Social Media Marketing for the New Dental School Graduate


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Presentation at American Student Dental Association leadership conference in Chicago, Illinoi, on November 2, 2012. Presented with Dr. Sam Weisz.

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Social Media Marketing for the New Dental School Graduate

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing forthe New DentistDr. Sam WeiszDentist in private practiceKeri KramerCommunications director, Chicago Dental Society
  2. 2. PresentersDr. Sam Weisz (@askmydentist)has reached more than a millionpeople online by answering dentalquestions through his YouTubeand Twitter accounts.Keri Kramer (@kerikramer)oversees online marketing,including social media, for theChicago Dental Society.
  3. 3. Agenda• Overview of social media marketing with emphasis on the unique needs of a soon-to-be graduate• Setting goals• Deciding what tools are right for you• How to measure• Coping with online review sites
  4. 4. What Social MediaMarketing Isn’t • Magical! • A silver bullet • Free (It costs time) • Easy to outsource
  5. 5. Social Media Is• Opportunity to market yourself professionally• Part of your online presence• A way to benefit from your connections
  6. 6. Traditional Word of Mouthvs. Online Word of Mouth• Recent studies find that people more likely and more often consult online reviews than asking family and friends for recommendations
  7. 7. • In 2011, the Internet population grew by 6.59%.• It now represents 2.1 BILLION people.
  8. 8. How do you compete?Corny buttrue:Only youcan beyou!
  9. 9. Getting started...• Start editing yourself now--be strategic• Set goals• Decide on services--LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  10. 10. What isyourpersona?How doyou wantto beperceived?
  11. 11. Editing Yourself• Ask yourself, “Is this… – Funny – Engaging or Social – Kind – Interesting or Thought-provoking – Adding value to the conversation?
  12. 12. Be Social
  13. 13. Setting Goals• “I want to…” – Get patients – Find an apprenticeship – Position myself as a thought leader – Promote myself in the media
  14. 14. Using a Facebook Profile--Pros• Benefit from connections you’ve accrued now• Less friction--people more likely to friend you than like a page• People relate differently and expect different things from a person than a page
  15. 15. Using a Facebook Profile--Cons• Facebook does not allow you to promote your business on a personal page• Fewer measurements available• Trading privacy for findability• Can’t advertise, although you can do promoted posts
  16. 16. Using a Facebook Page• Robust ways to measure• Less personal, totally public• More opportunities for branding and search engine optimization• Can promote your business without running afoul of Facebook
  17. 17. Facebook Page Best Practices• Ask short questions to encourage conversation• Post photos• Post at least three times a week• Tell people what you want them to do
  18. 18. Images Are King (or Queen)
  19. 19. How Do You Measure?• In office• Edgerank Checker• URL shortening, like or• Website analytics
  20. 20. URL shortening
  21. 21. Data
  22. 22. URL shortening with freeservice
  23. 23. Data with
  24. 24. Edgerank Checker
  25. 25. Embracing Review Sites • “Dentist” is one of the most commonly searched categories in Yelp
  26. 26. Online Reviews• Are powerful• Build instant trust• Are almost as good as a direct referral
  27. 27. Negative Reviews AreInevitable • Do not respond immediately • Keep an open mind
  28. 28. When Responding • Don’t violate HIPAA! • Show your responsiveness • Don’t be insincere, defensive or hostile • Keep it short
  29. 29. Versus “I’m sorry to hear of your experience and my office will be following up with you in the next 48 hours to discuss your concerns in greater detail.”
  30. 30. Resources• Presentation at• Send us a tweet--@askmydentist or @kerikramer•