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General checklist for the development project


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Helpful for Development Projects : Managers

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General checklist for the development project

  1. 1. GENERAL CHECKLIST FOR THE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT General InformationThe activities mentioned are general information sake. The Projects need to take only thoseactivities that are relevant for them. Some of the steps are created which will enhance thevalue to the customers. However they might involve some additional efforts from the team.The management need to decide whether to take up such activities or not considering thecustomer relationship in mind. Some of the activities are prepared in a view that multipleparties are involved in development. Need to be customized in case if it is not so.It is advisable to make help of the Coach to identify what is relevant and not for the project.It will also benefit to give exact meaning/interpretation of each of the activities mentionedPart of these steps may be available in Quality Management System(QMS) frame work.They are repeated here to give more focus on such activities. Most of the steps under eachcategory are written assuming that Discoverture Solutions holds the entire responsibility.They need customization in case the assumption is incorrectThe checklist mentioned in the next sheet is made with an assumption that the project isunder onsiteoffshore model. If the project is totally onsite then some of the activities arenot applicable. The associate is expected to have exposure and good knowledge of QMS andusing the QMS Procedure in their Project. The project team need to follow/practice the QMSMethodology as per the organizational norm. The checklist shown in this file is onlyindicative and addresses more towards the customer specific activities/practices.Adhering/practicing the contents of this file does not completely confirm to the QMSadherence. The Project team need to get in touch with Quality Representative (QR)tocimplement QMS in their Projects. The Project Managers are expected to make a TickMark for the Items available in their project or not and also they can put a remark that itsapplicable item or non applicable item for their Project.S. No Major area Description of the activities to be covered 1. Customer Expectations Get the Goals & Objectives of the project Remarks of PM Find out who are the ultimate users of the Product/Project Find out the KRA/CTQs for the Project Find out the major success criteria for the Project2. ScopePrepare a list of in-scope and out-scope items for the Project
  2. 2. Prepare the list of deliverables to be made from DSIL side, with the Corresponding deliverydate.Prepare the list of deliverables from the customer and the corresponding delivery dates.Prepare the list of assumptions from Discoverture side and their impact on the projectSend the scope, deliverables, assumptions to the customer and get an agreementIdentify whose responsibility is to make the user manuals, whether customer provide usertraining or Discoverture solutions need to provide user training.Check if there is any data migration (Partially/full) is required along with applicationdevelopmentGet the sign off from the customer for all of the above (preferable)3 InitiationPrepare the overall Project execution Approach (from Req. Stage to Go-live).Make a Process over this and Discuss this approach with the customer and agree with aagreeable approachCheck (from the customer) if the Customer specific templates to be used or DiscovertureSolution specific Check (from the customer) if the Customer Quality Process to be used orDiscoverture Solution Process can be used or a mixture of bothprepare the list of customer specified templates.Conduct Project kick-off meetingCreate Project in Software Project Repository and get Project IdRegister the Project for Time Sheet CapturingPrepare the responsibility matrix when multiple parties are presentGet the contact details of all stakeholders. Telephone Numbers, EMAIL IDs, Cell PhoneNumbersGet the contact details of all third parties and key parties involved in the Project4 InfrastructureGet the list of SW to be used along with Ver No. in the projectGet the list of the HW to be used in the ProjectIdentify the SW to be Provided by the customerIdentify the SW to be procured within Discoverture SolutionsIdentify the HW to be provided by customerIdentify the HW to be procured within Discoverture SolutionsIdentify the Access requirements on customer side serversCheck if usage of Open source tools is acceptable for the customerIdentify what tools to be taken from Open SourcePrepare the list of Discoverture Solutions associates along with required access rights onCustomer site servers.Establish the connectivity between the onsite servers and offshore clientsIdentify what tools can be used in the project for code review, Configuration management,Bug reporting/tracking, Performance test, Unit testing etc.,Check if there going to be separate development, test & production environmentsCheck if the test environment is same that of Production environmentCheck if the S/w version on all these environments are sameCheck if any of the client portals need to be used during the project for reference (ex:
  3. 3. Customer Quality Process, to verify Standards, to upload metrics etc., )Prepare a list of associates who need access to what portalsProvide the list to customer and get the accessCreate a Common folder at Discoverture Solutions offshoreGet access to Shared Project Folder at the customer site for Discoverture SolutionsassociatesIdentify the HW/SW requirements for the offshore teamsCommunicate to Corporate services/Network and communication support to get the samePrepare Development environment at Offshore5 Standards & GuidelinesCheck with the customer if they have pre-defined coding standards?Check with the customer if we need to use the customer coding standards orDiscoverture standards?Check if we need to use any automated code review tools?If project team need to use automated code review, is the tool(s) available with thecustomer or it is freeware?Can we get access to the customer tools?Can we get the licenses to use the customer tools by the offshore team (if offshore exists)?If Project team needs to take the coding standards from Discoverture Solutions, has theproject team located the standards from QMS of Discoverture..?Get or Define the source file naming convention (if need to be used by Customer or madeby the team or from Discoverture Solutions QMS)Get the standards/guidelines for Database DesignGet (or Prepare) the framework for the following services in web application development (Logging, error/exception, session management, security, scripting & messaging)Prepare guidelines for these services to be useful by the developersGet (or Prepare) UI standards.Get (or Prepare) the UI FrameworkGet (or Prepare) the Middleware development GuidelinesGet (or Prepare) Documentation Guidelines6 Project TeamPrepare the Roles & responsibilities of the various role players in the ProjectIdentify the Resources to fit the RolesGet the Project team data and preserve in the common folderShare the names of the associates with the customer (if required)Prepare the Discoverture Solutions Org. StructureShare the Discoverture Solutions Org. Structure with the customerIdentify the Single Point of Contact from Discoverture side and communicate his contactdetails to customer.Get the Contact details of Single Point of Contact from Customer Side an share the detailswith all Discoverture Solutions associatesPrepare on-boarding Process to be followed for all Discoverture Solutions associate whenthey join the ProjectComplete the Back ground (BG) checks done?
