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GDG Sri Lanka, 2012 Year in Review


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An overview of 2012

Published in: Technology
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GDG Sri Lanka, 2012 Year in Review

  1. 1. 2012year In Review
  2. 2. First ever Sri Lankan BarCamp in January
  3. 3. • BarCamp was the most successful event organized in 2012 by Sri Lanka GTUG (currently GDG Sri Lanka)• Participated over 220 participants from Universities, reputed companies(like Google, 99X Technologies, IFS, MIT, WSO2, and many more) and there were few people from different industries. So there were sessions on Robotics, Entrepreneurship as well as lot of technology related topics• This was happened on 26th of January in UCSC and it was a full day event. Sponsored by 99X Technologies. Also Supported by IEEE Student chapter of UCSC and CompSoc.
  4. 4. Global Android DevCamp in February
  5. 5. Global Android DevCamp in February• With all the other participated GTUG organizations all over the world, Sri Lanka GTUG take part in this Global event for the first time and collaborated with the other GTUGs in the region via Hangouts.• This was a 2 day event and participated more than 30 ‘hackers’• Produced few nice apps including two localization projects and an app which uses public data exposed by the government• Event was fully sponsored by Google South East Asia
  6. 6. • Had couple of small meet ups in April and May with just 10 – 12 people• Met Rohan Jayaweera who was appointed as Google Sri Lanka Country Consultant and planned future activities.• In June migrated from Sri Lanka GTUG to GDG Sri Lanka and was able to listed in Google Developer Group Directory as an Active chapter.• Participated in Google IO 2012
  7. 7. Meetups After August:
  8. 8. Topics discussed:• Android• Google App Engine (+ Cloud Endpoints)• Entrepreneurship for Geeks• Google Summer of Code
  9. 9. HackAnDroid 2012• Organized an island wide competition for Android application Developers• Started from 1st of September and ended in 9th pf November• Received quite a good amount of entries.• Winners are going to be announce in late January.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Started to experiment some Hangout OnAir sessions so in this way itwould be much easier to get good speakers from all over world andconnect them with local Developers. As a start we did a Hangout sessionsfor University students about Google Summer of Code and it wasconducted by two times successful GSoCcer. After that event there aresome Hangouts scheduled for 2013 as well !!!
  12. 12. Plans for 2013• Apart from the usual monthly meet ups, some Hangout sessions• AdMob Session in 15th Jan followed up by Adsense sessions in January.• Help Yarl IT club to do Android workshops in Jaffna on 26th Jan.• BarCamp in February• Visit Universities and do an introduction to Google Summer of Code program in February with past GSoCcers and GSoC mentors• Android DevCamp in March• Re-design the website and add more features, like major competition announcements, Interviews with top and emerging local developers, develop a platform to showcase apps developed by local developers.• Do some events away from Colombo• G|Day in second half of the year• DevFest 2013