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Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner


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Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners exhibits dependability and efficiency in cleaning swimming pools because of which they are popular and widely used.

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Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner

  1. 1. Introduction on Polaris 280 Pool CleanerThere are many pool cleaners available in the market. Among those available, one of the best inground pool cleaners is the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner. They are created by the Polaris swimmingPool Cleaner Company. For making your swimming pool maintenance activities much easier byconsuming less time, this Polaris product proves to be the best one. Polaris pool cleaner producthas high quality, performance and durability. Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners exhibits dependability andefficiency in cleaning swimming pools because of which they are popular and widely used. Theyalso have maximum durability guarantee and great features.
  2. 2. About Polaris 280 Pool CleanerThis product has a huge gullet for collecting leaves and fragments. They are designed with a smallnumber of stirring parts those results in a short down times due to maintenance. The Polaris 280Pool cleaner do its job by diving and cleans the pool well. Polaris pool clean-up appliances aremanufactured to keep your pool unspoiled. Polaris 280 pool cleaner is a pressure side pool cleanerwhich is powered by 2 vacuum jets. This cleaner is used to clear out all the dirt and pieces that driftsin the pool or the sediments. They may also every now and then happen to be blocked by particlesfound in the water. These appliances are self-programmable and can be put to use in order to cleanthe pool with no special attention or supervision. This kind of Polaris pool cleaner tools is of highquality and much safer to use .The cleaner works from above the bottom and in-floor heights of thepool. The main characteristic of Polaris 280 Pool cleaner is that it has booster pump which isseparated distinctively. It has its own personal timer contained in it so that you can restrict itsdamages. These appliances are much suitable for fiberglass and vinyl floors of a pool. Time andagain it performs much better than the newer models of Polaris pool cleaners, even though it is anolder model. it needs a sufficient amount of water pressure to function properly. There is a smallfilter contained inside the Polaris 280 pool cleaner in order to clean the debris that can get cloggedin the wall fitting. It has wheels to facilitate the smooth movements. Apart from this features, it hasan improved filtration system. There is an engine which is powered either using electricity orbecause of gasoline or diesel.
  3. 3. Polaris 280 Pool CleanerWhy is it the most popular pool cleaner? First, it can be used in any type of in-ground pool. Whetheryour pool is made of gunite, concrete, fiberglass, or it has a vinyl lining, the Polaris 280 Pool Cleanerwill be able to clean it in no time. Second, there is no need for you to manually scrub the sides,corners and the bottom of the pool – this cleaner will do all the hard work for you. With its widesuction mouth, it is the ideal product for efficiently picking up large debris like big leaves andpebbles.Buy the Polaris 280 Pool SweepThe Polaris Pool Cleaner 280 is booster pump driven. It has been designed to be adjustable, and assuch, it can work with any kind of booster pump. When a cleaner has its own booster pump, andworks separately from the rest of your pools systems, it cleans more thoroughly and much morequickly.One of the best things about Polaris’ range of pool cleaners, is their ability to clean your pool in notime at all. And the 280 is no exception. Just set the cleaner to work and in three hours or less, yourpool will be sparkling! The key to such quick cleaning is in its patented jet mechanisms. And not justone jet mechanism either, this cleaner has two of them.
  4. 4. Polaris 280 Pool CleanerOne of the disadvantages of many pool cleaners is that they pump the dirt they collect straight intoyour filtration system. But with the 280, you don’t have to worry about that at all. It has its owndedicated filter bag which collects the dirt, conserving and extending the life of your pools filter. Andbecause it has a larger yet easily cleaned bag, it requires minimum maintenance. It should be notedthat you may need to install ladder guards to prevent the cleaner becoming stuck behind ladders.The Polaris 280 Pool Sweep is the perfect product to keep your pool crystal clear all year round. Itcomes with a five-year frame warranty and one-year limited warranty on the rest of the parts. Itsreplacement parts are readily available and longevity is assured of this product. In fact, some usershave reported using their 280 pool cleaners for more than a decade!
  5. 5. Thank YouPolaris 280 Pool Cleaner