Aegir Fresno Drupal User Group 1-21-10


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A short demonstration of the Aegir Hosting System for Drupal at the January Fresno Drupal User group.

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Aegir Fresno Drupal User Group 1-21-10

  1. 1. Aegir Hosting System Developed by: Adrian Rossouw of DevelopmentSeed Presentation: Bob Kepford
  2. 2. Aegir is a set of Drupal modules that helps you maintain your Drupal sites.
  3. 3. What do I need to run Aegir?
  4. 4. 1) A system capable of running Drupal: This system is entirely Drupal based, and has the same base requirements that Drupal does. 2) A unix based operating system: The majority of functionality in this system occurs in the back-end, through command line scripting. There are also several features (such as symlinks), that are not available to users on Windows. There are no plans currently to add windows support. 3) Your own server: The level of access required to be able to configure this system is very far beyond what is commonly available to users with shared hosting.
  5. 5. What can it do?
  6. 6. Rapidly deploy sites Update Drupal core Clone existing sites Manage a lot of sites
  7. 7. Functionality Front-end: Drupal site that allows you to create/delete nodes but the nodes are sites or platforms. The Hosting module makes this possible Back-end: Drush and the Drush extension Provision make the magic happen.
  8. 8. Terminology Everything is a node Uses Drupal’s multi-site functionality Platforms: Drupal 6.15, OpenAtrium, ManagingNews Sites:,
  9. 9. Terminology Task Queue: Actions performed on the frontend are sent to the Task Queue and executed on a cron run.
  10. 10. Terminology Installing Sites: Installing a site is now just a couple of clicks in your browser.
  11. 11. Terminology Importing Sites: It is easy(ish) to get your existing sites into the Aegir system.
  12. 12. Terminology Verifying Sites: Aegir will check to make sure everything is correct when performing a task like creating/importing/migrating/cloning a site.
  13. 13. Terminology Migrating Sites: You can migrate a site from one platform to another platform. For example Drupal 6.14 to Drupal 6.15
  14. 14. Terminology Cloning Sites: You can clone any site in Aegir. Sweet!
  15. 15. Much More
  16. 16. Resources #aegir on hosting-system