  4. 4. Identify the visa requirements for the associatesInitiate the visa Processing for the associatesShare the details of the associate for whom the visa is getting processed with the customerGet the Invitation letter(s) from the Customer for Business visa ProcessingDefine the structure in Project Reporsitory for capturing TimeGet access to the customer time sheet management system, if Discoverture Solutionsassociates need to enter timesheets in customer tools alsoGive the list of associates to customer to register in their timesheet mgmt.system - if Discoverture Solutions associates need to enter timesheets in customer tool.Identify the team training requirements (technical , Domain)CO-ordinate with training providers and plan for trainingConduct the training to the identified associatesProvide team induction about the customer, business, project, scope,deliverables, timelines, expectations to all project membersGet access to Discoverture Solutions internal tools, shared folders for the project teamCreate a distribution list for the project team in the outlookMake the resource requirement - data wise - skill wiseShare the resource requirement with the Resource Management Group and DeliveryManagement TeamTrain all project members on Project specific tools, standards, guidelines,Framework7 CommunicationDefine Onsite-offshore communication Process/guidelines (frequency, scope,lead, mode, objectives)Define Customer -offshore Team leads (incl. status reports and dashboards)communication modalities (frequency, scope, lead, mode, objectives)Define Customer – DSIL PM communication modalities (frequency, scope, lead, mode,objectives)Define Customer – Discoverture Solutions Program Manager communication modalities(frequency, scope, lead, mode, objectives)Define Offshore (internal) team communication modalities (frequency, scope, lead, mode,objectives)Define PM - PL - TM communication modalities (frequency, scope, lead, mode, objectives)Define Customer CIO/Sr. Manager – Discoverture Solutions Senior Manager communicationmodalities (frequency, scope, lead, mode, objectives)Define onsite team vs. customer communication modalities (frequency, scope, lead, mode,objectives)Define the escalation path at the customer side including the names of the associates andtheir contact details and the definition of when to escalateDefine the escalation path at the Discoverture side including the names of the associatesand their contact details and the definition of when to escalateDefine the templates to the used for recording the action itemsDefine the modalities for AgendaDefine the Issue Management Process (including the tool, contents, frequency of update,frequency of sharing, meeting to track, scope of the issues, track the action items etc., )Prepare the Status report templates to share with the customerPrepare the dashboards templates to be shared with the customer at various levels
  5. 5. 8.Risk ManagementIdentification of general risksIdentification of Project specific risksPrepare the FMEA to record, weight & track the risksShare the Risk management plan with the customer, to the extent possibleKeep the risk management plan as open document 9. PlanningMake high level project execution ProcessMake the detailed Project execution ProcessPrepare the Work Break Down Structure ( WBS)Identify the inputs required from the customer along with the date by which it is requiredIdentify the actors (whether Discoverture / Customer) for each of the activities in WBSPrepare the schedule for the activitiesIdentify the inputs and outputs for each of the activities in the WBSPrepare the MPPReview the MPPShare the MPP with the customer (to the extent possible)Make the change to the MPP - as suggested by customerBaseline the MPPEstablish MPP tracking Process (including the mechanism to add additional tasks in MPP overthe period of time)Establish MPP sharing with the customer processIdentify the owners of MPP (Owner need to update/track MPP)Identify how to integrate MPP with customer MPP (if customer has separate MPP)Identify the activities to be performed by third parties along with their expected datesCommunicate this to the third parties OR to the customer explicitlyIdentify the major milestones and agree to take sign-off (conduct tollgate review) beforeproceeding to the next phase10 Metrics/SLAsAre there any SLAs that customer is asking DSIL to followGet the definitions, measurement, frequency of the SLAsGet if there are any penalties/incentives linked to the SLAsList out the Project metrics that customer wish to see along with frequencyList out the Project metrics need to be collected by the Project team as per QMSPrepare the data collection templates to collect the data for these metrics & SLA (the datacan also be obtained from automated tools if any.Identify who need to provide what data for these SLAsIdentify the Frequency & owner to collect the data for Metrics/SLAsEstablish a process to consolidate and communicate them to the customerCheck if the SLAs to be ported in any customer toolGet access to the toolIdentify to whom the SLAs to be sent at the customer side ?11 Configuration Mgmt
