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Meeting journal

  2. 2. 1st Meeting(5 April 2013)-Our group is having our 1st meeting for CTS project one.-our group members Nicolas Wong, Chua, Goh and me are choosing Lee JoYee as the leader of the group.-Moreover, we discuss about the song and the music instrument that we need inthe performance.-Our group has planned to use 1 Malaysia concept which means multi-languageas our trait.-The song that we choose is mostly latest and famous song.1. Stand by me ( Ben. E king)2. Rasa sayang3. Nobody (wonder girls)4. Harlem shake5. 对你爱不完 (Chinese song)6. Call me maybe7. Rolling in the deep8. Forget you-Furthermore, Joyee is giving out an idea which is using the phone effect toenhance the process of the performance.
  3. 3. 2nd Meeting (8 April 2013)-Short meeting for today because that’s a lot of other works to do.-we try to snatch the time to practice our song.-Besides, our group is trying to combine all the songs together tobecome a complete performance.
  4. 4. 3rd Meeting (9 April 2013)-Today is a good day. We have 3 new members joining our group who areVincent, Voon yin and Wee min. Three of them are very talented and friendly.-Our group decide to change the song and start practice first 3 songs (stand byme, just the way you are, marry you).-Then, we start to choose the character. After discussion, Joyee and I will be thefirst vocal. Other group member will be the bass and we try to come out with adrama.-We trying to make the singing part become more harmony.-Moreover, we start planning which type of musical instrument we need and fit ourperformance.We plan to do the Music Instruments:1. DIY Guitar2. Keys3. Newspaper4. Garments washing board5. Shakers (Water bottles filled with beans)6. Drum ( Big Bucket)7. Xylophone(Forks + Spoons + Wooden Sticks + String)8. Balloons
  5. 5. 4th meeting (11 April 2013)-Vincent is transfer school to Singapore-we change the story line again.-Joyee plan to do a Disney style drama. Every one of us writes a script for thestory. That is the most interesting part when you listen to others story.My script:Mickey and Minnie met each other since young; they grow up together andmarriage at last. However, Minnie discovers a secret of mickey. The end ofthe story is mickey become mentally retarded but Minnie still willing to bewith him.-This story line is interesting and funny. However, group members think that it istoo hard to perform and difficult to let audience figure the drama.
  6. 6. Final script:Mickey met and fell in love immediately with Minnie when he firstsaw him. He sang a medley of Stand by Me, Marry you and Justthe way you are to win Minnies heart and he did it. They gotmarried after it. One day, when Mickey is ready to spend a goodevening with Minnie, he found out that Minnie was actually a HelloKitty! He ran for his lives but his fate has been decided, as HelloKitty hunted him down. When everyone thought that Mickey hasdied, it turned out that Hello Kitty only ate his ears, so Mickey isstill alive! He has become a mouse without ears that is Doraemon!Everybody cheers for the happy ending and Doremon was tooexcited until he throws all of his tools from the pocket located inthe middle of his stomach. Everyone was so happy and delight sothey dance Harlem Shake and Oppa Gangnam Style to celebratethis memorable event.
  7. 7. The character has chosen as:Mickey: Peh Ker NengMinnie: Lee Jo YeeHello Kitty: Voon YinDoraemon: ChuaDoraemi: Hui SimDaisy: Wee MinDonald Duck: Nicolas WongGoofy: Goh-we decide the title of the show to ‘Secret of Minnie’.-In addition, we found that there are some problems we need tosolve such as technical problem. This problem will influence ourwhole show. So, we need to solve it as fast as possible.
  8. 8. 5th Meeting ( 17 April 2013)-Group meeting today is to discuss about the band name. Everyonegiving out their idea band name.1. The Real Identity (T.R.I) by chua2. A Team by ker neng3. Loco by Goh4. Banana Achi Band by Nicolas wong5. Crazy toon by wee min6. Achi century by voon yin7. Imagineer by Joyee-The result of voting end up with ‘T.R.I’ becomes the band name ofour group.-Most of the members vote for ‘T.R.I’ because they think it iscompatible to our performance and suitable for the group.-After band name, we choosing the poster. Each member presentstheir poster draft to all of us and explains it. Most of the poster isinteresting and funny.
  9. 9. Brief of the poster:Chua: The other side of MinnieKerneng: The shadow of catNicolas wong: The happy bandVoon Yin: Movie posterWee min: Minnie wiping her faceGoh:Minnie killing shadowJoyee: A love music drama-we can’t make a choice of poster now because we need time to finish it andshow the complete poster.Then, we just decided.-We choose the song again.-Song:1. Stand by me-Ben.E king2. marry you-bruno mars3. Just the way you are-Bruno mars4. OMG-usher5. I know you are trouble-Taylor swift6. Doraemon theme song7. Harlem shake8. Gentleman-PSY9. Gangnam style-PSY
  10. 10. 6th Meeting (18 April 2013)-Another new members join our group today. Hui Sim wills join us during theperformance. After discuss, the character given to her is Doraemi, the sisterof Doraemon.-For the poster, our group member, Voon Yin and Joyee will combine weemin and my ideas to create a new poster. Voon Yin is very talented indrawing by using computer and Joyee is good in photoshop.-We did a lot of work in this meeting. We make instrument and do theexperiment. However, it fails! Some of the instrument can’t make the soundand some of the sound is too soft.-We try to find some method of making instrument from YouTube.However, we modify it to prevent plagiarism.-Musical Instruments making:1. tri-pickers (Ker neng)2. Multi- Drum Kit (Nicolas wong)3. Bing piang(drum set) (Joyee)4. Shakers (Sim)5. Guitar (Voon Yin)6. Wonder Gong (Chua)7. bottle (wee min)8. Drum (Goh)
  11. 11. 7th Meeting (19 April 2013)-we decide costume today. Theme of our group is CARTOON FAMILY-went sunway pyramid to buy the costume.8th Meeting (23 April 2013)-Character had change in this group meeting.-Our group member chooses Nicolas Wong to be the mickey after voting. Kerneng become Donald duck as well.-Then, we start to practice for the performance. Joyee tries to arrange the dancefor our drama.-However, it is a difficult job for her because the dramas haven’t finished yet.-Everyone is trying their best to alternate the process of performance becomewell.9th Meeting (24 April 2013)-have a small rehearsal in LT 20-character change againNicolas Wong change to MinnieLee Joyee change to Mickey-the process of the performance haven complete-give a low marks to this rehearsal
  12. 12. 10th Meeting (25 April 2013)-Our member can’t catch the tempo well. Everyone feel stress when can’tpractice smoothly.-A good performance needed everybody to corporate and not just does wellpersonally.-Besides, when everyone is the best, the probability of a successful performancewill increase too.Dance:1. Me and Joyee umbrella dance when first 3 songs(Stand by me, Just the way you are, Marry you)2. Everybody clapping when 对面女孩看过来 (Chinese song)3. Everybody Marching when Doraemon theme song4. Me and Goh dance Harlem shake.5. Everybody dance Gentleman.6. Oppa gangnam style poses as ending part.-we try to arrange the dance for the suitable person.
  13. 13. 11th meeting (1 May 2013)-We went to shopping for costume today.-change character again after discussing-Final character:Kerneng = MinnieJoyee = MickeyNicolas = DoraemiChua = DoraemonGoh = GoofyWee min = DaisyVoon yin = Hello kittyHui sim = Donald duck-Everybody feel very nervous due to the performance is coming soon.12th Meeting (2 May 2013)-This is the last practice for our group.-We try to complete the performance without mistake.-Today is the due date to take and send the video to Mrs.Delliya-Alternate the performance again.-Be prepared for the performance.