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Social Media Brings History to Life!


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Kerry Rego spoke at the Sonoma County Library on 6/18/16 and helped historical and genealogical societies come to terms with how to incorporate social media into their communication and archival process. See blog with resource links here:

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Social Media Brings History to Life!

  1. 1. Social Media Makes History Come Alive! Kerry Rego Consulting
  2. 2. Benefits & Concerns
  3. 3. Benefits • Building relationships • Tap potential historical sources • Increased communication • Increased inbound traffic • Decreased marketing costs • Better search engine rankings • Data on members/users
  4. 4. Concerns • Copyright • Discourages visitation • Lack of resources • Myth building • Disconnection of info from sources
  5. 5. Purpose
  6. 6. Establish Your Goals Engage Members Connect With Community Learn More Deeply
  7. 7. Choosing a Platform
  8. 8. Where Everyone Is On the Social Web Facebook 1.65b MAU #2 website Twitter 310m MAU 500m tweets/day Instagram 400m MAU 80m photos/day Flickr 112m users 10b shared over lifetime Pinterest 100m MAU #2 social traffic driver LinkedIn 433m users #2 most trusted
  9. 9. Other Tools to Know About
  10. 10. Best Practices
  11. 11. • Think like the viewer • Use multimedia • Talk like a person not a textbook • Observe how others do it • Learn the culture on each channel • Get trained! • Use calls-to-action • Follow the leaders • Share others’ content (cite
  12. 12. Each room of your social house has a different feel and theme. Social is NOT the end result. Social is the slippery slide to your profit centers or value
  13. 13. Great Examples
  14. 14. Thank You for Having Me! 707-520-4572 Social Media Trainer Author & Speaker