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Theory of toiling class


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K.M.Mani's Thought Provoking Theory on Toiling Class

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Theory of toiling class

  1. 1. TOWARDS A THEORY OF THE TOILING CLASS ,The hour of capitalism’s greatest triumph is .in the eyes of four-fifths of humanity, its hour of crisis Hernando de Sotoin The Mystery of Capital 2
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  8. 8. Different sections of Toiling class in People’s Socialist System Employed in various sections of service sector Self employed smallscale industrialists Small scale traders Agriculturists Worker Sections of toiling class (based on employment) Sections of toiling class (based on economic capacity) Economically and socially backward including non converted and converted dalits Below poverty line (Un Employed) Below poverty line (Employed) Above poverty line but economically not sound Economically sound Well-To-Do Section 9 Toiling classes Toiling classes Progressed section
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