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  1. 1. SKIN & VD 2-2-2013 PSORIASIS  Chronic inflammation with erythematous scaly plaques over the skin.ETIOLOGY  Genetic  Environmental – sunlight  Drugs o Antimalarial (quinines) o Antipsychotic (lithium) o Beta blockers  Post-streptococcal infection  TraumaTYPES OF PSORIASISPSORIASIS VULGARIS  Commonest type, erythematous scaly plaques.  Nail signs: o Pits o Onicholysis o Sub-ungual hyperkeratosis o Nail plate dystrophy o Discolouration  Scalp: discrete lesions (Differential diagnosis – seborrhic dermatitis, where there are complete scalp lesions.  Mostly seen in extensor surfaces like elbow, knee etc.GUTTATE PSORIASIS  Plaques are smaller, <1 cm.  Mainly seen on trunk & proximal parts  In children, self- limiting  After Streptococcal infectionINVERSE PSORIASIS  Seen on flexor regions like cubital fossa, axilla & groinERYTHRODERMIC PSORIASIS Keshava Pavan
  2. 2. SKIN & VD 2-2-2013  Generalised skin lesions  Involves > 90% of body area.PUSTULAR PSORIASIS  Multiple pustules  Can be generalized or localized (palmar/ plantar)SCALP PSORIASIS  Involves scalp.AUSPITZ SIGNLesion is scraped with glass slide. Following features are seen:  Increased scaling  Glistening membrane  Punctate bleeding spots (bleeding due to trauma of tortuous, dilated capillaries)  Keshava Pavan