Keranique - How It Works


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Keranique is an advanced scientific hair care therapy designed specifically to target the problem of thinning hair and hair loss in women. Read through how it works

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Keranique - How It Works

  1. 1. Keranique How It Works
  2. 2. Keranique is an advanced scientific hair care therapy designed specifically to target the problem of thinning hair and hair loss in women. Designed to help women get fuller, thicker-looking hair, Keranique also increases hair manageability, volume, and fullness.
  3. 3. So how doeS Keranique worK? Keranique helps women regain healthy and voluminous looking hair in three simple steps. It cleanses your hair and scalp, conditions your damaged and sparse hair, and finally treats with a powerful and safe treatment process.
  4. 4. CleanSing Hair gets damaged because of negligence and improper caring that leads to poor cleansing. It can often cause build up on the scalp and result in hair breakage, split ends, and a dull, flat look. The sulfate-free Scalp Stimulating Shampoo from Keranique gently washes and rinses away the unhealthy build up. The scalp-friendly Keratin Amino Complex stimulates microcirculation and strengthens hair strands. The Scalp Stimulating Shampoo helps your hair by: Making it look glossy, shiny, and healthy Improving combability by keeping hair detangled Protecting against cuticle damage Giving hair a thicker, fuller look
  5. 5. Conditioning This is the second step of the three part hair rejuvenation process. This is achieved using the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner. The advanced volume-boosting cream-gel conditioner is designed specifically to help thicken and volumize thin, fine hair. It achieves this without weighing the hair down like ordinary heavy conditioners. Keranique’s pH-balanced conditioner thickens each hair strand by penetrating each shaft and repairing the outer protective layer. It repairs split ends and helps reduce breakage. The Volumizing Keratin Conditioner helps your hair by: Improving manageability and combability by keeping hair detangled Adding body and volume to give hair a fuller appearance Improving hair’s strength and providing anti-breakage protection.
  6. 6. RegRowth tReatment • This is the third and final step of the hair rejuvenation process. This treatment is achieved using the Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment which features two per cent Minoxidil, the only FDA approved ingredient that’s clinically proven to help hair re-grow. This treatment is the ideal hair rejuvenation option available for women looking for genuine long term solutions for their hair loss problems.   • It is important to use the treatment diligently to achieve quick and optimum results. Continued use twice daily for at least four months can help you re- grow thicker looking hair. There is a dropper provided for mess-free application.
  7. 7. Important Continued use is of Keranique products is mandatory to maintain your hair regrowth. Women looking for serious solutions for their vexing hair loss and thinning problems must make Keranique products a part of their daily hair care routine for making their hair look fuller, healthier, and lustrous. Key benefits the Hair Regrowth Treatment offers: •Contains an FDA approved ingredient clinically proven to help re-grow hair •Shown to help women re-grow thicker-looking hair •Helps revitalize hair follicles •For women who have issues with their sparse, thin hair, but don’t suffer from hair loss, the Follicle Boosting Serum and the Amplifying Lift Spray are recommended.
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