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Peterson Linked In Slides.Key

  1. 1. Managing the Moments of Truth by Kristi Peterson © 2009. Experience Ovation
  2. 2. ServQual Dimensions • Tangibles What physical cues indicate attention to quality and service? • Reliability Do the organization, people, systems perform to expectation? • Responsiveness Are the organization and its people responsive to my needs? • Assurance Do I feel safe, secure and comfortable? • Empathy Do the organization and its people understand and respond to ME? © 2009. Experience Ovation
  3. 3. The Service Triangle Strategy Customer Systems People © 2009. Experience Ovation
  4. 4. Moments of Truth MOT • Moments of Truth are MOT observations, events and MOT MOT interactions that create MOT impressions MOT MOT © 2009. Experience Ovation
  5. 5. Moments of Truth • When expectations are met, nobody notices • When expectations are NOT MOT MOT met or when expectations MOT are EXCEEDED it registers MOT MOT MOT • When Moments of Truth are MOT unmanaged, service regresses to a state of mediocrity
  6. 6. It’s In The Details! Welcome Kristine! Obstetric and Gynelogic Specialists 680 North Lake Shore Drive, Suite 117 Chicago, IL 60611 Thank you for scheduling an appointment Fax (312) 654-5288 with our practice. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning how i can respond Dear Patient: Thank you for scheduling an appointment with our practice. As this will be your initial visit, please fill out the I encourage you to write down questions you attached information sheet and return it by fax or mail want to ask and bring those with you. may as soon as possible. Please copy the front and back of staff and I are committed to inform and My your insurance card so that we have the proper billing educate as this strengthens our relationship. information. We look forward to seeing you on _________________ at _____. If it is necessary to cancel or change your appointment, please do so within 24 hours to avoid being How would you write the charged a fee. last paragraph? Sincerely, • registration information • insurance card • cancellation policy © 2009. Experience Ovation
  7. 7. Make the Connection! • Moments of Truth are events, observations and interactions that create positive/negative MOT impressions MOT MOT • Touchpoints are events, MOT MOT obervations and interactions MOT MOT that are intentionally inserted to create an emotional connection © 2009. Experience Ovation
  8. 8. Touchpoints surprise stimulate the MOT senses MOT create the A-ha! MOT MOT MOT MOT MOT engage accommodate cause customer to preferences feel uniquely understood © 2009. Experience Ovation
  9. 9. A Lesson in Keywords Hopes Needs Desires Expectations Preferences Aspirations © 2009. Experience Ovation