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  1. 1. The Young EntrepreneurBooks, Periodicals and Films Start Your Own Business Today!You Can Borrow at BPL Special Skills or Training Education & Job202 Ways Not to Mooch Off Your Parents Outside Workby James Stephenson (650.1208 S) • Car washing • Bicycle repair • Calligraphy Information CenterStart making your own money with this helpful guide’s 202 ideas for • Delivery or errand servicestarting your own business. • Dog walking • DJ or live music • Garage cleaning • Crafts/jewelry makingBizKid$ DVD Series • Garage sale • Photography The Young(DVD J 650.1 B ) • Gardening • T-shirt design/salesA fun, half-hour television series about kids, money and business • Grocery shopping • utoring in math, reading or Tthat blends entertainment and education. The show’s format features • Home improvement other subjects Entrepreneuran engaging mix of real-life profiles, sketch comedy, animation, and • Laundromat pick-up/delivery • Videotapingoff-beat characters like the King of KaChing and Financial Genius. • itter removal for businesses, LEach episode is based on the national standards for both financial literacy apartment buildings or homes Use Your Computerand entrepreneurship. • Painting houses/fences • Blog • Pool cleaning/maintenance • PodcastEntrepreneur Magazine (338 E) • Snow shoveling • Brochure/flyer design serviceA monthly magazine with articles and advice for entrepreneurs of all ages. • Computer consultant/instructor Inside Work • Typing service Teens, do you want toThe New Totally Awesome Business Book for Kids (and Their Parents): • Home bakery service • eBay businesswith Twenty Super Businesses You Can Start Right Now! • House cleaning/window washing • Greeting card design/sales turn your dreamsby Arthur Bochner and Rose Bochner (658.041 B)An informative book with suggestions for starting a business right away. • Laundry/ironing service • Neighborhood newsletter of owning a business • rganizing and running O • Neighborhood directory of services special events • Web design into reality?The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Succeedin Your Small Business • Party helpers: catering, food service, clean-up Publicize Your Businessby Steven D. Strauss (658.022 S) • Specially trusted services: • Advertise in a school newspaper Then this brochure is for you!An easy-to-read resource that covers strategies for success and • Door-to-door flyer distributionall aspects of business operations. –Babysitting – ouse-sitting: pick up mail, H • ost notices on bulletin boards PStart Your Own Pet-Sitting Business: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success water plants in the communityby Cheryl Kimball (636.088 K) –Pet-sittingA wealth of information on how to become a part of the boomingpet-sitting business.What Color Is Your Parachute? For Teens: Discovering Yourself,DefiningYour Futureby Richard Nelson Bolles and Carol Christen (331.128 B) What Does it Take to Become an Entrepreneur? Education Job Information CenterDescriptions of 250 job titles based on the Department of Labor’s Central Libraryclassifications. • Confidence • Leadership and communication skills 10 Grand Army Plaza • Competitiveness • Risk-takingYoung Adult’s Guide to Business Communications Brooklyn, NY 11238 • Love of the product or service • Sales and persuasion skillsby Kristi L. Thomason-Carroll (651.7 T)Whether you are an entrepreneur or working a typical job, this book • Can-do attitude! • Positive outlook 718.230.2177 3924.BR (4.30.10) • Honesty and integrity • A vision for what is possible!will guide you through making first impressions, conducting yourself • Creativity and flexibility and much more.
  2. 2. The Young Entrepreneur Internet Resources Entrepreneurial Programs Resourcesen·tre·pre·neur ( on tr -pr -nûr , -noor ) – ˘ ˘˘ Ashoka’s Youth Venture Provides tips on starting a business and covers topics such as raising 1700 North Moore Street, Suite 2000A person who sees an opportunity, makes a plan, starts the money, handling sales and marketing. Also provides entrepreneurial Arlington, VA 22209business, manages the business and receives the profits. success stories. 703.600.8272• Do you dream of owning a business? Provides youth aged 12 to 20 with tools to create civic-minded clubs, My Own Business• Do you have a passion for change and the desire to succeed? organziations, clubs or businesses. Resources include a national network Provides a free online business course to help people succeed and of like-minded young people, guidance, tools, support and up to $1,000 in avoid common business mistakes.Take the opportunity now to gain business knowledge and start-up funds. www.myownbusiness.orgensure your success at a young age! Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation Retire @ 21 2001 Oriental Boulevard, Room T-4162The following resources are designed specifically for teens Find forums, blogs and other young entrepreneurs sharing their Brooklyn, New York 11235 success stories.and young people who are interested in pursuing their 718.368.6790entrepreneurial dreams. SCORE Counselors to America’s Small Business: Young Entrepreneurs Offers free consulting services and workshops for start-up andFind more resource guides compiled by the Education Job Offers resources, statistics and stories for young entrepreneurs. Check early-stage entrepreneurs and businesses in NYC, including out the“60-Second Guides” that cover a wide range of business topics, technical assistance and advice on expanding a business.Information Center at from recruiting employees to marketing on a limited budget. Brooklyn Small Business Development Center New York City College of Technology Teen Business Link 25 Chapel Street, 11th Floor A service of the U.S. Small Business Administration, this site offers ideas, Brooklyn, NY 11201 tips and resources to help teen entrepreneurs. 718.797.0187Brooklyn Public Library Resources Provides management and technical assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Offers free one-on-one counseling, classesBrooklyn Public Library Offers articles, success stories, and and seminars.Business Library camps and workshops that teach280 Cadman Plaza West financial and entrepreneurial skills. New York City Small Business ServicesBrooklyn, NY 11201 NYC Business Solutions www.youngbiz.com718.623.7000 9 Bond Street, Fifth YoungEntrepreneur Brooklyn, NY 11201Offers materials, free programs and online A free online community that offers 718.875.3400 or 311 (ask for NYC Business Solutions)resources for starting a business. a discussion forum, articles, blogs and other resources for young Offers free business counseling, workshops and training seminars onMy Own Biz entrepreneurs. everything from the financing process to government assistance.A BPL website that provides information and resources to help teens start theirown business. SCORE Counselors to America’s Small 26 Federal Plaza, 31st Floor New York, NY 10278 212.264.4507 Provides free and professional counseling for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as seminars on a variety of topics for a fee. Staffed by volunteers, retired business owners, executives and corporate leaders.