Google and fayol’s principles


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  • Google claims to have a flat hirarchial structure and tries to maintain a small business feelThey have three ceo’ssergey , ercischmit and larry pageNow in google, the organisational structure is based on the different functions that google performsThey have the product development department, the deprtment of operations , advertising, technology , each of which has a persident , who has a vp working under him.In departments such advertising, where a much larger area needs to be covered the president has a number of vp’s , each in charge of different regions over the globe.There is a general managers are given charrge for the different activities under every department. So , unity of direction takes place.Later, the h.r dept recruits employees according to the needs of the manager to make sure that specialisation of work can take place..
  • Though google is known for providing a lot of flexibilty to its employees, it has its set of rules, that needs to be followed by everyone irrespective of whatever level that employee may belong to. Because when a comapany is as big as google, even a small mistake can cause a lot of damage to its public image.
  • When you are working in company like google, you do expect a good paycheck.But in google the pay is very ordinary when compared to the average industry standards at the supervisory level. But the number of additioal benefits that they provide, makes up for it. And once you settle down, and progress within the company, your salary tends to be very high
  • Order requires things to be there at the right place at the right time.It is very important for google to maintain both social and material order, because even a small delay in things can prove to be very costly to themSuppose there is crash in the system, and they cause a delay in finding the right tools and people necessary for the job. you can imagine how many people log on to google every second. So, its pretty important
  • Since google is a multi national organisation, it has its presence all over the world. So people from every region, come to work at google.So its becomes very important for google to prevent any kind of injustice on the basis of very a person belongs to.Also, as fayol mentioned, it is imporatantto differentiate between the efficient and non efficient employees, google has a number of reward programs for the employees that excel in their fields.
  • IT is one industry where there is something new going on everyday. So its is very important for google to cum up with creative and lucrative ideas.That is y they came up with the 20%time policyWhat this policy makes sure is that employees get a large part of their time to invest in projects of their own choosing. Like, when an employee has been assigned to do some work, he can take out 20 % of his work to time to work on his own projects and ideas and still be paid for it. It is beneficial in both attracting new employees and boosting the morale of the existing employees as well as sparking fresh ideas
  • Keeping the employees turnover down can only be done by keeping the employees happy and satisfied.The salary and incentives can be the most important factor in that, but apart from that google makes a lot of efforts in trying to create an atmosphere that is best suited for the stressful jobs that the employees are required to do.Like they provide many facilities such as gyms and pool etc so that the employees can take a break and relax their minds..Google even came in the top 10 list of the Forbes magazine for the best companies to be working in.So, they do enough to keep their employees happy and keep the employee turnover down
  • Like in most of the big companies, communication at google takes place through an established scalar chain.They do not actually have anything like a gang plankBut unlike the other companies, google has also appointed what they call as the google moderator, The google moderator is a team of people that has been formed for the sole purpose that the employees at the supervisory level can communicate with the top level managers. They can also send a message to the top level anonymsly.
  • Google and fayol’s principles

    1. 1. KeshavAgarwal<br />
    2. 2. Division of Work <br /> The full work of the organisation should be divided among individuals and departments. This is because a division of work leads to specialisation, and specialisation increases efficiency, and efficiency improves the productivity and profitability of the organisation.<br /> Unity of Direction<br />All activities which have the same objective must be directed by one manager, and he must use one plan. This is called Unity of Direction<br />
    3. 3.  Discipline<br />Discipline means a respect for the rules and regulation of the organisation. Discipline may be Self-discipline, or it may be Enforced discipline<br />
    4. 4. Remuneration<br />Remuneration is the price for services received. If an organisation wants efficient employees and best performance, then it should have a good remuneration policy. This policy should give maximum satisfaction to both employer and employees. It should include both financial and non-financial incentives.<br />
    5. 5. Order<br />There should be an Order for Things and People in the organisation. Order for things is called Material Order. Order for people is called Social Order. <br />
    6. 6. Equity<br />The managers should use equity while dealing with the employees. Equity is a combination of kindness and justice. Equity creates loyalty and devotion in the employees.<br />
    7. 7. Initiative<br />Management should encourage initiative. That is, they should encourage the employees to make their own plans and to execute these plans. This is because an initiative gives satisfaction to the employees and brings success to the organisation.<br />
    8. 8. Stability of Tenure<br />An employee needs time to learn his job and to become efficient. Therefore, he should be given time to become efficient. When he becomes efficient, he should be made permanent. In other words, the employees should have job security.<br />
    9. 9. Scalar Chain<br />Scalar Chain is a line of authority. This line joins all the members (managers and employees) from top to bottom. Every member must know who is his superior. He must also know who is his subordinate. Scalar Chain must not be broken in normal circumstances. <br /> However, if quick action is necessary, then this chain can be broken. This is done using "Gang Plank" / "Bridge" / "Direct Contact".<br />
    10. 10. THANK YOU<br />