenpanettiere/haydenpanettiereposter019.jpg
  7. 7. Matt Parkman- Matt starts off in Heroes as a simple everyday police officer, but soon learns through his powers he can be a lot more. Although his powers do cause him a lot of distress sometimes, he uses it for the greater good and helps the Heroes with anything. He is played by actor Greg Grunburg.Image from http://www.jollygoodshow.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/greg-heroes.jpg
  8. 8. Nathan Petrelli- Being the brother of someone who believes they can fly is one thing, but knowing that you can actually fly is something a lot more. Nathan plays the supporting brother to Peter throughout Heroes and doesn’t once falter to help him as well as some other Heroes in their hour of need and also runs a successful campaign in becoming senator for New York. His power is flight. He is played by actor Adrian Pasdar.Image from- http://images1.makefive.com/images/entertainment/television/best-characters-on-heroes/nathan-petrelli-season-one--no-beard-7.jpg
  9. 9. Noah Benet- known only to the audience and the heroes as “The man in the horn rimmed glasses” for the first few episodes, Noah’s name is revealed as well as his dual identity as Claire’s adoptive father and company man. He is one of the main people working for the secret company wanting to take dangerous evolved humans down and bringing them in for testing. He later goes against this when he learns that his daughter is an evolved human and takes the company down from the inside with the help of other Heroes. He has no powers or abilities. He is played by actor Jack Coleman.Image from http://www.virginmedia.com/images/noah-290x400.jpg
  10. 10. Monhinder Suresh- Following in the footsteps of hisfather, Monhinder goes to New York to meet with andresearch into the evolved humans that are the heroes.He ends up being a massive help to all Heroes and gainspowers of his own at one point.
  11. 11. SylarHe is the main villain of the series and has the power to steal other Heroes powers by cutting open their heads. He is very powerful and eventually becomes a hero. He is played by Zach Quinto.