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|MySQL DBA Cluster| Introduction to MySQL DBA Cluster|


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Published on 07/05/2015
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The slide share is provided with a complete information about MySQL cluster from the beginning to finish that is required by any aspirant. In fact, this slide share includes course goals, c lesson map, MySQL cluster carrier grade edition, MySQL cluster user and applications, applications of My

SQL cluster manager, different MySQL tools utilized, MySQL connectors and APIs, MySQL services, Oracle lifetime support for MySQL, MySQL supported operating system, evaluation of MySQL cluster carrier grade edition, download MySQL cluster, bootstrap single host cluster, MySQL curriculum footprint, MySQL online documentation, lesson summary, Practice 1-1 overview MySQL resources, and installing the world database.

The faculty also provides the solution to the questions which are most essential for the MySQL cluster learners, technical issues, monetary issues, and additional services for a real time analysis. After getting the basic know how of MySQL Cluster, you can understand the key benefits, such as, scaling reads & writes, 99.999% availability, Real-time responsiveness, SQL & NoSQL APIs, Low TCO, Open Platform, etc. In the process you will be taught with basic requirements to upgrade MySQL cluster from 7.0 to 7.2. And this process, the usual time taken and total number of commands put to use.

It will also explain about SQL tools, SQL connectors and APIs, and the various MySQL services that are needed, such as, MySQL training, MySQL certification, MySQL Consulting, Oracle Lifetime Support. And the course participants can support in mailing lists, forums, community articles, twitter, Physical & virtual events. Moreover, Oracle Lifetime support for MySQL has specific features that only Oracle provides it. Companies can benefit the most from it. And you get to MySQL supported operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS. The Power Point Presentation slides describe about the downloading of MySQL cluster and installation. You can go through the MySQL certification levels and procedures comfortably. With the ample information made available to readers, you can do the course at kernel training.

At Kernel training you can learn mysql cluster tutorial with following topics such as mysql cluster architecture, mysql cluster Centos, mysql cluster configuration, mysql cluster in Linux, mysql cluster installation, mysql cluster manager, mysql cluster replication, mysql cluster setup and also latest technology on mysql cluster windows 7.
Course Curriculum at Kernel Training

Introduction – MySQL, Client/Server Model, MySQL Installation, MySQL installation start up programs, MySQL user management, Storage engines, MySQL Programs, Locks, MySQL server logs, Backup, Restore & Recovery, General Security Issues, Server Optimization, Partitioning, INFORMATION_SCHEMA T

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|MySQL DBA Cluster| Introduction to MySQL DBA Cluster|