  6. 6. Identify what tool to be used for Configuration mgmtIdentification of artifacts to be kept in there(code, Technical documents, CSP,tools, utilities, templates & formats, guidelines & standards, Dos & Donts)Check if customer possess the licenses for the toolCheck if Discoverture need to procure the tool or customer providesIf Customer provides, check if this can be accessed from offshore (applicable ifoffshore team exists)Get Licenses to use at offshore, if customer provides the toolPrepare the total Code check-in /check-out processPrepare Release Management & code migration Process (build Process)Prepare Post - release tests/validationsPrepare Branching & Merging ProcessesPrepare the process to migrate the code to test environment, ProductionenvironmentIf the tools is procured by Discoverture, plan for backup12 ArchitectureMake alternatives in the architectureValidate the alternatives with tools like QFD or any other similar toolPresent all options with Pros/Cons to the customer13 DesignIdentify the methodology to be followedCheck if the customer specific templates to be followed or Discoverture Solutions templatesPerform Normalization on database designDesign the common services to re-use them in rest of the programsPerform Prototype and present various UI designs to the customerprint engine is to be usedPrepare the logical database design DocumentPrepare the Process design DocumentPrepare the UI design documentPrepare the interface design documentReview of all design documentMake all OOAD diagramsDecide upon framework for logging, security, session handling, scripting & messaging, error& exception handling servicesPrepare High Level design documentsPrepare Low Level design documentsMake the Design Review (internal) before it is sent to the customer14 Coding & Unit testing
  7. 7. Decide if the project can use automated/open source tools for Unit testing (ex:Junit)Make the functionality review of the code before going for IT/STIs the team following Coding standards from Day one?create separate scripts for DML & DDL for all database scriptsHave a tool to identify the memory leakages in the code and run thru this during the unittest of the codePreparation of Unit test cases and Review of the unit test cases15 Code ReviewDevice a detailed code review process (who does it, when , how, record the incidents, trackthem to closure etc., )16 Testing (IT/ST/UAT)Guidelines for Unit, IT, ST testing with objectives & Dos - DontsPrepare the IT test processPrepare the ST test processPreparation of IT test casesReview of the IT test casesPreparation of ST test casesReview of the ST test casesEnsure that customer makes UAT test casesIs there any batch routine - if so plan to test the batch operations completely -for various key dates of the yearDecide on which tools to be used to record the bugs while testingDecide if customer provides those tools and DSIL need to procureHave a check list to test the GUIPerform UI validation separately for consistencyDefine High, Med, Low category bugsCollect the UAT test cases from the customer and use them for ST phasePlan for performance of the application during the ST phasePlan to conduct load test for the application during the ST phaseWhile Planning, allocate time for bug fixing while testing phasePlan to test the application with variety of browsersProvide training to the UAT testers before the UAT takes placeCustomer need to plan Business users for UAT testingDecide whether the existing servers will be used for testing or new server willbe procuredDecide if the test server already exists or need to be procuredDecide if the test server will be made available by customer or DSIL need toprocure the serverGet the necessary access to the test serverCheck and try to have the test server with similar configuration that ofProduction serverDecide whether the test server is used for IT/ST testing ONLY or used for UATtest ONLY or for IT, ST, UATEnsure that the test server is available at least few weeks before start of the
  8. 8. testing phaseEnsure that all the versions of the s/w on the test server is same as that ofProductionCheck with the customer and decide if the test data can be provided from theexisting productionDecide what is the volume of test data is requiredDecide whether Discoverture Solutions need to fetch the test data or Customer Provides thetest dataDecide if the test data provided can be used as it is or need to be masked in view of theconfidentialityDecide if the test data can be provided multiple times in the testing phase because the datais likely to be corrupted very much during the test phase and will become unusable for along timePlan for preparing the scripts to extract the test data from the existing (production) server -if the customer agrees that Discoverture Solutions can take the test data from the existingserver OR plan for export import activity by somebody from DBA knowledge17. GO-livePlan for go-live strategyIdentify the various activities to be performed (system readiness, DB readiness, Interfacereadiness etc., )to make liveEnsure that all activities are readyPrepare the checklist to verify the readiness for go-liveIdentify the people for playing various rolesIdentify the production support teamHave a bug reporting tool to report the bugs during the productionPlan for training to the maintenance teamPrepare the necessary documentsInform the N&S to archive the Project data and source code (applicable for projects donefrom offshore)Get a formal sign off from the customer18 MiscellaneousOnce in a week, the team needs to spend few hours in internal training(either on technical or soft factors or application specific) where few of themtake sessions on application/technology/challengesConduct the project introspection meeting (during the project closure)Conduct the project retrospection meeting (at the middle of the project)Prepare the defect consolidation logsPrepare the metrics on monthly intervals and send them to Quality groupPrepare defect retrospection meetings  
  9. 9. For any questions/queries get in touch with