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Kerala Folklore Theater

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  • Excellent photographs of Kerala Folklore Theatre sir. Nice post and beautiful photographs sir. Very informattive post sir.Sir shall i share this Kerala Folklore Theatre post and these iamges in my facebook and also in my Heritage of India blog sir.. Sir i want to share this post directly into my facebook profile your link or and also in another i wnat to share all images separately because your 38 images are treasuretrove relating to kerala culturel and ihope your images are much useful and benefit to many people about our glorious culture. Sir what is your facebook profile id for mentioning you name and link for these photographs are yours. sir i need for your reply for sharign these photographs in my facebook and also in my heritage of india blog and i also want to your facebook prifle for mentioning your credit which sharign these photographs.
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Kerala Folklore Theatre Ppt To Mail

  1. 1. Welcome to Kerala Folklore Theatre & MuseumReincarnating Traditional Art
  2. 2. A legacy of our cultureThis innovative venture aims to preserve and protect our culture which otherwise wouldhave been lost to posterity. This venture is unique and inimitable and proves thedetermination and sincere effort to cherish our culture.
  3. 3. A reincarnation to the pastStanding at the edge of a time frame.. ….the wide opened corridors welcomes one to the palace of treasuries & mysteries
  4. 4. Coexistence of Antiques & Folkarts The three floored grand edifice made of wood and laterite houses a stunning collection of antiques from South India, besides having two theatres that will be a platform to stage the classical and folk art traditions of the South… The entrance made of remnants from a 16th century temple from Tamilnadu and wooden carvings collected from across Kerala
  5. 5. Exterior View of the magnificent edifice
  6. 6. Beautifully carved naturally coloured antique wooden pillars adorning the theatre…
  7. 7. The entry to the museum amazingly decorated with wood carvings andpanels that depicts the story from epics and puranas…
  8. 8. The entire theatre outlined by different doors like kilivathil,manavathil and konduthirivathil locked by chithrapoottu….
  9. 9. Inside entry points…..
  10. 10. The demonstration area and wood carved doors…
  11. 11. Wooden carved staircase & gorgeous wooden panels above doors
  12. 12. Floor in Malabar Style
  13. 13. The Museum…display of traditional Musical Instruments
  14. 14. The Museum…The ground floor in Malabar architectural style exhibits bronze lamps, musical instruments, wooden articles etc which dates back from 14th to 18th century….
  15. 15. KalithattuThe first floor is named as Kalithattu where ritual arts like Thira, Mudiyeettu,Padayani & Kaalakali & Folk art forms like String puppetry, Shadow puppetry,Pavakathakali, Darikankali and the like will be performedKalithattu Theatre constructed in Cochin Architectural style ( English – Dutcharchitecture) is also an extension of the museum where various costumes of Theyyam,Kathakali, Yakshagana, Jewelleries, Masks used for hunting, Ritulal masks fromKarnataka, Andhra, Kerala and Orissa borders, Utensils, Excavated items and somany rare antiques and artifacts are also displayed.
  16. 16. The Kalithattu Theatrewith Largest Costume Collection in India
  17. 17. The Balcony at the back ofKanjadalam theatre with bronze statute of Lord Shiva & Parvathy stood mutely as though watching a performance that only they could see…
  18. 18. Museum Exhibits
  19. 19. Masks The mysterious world of masks provides anotherfascinating dimension to the performing tradition of India. In India the use of masks is found in dance rituals, dramas, folk songs, temples, and different sociocultural practices. The museum exhibits collection of masks from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra & Orissa borders dating back from 15th to early 20th century
  20. 20. Rare collection of ritual maskThese masks are integral to the religious and ritualistic lives of the tribalpeople. When used in performance mode, these serve both ritualistic and aesthetic purpose
  21. 21. Bronze & Silver Masks Masks are made up of different materials, depending on their availability in a particular region, and traditions of craftsmanship.
  22. 22. The Mask Roomwith rare & antique masks
  23. 23. Antique Utensils & House holdsA rare collection of antiques dating back from 17th to 20th century
  24. 24. SculpturesSculptures in wood natural coloured.
  25. 25. Traditional Lamp collection
  26. 26. String Puppet Collection
  27. 27. Musical Instruments Collection
  28. 28. Theyyam Thira Costumes & Kavadi
  29. 29. Stone sculptures dating back from 14th & 16th centuries
  30. 30. Museum Exhibits
  31. 31. Kamarathi A wood painted sculpturefrom Karnataka dates back to 19th century.. A ritualperformed by the tribal people to fertility to have more children
  32. 32. The Kanjadalam Theatre in Travancorearchitectural style with mural paintings
  33. 33. Mural Paintings adorning Kanjadalam Theatre
  34. 34. The walls done up with murals & roofs with well chiselled wooden panels
  35. 35. Entry to Kanjadalam theatre meaning “ Lotus Petals”
  36. 36. Seating arrangementsKavaravilakku Kalivilakku at Kanjadalam theatre
  37. 37. Thank you for your valuable timeWe cordially invite you to visit our museum & theatre
  38. 38. For More information Contact Kerala Folklore Theatre & Museum Folklore Jn, Thevara, Cochin, Kerala, India Phone: 0484 2665452Email: Web: