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  1. 1. Sodexo  serves  80  countries  across  the  globe,  employing   420,000  people  and  serving   75  million  customers  every   day
  2. 2. Women  make  up  54%  of  the  Sodexo  workplace  and  the  company  won   the  2012  Catalyst  Award,  which rewards  business  strategies  that   advance  women   in  the  workplace
  3. 3. Sodexo  was  listed  in  Fortune  Magazine’s  2012  list  of  “Most  Admired  Companies”
  4. 4. Sodexo  donates  excess  food  to  the  Food  Bank  of  the   Rockies  (approx.  700  pounds  of  food  per  month).  It   promotes  healthy  eating  through  its  Simply  To  Go;  In   Season;  and  Balance,  Mind,  Body  and  Soul  programs.  Sodexo’s  Stop  Hunger  and  Helping  Hands  campaigns  also   fight  against  hunger  working  with  local  organizations
  5. 5. Currently  Sodexo  purchases    produce  from  7  growers  in        Colorado,  locally  processed              milk  from  Robinson  Dairy,  and  other  food                      products  from  local  processors,  such  as  Sparboe                              Farms,  Ready  Foods,  Mountain  States  Rosen,  and                                      others.  
  6. 6. “I  think  it’s  preYy  chill  the  way  it  is,”  says one  year  employee,  Max  Kampmann
  7. 7. Sodexo  provides  reusable  utensils  and  dishes,  biodegradable  straws,  and  napkins  made  from  100%  recycled  materials.  Styrofoam  and  plastic  take-­‐‑out  bags  are  banned  from  every  location  on  campus.  Composting  is  participated  in  by  Sodexo  in  each  dining  hall,  and  recycling  is  made  easily  available  to  all  students.  Each  dining  hall  is  trayless  to  reduce  the  amount  of  water  used  in  washing  dishes.
  8. 8. Every  employee  said  that  their  favorite  part  of  their  job  was  working  with  the  people  that  they  get  to  work  with
  9. 9.                            Sodexo  provides                            comment  cards  in  its  dining  facilities  and  also  a  comment  section  on  the  website  to  try  to  best  meet  student  needs/wants
  10. 10. Sodexo  tries  to   provide  convenient   services  for  the  students  including  an   18%  discount  when   using  FLEX,  an   eating  location  open   until  11pm  Monday   through  Thursday   (Sidelines  Pub),  and   coffee  available  at   nearly  every  location   on  campus
  11. 11. Vegans  and  Vegetarians  are  accommodated  as  well,  with  a  vegetarian/vegan  section  in  both  dining  halls,  vegetarian  options  at  the  Nagel  dining  hall,  and  19  vegan  meals  provided  each  week.
  12. 12. Students  can  enjoy  creating  their  own  meal  in  Nagel  Hall  choosing  from  Mexican  food  at  Salsa  Rico,  Asian  fusion  food  at  Ibis,  grilled  chicken  and  various  sides  at  the  Rotisserie,  or  pizza  and  calzones  at  La  Vincita
  13. 13.     Sodexo  was  founded  in  1966  by   Pierre  Bellon  in  Marseilles,  France
  14. 14. Sodexo’s  food  service  rests  on  commitments  to  three   things:  health,  community,  and  planet.  They  try  to  work   with  the  students  to  stay   true  to  these  commitments.  
  15. 15.            Sodexo  mission:          “By  protecting  and          improving  our          environment,  the        communities  where  we        do  business  and  the        students  we  serve,      Sodexo  makes  every  day      a  be;er  day  and  every    tomorrow  a  be;er    tomorrow”