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ACSA teambuilding Region 7


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ACSA teambuilding Region 7

  1. 1. TEAMBUILDING ACTIVITIES THAT BRING THE “FUN” TO MEETINGS ACSA Region 7 Conference Saturday, May 5, 2012 Dr. Lisa Gonzales – State ACSA
  2. 2. AgendaOUTCOMES:* Experience new activities to be used withteams at school/district/parents/students* Add more pizzazz to meetings andimprove work quality and communicationWHO’S IN THE ROOM?STAND UP, SIT DOWN…
  3. 3. M&M GAME Communication styles # of people 10 minutes Prep: 15 minutes Materials needed? Small M&M packages (one/person)
  4. 4. M&M GAME Instructions: For each piece of M&M candy they took, they will have to answer a question, depending on its color.  Red candy: favorite hobbies  Green candy: favorite foods  Yellow candy: favorite movies  Orange candy: favorite places to travel  Brown candy: most memorable or embarrassing moments  Blue candy: wild cards (they can share anything they choose)
  5. 5.  Teambuilding  Teams of 5-6 (15-60 people)  20-30 minutes  Prep: 10 minutes  Large space, high energy!  Materials needed? Instruction sheetGROUP PURSUIT
  6. 6.  Instructions:  Review member rights  Split into teams  Each team receives one instruction sheet  10 minutes to collect 100 points  GO!GROUP PURSUIT
  7. 7. LIFE WITH THE WRIGHT FAMILY  Communication, following directions, listening  Large group (100) to small groups(10)  5 minutes  Prep – none!  Need a writing utensil
  8. 8. EGG DROP Teambuilding Small teams to large groups – 5 max 20-30 minutes Prep – 10 minutes Supplies – raw eggs, rolls of tape, 10 sheets of paper Fun!
  9. 9. EGG DROP Instructions: Each group has 8 minutes to find way to get the raw egg safely from being held atop a chair to the group w/o breaking using only the tape and 10 sheets of paper provided.
  10. 10. ZOOM!• Teambuilding, fun, problem solving• Large group (100+) or small (20)•7-10 minutes•Prep – none!•Space to stand in a large circle•Can only say Zoom! No other talking
  11. 11. GREEN VEGGIES Teambuilding, pizzazz at start of meeting Small teams to large groups – 4 max 10 minutes Prep – none! Supplies – timer Fun!
  12. 12. GREEN VEGGIES Each person, working individually, has 1 minute to write down as many green veggies as possible. Pair up with one other person – 2 minutes to get as many as possible. Teams of 4 – which can get the most in 2 minutes? Debrief – which was more effective?
  13. 13. TALK A MILE A MINUTE Communication, fun Large group (100+) or small (10) Need to have a partners – 2’s best Prep – ppt with pictures (google images) Need projector, space to pair up
  14. 14. DIRECTIONS: TALK A MILE A MINUTEGOAL: Get your partner to say the word, item,picture, or whatever it is that is seenTalker can say anything but…• Words in a title• “Sounds like” or “rhymes with”May skip one and come backTeam raises hands when finished
  17. 17.  THANK YOU! Now, go out and energize your world! Don’t forget your evaluation! Find this powerpoint at: