Tribal Identity


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Tribal Identity

  1. 1. Who am I ?
  2. 2. Identity <ul><li>Does Nature </li></ul>who you are? or Nurture decide
  3. 3. Identity Lets dissect the question of identity what it is to be and not to be a tribal - an adivasi
  4. 4. Identity How is a tribal identified? a tribal sur name carries a totem Do you know your totem?
  5. 5. Identity How is a tribe identified? Festivals Rituals Language Food Music Dance :: C u l t u r e :: Do we perform our rituals during birth, naming ceremony, marriage, death, etc., Do we know our mother tongue, i.e, mundari, kurukh, kharia, santhli, ho, etc., Do we eat or relish jungle food, do we play the tribal musical instruments and participate in the tribal dances Do we celebrate our festivals like sarhul, sohrai, karam, maage, navakhani, etc., ?
  6. 6. Identity We are identified by our tribal values. Hold on to your culture, Culture Society Tribal culture is the basis of our society. for if your culture dies, you are a society which nature can’t nurture.
  7. 7. Identity Language is the key to people identity
  8. 8. Identity Main Linguistic Groups So what language do you speak? Mundari Kharia Santali Ho Kurukh
  9. 9. Identity If we cant speak our native tongue We cant pass it on to our children Our language will slowly vanish
  10. 10. Identity Our language is dying Serious Question Once the language is gone Our identity will be under
  11. 11. Identity Our native tongue is gift of God Our Language is Beautiful Its not difficult to speak or understand Lets give it a try Start using simple words at home Today
  12. 12. Identity Ritual is a specific behaviour of a society
  13. 13. Identity Main Ceremonial Acts So what rituals do you perform? marriage Phagua birth naming funeral Sarhul nawakhani sohrai Rites of passage Growing Seasons
  14. 14. Identity If we don’t perform our rituals We disconnect from our ancestors Our children’s background is wiped Our children’s background is wiped
  15. 15. Identity Our rituals are dying Serious Question Once the rituals are gone Our identity will be under
  16. 16. Identity Our rituals are gift of Nature Our Rituals are world class Its not difficult to follow our rituals Lets give it a try Introduce your children to our rituals Today
  17. 17. Identity Don’t let erase our traditions your competing values
  18. 18. Identity So, are you a tribal, an adivasi, just by the virtue of your caste certificate ?
  19. 19. Identity I’m a tribal if I - celebrate my festivals perform my rituals speak my native tongue eat jungle food enjoy tribal music & dance by doing so…. if I
  20. 20. Identity … by doing so, I belong to a rich community I preserve a world culture and I maintain a healthy ecosystem
  21. 21. Identity Living outside chotanagpur and loosing ones culture are no barriers to belonging Remember… … we are one family
  22. 22. Identity … we are one family
  23. 23. Identity … we are bonded by tribal values by nature by God guided and governed
  24. 24. Identity … we are the People of God children of Nature
  25. 25. Identity … we are the Tribals of Chotanagpur We are proud of our culture We are proud to be adivasis
  26. 26. Identity Return to your roots Meet Collaborate Discuss Share Help Celebrate Indulge Involve Confide Convey Guide Join Experience
  27. 27. come home to Tribalzone