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Presentation summaries

  1. 1. OneWhat they wanted:I just wanted to emphasize that the focus of our series of conferences is youth. We would appreciate if yourpresentation addresses the types of programs, projects and services BPL provides to young jobseekers looking for itsfirst job and young entrepreneurs. Our conference in Barcelona is addressed to librarians working in public libraries,students and public officials.What I proposed:Developing Stories, Building Communities: Brooklyn Public Librarys Services for Young Jobseekers andEntrepreneurs.Once upon a time libraries werent taken seriously as contributors to the economy. Yet, libraries have alwaysparticipated in workforce development by fostering literacy in youths and adults. Now, at a time when diversejobseekers everywhere, especially young adults, face the toughest of job markets, libraries are being asked to doeven more. Like other libraries throughout the US, Brooklyn Public Library has answered this call by constructinginnovative programs, strategic partnerships, and user centered practices that promote youth, workforce, economic,and community development. Developing Stories, Building Communities will share Brooklyn Public Libraryschallenges, initiatives, and progress in changing the conversation about the role of libraries and their relevance.TwoWhat they wanted:I just wanted to inform you that for Tuesday morning (March 19) we are organizing a talk at the School of Libraryand Information Science of the University of Barcelona. Your talk at the university will be addressed toundergraduate students attending the course “Information literacy & Library Instruction”. They would like to learnabout the types of programs and services you develop at the BPL to strengthen information literacy among yourpatrons as well as your job as director of adult learning.Lisa, you had suggested surveying other public libraries to see what theyre doing. If youve come across anypractices that you think I should look at let me know. I might start or end by discussing how other public libraries inthe US are managing information literacy for patrons.What I proposed:Empowering the Masses: Brooklyn Public Librarys Information Literacy EffortsThough public libraries arent known for bibliographic instruction classes like academic and school libraries, theyembed information literacy in services and programs for patrons. Through reference (in person and electronic)services, database classes, youth programs, and online resources, librarians share essential strategies to equip usersto effectively navigate and utilize information resources. In my role as Director of Adult Learning, I will be workingto strengthen instruction to adult learners, limited English proficiency students, and others based on informationliteracy standards and through the use of technology. In addition, I will be expanding BPLs capacity to reach morejobseekers and entrepreneurs.ThreeWhat they wanted:I am writing to you to give you details about the second part of your program in Madrid that will be in a businessincubator. They are very interested in the Brooklyn Public Library program PowerUp! and also in learning aboutthe tools the library offers to entrepreneurs to start a new business.The structure of your program will be 30 or 45 minutes of talk followed by a Q&A time. There will be simultaneoustranslation English-Spanish and you could use a PowerPoint presentation if you wish.We would like to ask you if you could prepare an additional talk to be delivered in Madrid and Murcia. This talkmight include some samples and recommendations related to the successful programs run and partnered by theBrooklyn Public Library such as PowerUp! Business plan competition and other programs addressed to help to starta new business, especially among unemployed people. The main audience in both cases will be mainly businessincubators organization and associations, faculty members and students.What I proposed:Brief AbstractDriving Economic Development: Brooklyn Public Library’s Efforts to Serve Entrepreneurs and Businesses.Libraries contribute to economic development in many ways. At Brooklyn Public Library, in addition to offeringcollections, resources, and services for entrepreneurs and businesses, we also offer a business plan competitioncalled PowerUP! In existence for 10 years now, PowerUP! is one way BPL is contributing to economic developmentthrough business and job creation. In addition, BPL also partners with various organizations to contribute andsupport economic and business development.