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SKIN & VD                                                                                   4-2-2013                      ...
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  1. 1. SKIN & VD 4-2-2013 PYODERMA – SKIN INFECTIONSIMPETIGO  Involves only epidermis  Types: Bullous and non-bullous  Bullous impetigo caused by S. aureus; non-bullous impetigo caused by S. aureus & group A Streptococcus.Clinical features:  Site of infection: nasal cavity and around mouth.  Commonly, seen in children.  Begins as vesicles & pustules. It is bulla in case of bullous impetigo.  Itching, burning sensation  The vesicles rupture to give honey coloured crust.Treatment:  Topical antibiotics like mupirocin ointment.  If not cured, oral antibiotics may be required.ECTHYMA  Deep infection  Punched out ulcers  Surrounding erythema & ulcerations.  Thick adherent crust, which will bleed when removed.FOLLICULITIS  Multiple pustules around hair follicles  Superficial & deep folliculitis.FURUNCLE  Nodular, pus filled; deeper than folliculitis.CARBUNCLE  Coalition of multiple furuncles  Commonly seen in diabetics over the neck region.  Systemic symptoms like fever may be present.  Oral antibiotics are given. *** Keshava Pavan