  1. 1. Email: Call us: +91 8099 77 6681 Welcome to MYSQL Cluster Introduction
  2. 2. Course Goals  After completing this course, you should be able to: • Describe the concepts associated with MySQL Cluster • Explain the MySQL Cluster architecture • Describe the NDB Storage engine concepts • Describe the system considerations when designing a cluster • Install MySQL Cluster • Configure a basic MySQL Cluster system • Perform backup and recovery operations • Secure a MySQL Cluster system
  3. 3. Course Goals  After completing this course, you should be able to: • Manage MySQL Cluster by using the cluster management console • Monitor and improve performance on a cluster system • Identify and correct common cluster problems • Describe common cluster setups being used • Set up replication between clusters
  4. 4. Course Lesson Map 1.Introduction to MySQL Cluster 2.MySQL Cluster Concepts 3.Install and Start MySQL Cluster 4.Cluster Configuration File 5.NDB Storage Engine 6.Designing a Cluster 7.Handling Data in MySQL Cluster 8.MySQL Cluster Management 9.MySQL Cluster Security 10.MySQL Cluster Performance 11.Resolving Cluster Problems 12.MySQL Cluster Replication 13.Conclusion
  5. 5. Student Introductions • Name • Company affiliation • Title, function, and job responsibilities • Experience related to topics covered in this course • Reason for enrolling in this course • Expectations for this course
  6. 6. Classroom Environment • Logistics • Restrooms • Break rooms and designated smoking areas • Cafeterias and restaurants in the area • Emergency evacuation procedures • Instructor contact information • Mobile phone usage • Online course attendance confirmation form
  7. 7. MySQL: Overview • Relational database management system program suite • World's most popular open source database • Fastest growing with over 70,000 downloads per day • Under active development since 1995 MySQL is installed across every continent in the world. (Yes, even Antarctica!)
  8. 8. MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition • Most secure, scalable MySQL database, development / management / monitoring tools, backed by Oracle Premier Lifetime Support
  9. 9. MySQL Cluster Users and Applications
  10. 10. • What are the consequences of down time or failing to meet performance requirements? • How much effort and money is spent in developing and managing high availability in your applications? • Are you considering sharding your database to scale write performance? How does that impact your application and developers? • Do your services need to be real time? • Will your services have unpredictable scalability demands, especially for writes? • Do you want the flexibility to manage your data with more than just SQL? Key Questions to Ask When Considering MySQL Cluster
  11. 11. Key Benefits of MySQL Cluster Scaling Reads & Writes 99.999% Availability Real-Time Responsiveness SQL & NoSQL APIs Low TCO, Open Platform Auto-sharding + Multi-master Transactional, ACID-compliant relational database Shared-nothing design, no single point of failure On-line operations: scale, upgrade schema, etc. High-load, real-time performance Predictable low latency, bounded access times Complex, relational queries + Key/Value Access MySQL, Memcached, C++, Java, JPA, HTTP / REST GPL & Commercial editions Commodity hardware, management & monitoring tools
  12. 12. How Does the MySQL Cluster Manager Help? Before MySQL Cluster Manager • 1 x preliminary check of cluster state • 8 x ssh commands per server • 8 x per-process stop commands • 4 x scp of configuration files (2 x mgmd & 2 x mysqld) • 8 x per-process start commands • 8 x checks for started and re-joined processes • 8 x process completion verifications • 1 x verify completion of the whole cluster • Excludes manual editing of each configuration file Total: 46 commands - 2.5 hours of attended operation With MySQL Cluster Manager upgrade cluster --package=7.1 mycluster; Total: 1 Command - Unattended Operation Results • Reduces the overhead and complexity of managing database clusters • Reduces the risk of down time resulting from administrator error • Automates best practices in database cluster management Example: Initiating upgrade from MySQL Cluster 7.0 to 7.2
  13. 13. If You Are Not Using the MySQL Cluster Manager • You can perform tasks manually, but you have to: o Issue many commands o Be present while the process is running • You can script operations, but: o Writing scripts takes time o You need to assign time to test and maintain scripts o Scripts add risk and complexity to the system
  14. 14. MySQL Tools • Graphical and command-line interfaces to your MySQL databases • MySQL Enterprise Monitor o Web application that reduces down time, tightens security, and increases throughput o Includes MySQL Query Analyzer • MySQL Enterprise Backup • Online “Hot,” non blocking backups • MySQL Workbench o Visual database design tool that is used to efficiently design, manage, and document databases
