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Evaluation question 4


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Media Technologies With the help of media technologies I was able to get the best research, planning, construction and evaluation for my product because without the variation of things to use, my work would look the same, there would be no variation of my skills. Because there are so many different media technologies available to use, I was able to present my work in a number of different ways and they allowed me to learn new skills and to experience working with technology that I will be working with in university.
  3. 3. GarageBand GarageBand has enabled me to create the soundtrack for my trailer at a higher standard than what another program could have done. It has given me the opportunity to experiment with a few ideas for the soundtrack of my trailer using the different instrument sounds available on the software and it also allowed me to download extra tracks from websites that made the tracks sound more like they were made for horror films. When I first started the project I thought the soundtrack was going to be a quick and easy process, but having to actually make it myself and having to make sure certain parts of the track are inline with certain clips from the trailer has made me realise that a lot of time and effort has to be put into it. I only used this program for the production of my product, but I feel like it has also helped me with the research and planning side too because different genres require different sounding tracks and with the use of GarageBand I feel confident that I could create a soundtrack for a trailer of any genre.
  4. 4. Final Cut Express played a vital role in the construction of my product, because without it I would not have been able to create a professional standard trailer. The program allowed me to experiment a few different ways I could have made my trailer, and I was able to make some shots fade in and out as well as sound, I could make the text involved in the trailer enlarge or shrink, glow or twirl, the possibilities of variation were endless. Final Cut was only used for the construction of my product, but I feel like I can now use it more confidently and I would be able to make a trailer for any genre of film using the software.
  5. 5. Photoshop With the use of Photoshop I was able to make a magazine cover which to me looks like some of the Total Film magazines I researched and multiple posters based on a few ideas from my research. Because the program has many different editing techniques I managed to create effective looking posters, exactly how I wanted them to look. I was able to edit the images in a few different ways to get them to the standard that I wanted and also the text was easy to manipulate to how I wanted as well. Photoshop really only helped in the planning and construction of my project because the software is used to create things, and I learnt a lot of new techniques for editing than I did before.
  6. 6. Internet Explorer I used the internet the most for the research and planning of my project. Because there are now a range of search engines and websites available to use for many different purposes I was able to find images and text and videos that helped me with my project.
  7. 7. YouTube YouTube helped me find inspiration for the construction of my project, more specifically my trailer. Because I was able to find horror film trailers with some aspects that I liked and was then able to incorporate those ideas into my own trailer. I was also able to watch a few videos about how to use some of the software like Photoshop and Final Cut to be able to get the effects on the photos and clips from the trailer that I think look effective. I was also able to upload videos of myself onto YouTube taking about my project and how it is coming along in the research and planning stages. YouTube has helped me in a number of ways and with every aspect of the project, and I have found that it is very useful in more ways than just being able to look up videos of music of films trailers.
  8. 8. Blogger Without the use of Blogger I wouldn’t have been able to present my entire project as easily as I have. With Blogger allowing me to add photos and videos to my posts I was able to showcase my work in an interesting way and keep every post in order, from when the project started right up to the very end. I have been able to keep up to date with all aspects if the project, and I was able to go back over my work and change some of it if I needed to. I was able to keep all of my research, planning and construction in one place so I could see how my project was coming along.
  9. 9. Prezi Prezi has helped me show some of my research and evaluation work in an interesting way, it has given me an alternative to just typing it up on Blogger. I have been able to add voice overs and images to help further explain what I was trying to get across. I have learnt more about how to work with Prezi during this project and I am quite confident in my knowledge of the program.
  10. 10. Facebook Without the use of social media like Facebook I would have been unable to get feedback about my products throughout my project. This has helped because without this feedback I would have been unable to improve on my work, with comments from my target audience informing me on what they liked and disliked about my posters, magazine cover and trailer, and I was able to act on that and improve what needed to be improved.
  11. 11. DLSR Camera I was able to use a DLSR camera for my project, to take both the photos for my print work and I also used it to film my trailer. Because I used my dads camera, I was able to take photos and do the filming whenever both my models and I were available. Also, because my dad knows what each setting on the camera is used for and how to get the best photos possible, I was able to get some help with taking the photos of my models that I used for my posters and magazine covers. I was bale to take HD video footage for my trailer and the best photos for my print work because I used this style of camera.
  12. 12. Grab Without the use of the Grab tool I wouldn’t have been able to get quick and easy shots of my work in progress. Using Grab I was able to show the progress in my work throughout the project without having to save each change I made as separate files.
  13. 13. Slideshare The use of Slideshare has enabled me to present my evaluations in an easily understandable yet professional looking way. The website works by the users create a PowerPoint, however they want it to look, and then you upload it to the site and it transforms it into an easy accessible online PowerPoint which I can then upload onto my Blogger.
  14. 14. With the use of the website I was able to have a really interesting font style for my print work, which I also used in my trailer to keep everything consistent. The website has a wide range of different styled fonts available to download and I managed to find one particular style I thought was acceptable for my project. I found a wide range of font styles while researching for fonts to use to give my product an edge and to make it different from others.
  15. 15. iMac By using Apple iMac computers I have had easy access to programs such as Final Cut Express and GarageBand which I cant get at home. This has benefited me because I have been able to work on my trailer and my soundtrack at college and then I was able to work on my print work and keeping my blog up to date at home.