  15. 15. MySQL Connectors and APIs
  16. 16. MySQL Services • Comprehensive set of MySQL training courses MySQL Training • High-quality certification for MySQL developers and database administrators MySQL Certification • Full range of consulting services from startup to optimization MySQL Consulting • Offerings to save you time and ensure that you achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability, and uptime Oracle Lifetime Support
  17. 17. MySQL Community Support • Mailing lists • Forums • Community articles • PlanetMySQL blogs • Facebook • Twitter • Physical and virtual events: Developer Days, Tech Tours, Webinars, and more
  18. 18. Oracle Lifetime Support for MySQL Rely on the Experts, Get Unique Benefits • Straight from the source • Largest team of MySQL experts • Direct access to MySQL support engineers • Backed by MySQL developers • Forward-compatible hot fixes • 24 × 7 support • Maintenance releases • Unlimited support incidents • Knowledge base • MySQL Consultative Support "The MySQL support service has been essential in helping us with troubleshooting and providing recommendations for the production cluster, Thanks." -- Carlos Morales –
  19. 19. MySQL-Supported Operating Systems • MySQL provides control and flexibility for users. • It supports multiple, commodity platforms including: o Windows (multiple) o Linux (multiple) o Solaris o Mac OS
  20. 20. MySQL Websites  includes: • Developer Zone (articles, forums, PlanetMySQL, and more) • Downloads (GA and development release) • Documentation  includes: • Downloads (GA) • Services • Consulting • Resources • White papers • Webinars
  21. 21. Evaluate MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition
  22. 22. 1. Navigate to and browse (by selecting “MySQL Database” as the Product Pack). 2. Select MySQL Cluster Manager. Download MySQL Cluster
  23. 23. 1.Download MySQL Cluster Manager from (Package including Cluster). 2.Unzip the file. 3.Run the MySQL Cluster Manager agent, and define, create, and start MySQL Cluster: $> binmcmd –bootstrap MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.2 started Connect to MySQL Cluster Manager by running "D:AndrewDocumentsMySQLmcmbinmcm" -a NOVA:1862 Configuring default cluster 'mycluster'... Starting default cluster 'mycluster'... Cluster 'mycluster' started successfully ndb_mgmd NOVA:1186 ndbd NOVA ndbd NOVA mysqld NOVA:3306 mysqld NOVA:3307 ndbapi * Connect to the database by running "D:AndrewDocumentsMySQLmcmclusterbinmysql" -h NOVA -P 3306 -u root 4.Connect to MySQL Cluster and start using the database. Bootstrap Single Host Cluster
  24. 24. MySQL Curriculum Footprint MySQL Performance Tuning Bootcamp MySQL Advanced Stored Procedures ILT/LVC MySQL Developer Techniques ILT/LVC MySQL Bootcamp Database administratorsDatabase developers Introductory Intermediate Advanced MySQL and PHP ILT/LVC MySQL for Developers ILT/LVC MySQL Performance Tuning ILT/LVC/TOD MySQL Cluster ILT MySQL High Availability ILT MySQL for Beginners ILT/LVC/TOD MySQL for Database Administrators ILT/LVC/TOD
  25. 25.  The Oracle Certification Program validates various levels of MySQL expertise:  Introductory: Certified Associate • Oracle Certified Associate: MySQL  Intermediate: Certified Professional • Oracle Certified Professional: MySQL Database Administrator • Oracle Certified Professional: MySQL Developer  Advanced: Certified Expert • Oracle Certified Expert: MySQL Cluster Database Administrator MySQL Certification
  26. 26. • MySQL Reference Manual • Topic guides • Expert guides • MySQL help tables • Example databases • Meta documentation • Community-contributed documentation • Printed books • Additional resources MySQL Online Documentation
  27. 27.  In this lesson, you should have learned how to: • Explain the origin and status of the MySQL product • List the available MySQL products and professional services • Describe when to use MySQL Cluster • Describe the advantages of MySQL Cluster Manager • Download and evaluate MySQL Cluster • List the MySQL Tools, Connectors, and APIs • Describe the MySQL Resources Lesson Summary
  28. 28.  This practice covers reviewing some pages on the MySQL website by using a web browser of your choice. Practice 1-1 Overview: MySQL Resources
  29. 29.  This practice covers installing MySQL server on an Oracle Linux system. Practice 1-2 Overview: Installing MySQL Server
  30. 30.  This practice covers using the MySQL command-line client to load the world database. Practice 1-3 Overview: Installing the world Database
  31. 31. Questions?
  32. 32. Email: Call us: +91 80 99 77 66 81 THANK YOU for attending Lessons of MY SQL CLUSTER