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Presentation of planning advert.


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Presentation of planning advert.

  1. 1. Presentation of advert planning: By Kenny Colliver
  2. 2. A summary of the advert: • The idea is to create a talking head advert about anti bullying. • The advert will feature 5 teenagers, each of them having a line of dialogue and all edited together. • All of this will be done to promote the anti bullying website
  3. 3. Connects Cast: Connect Cast is a anti-bullying website to help teenagers cope with the issues they’re facing when it comes to cyber-bullying.
  4. 4. Focus group: • I also spoke with four teenagers to see how act online; along with reacting to the subject of cyber bullying. • Only one person had experience with this topic. • I found that they don’t try to talk to strangers online. • Along with the fact they don’t give out info online, with the exception of online shopping. The members of our focus group.
  5. 5. The findings from the focus group:
  6. 6. Market Research: • The information displayed will be short and straight to the point in order to get the message across to our teen audience. • We’ll also feature teen actors in our advert, to display and identify who we’re aiming for. • This was decided after learning that multiple adverts for this subject use young people through out the advert.
  7. 7. From this research I learned: 1. The tone that is commonly featured in the advert. 2. The target audience I should be aiming for. 3. End by showing the logo and name of the company that’s being featured. 4. To feature methods of contacting the company, e.g. website address.
  8. 8. Audience questionnaires: • We also asked members of our audience questions with these questionnaire sheets. • We asked them a variety of questions about their life's, and gave them choices to fill out. • There were 15 questions in total for the volunteers to answer.
  9. 9. Questionnaires: • This was done in order to understand our audience and how we should appeal to them. • These are some of the results we ended up getting from the questionnaires the volunteers have filled in.
  10. 10. The results from the research: From this I found: 1. The majority of the people who filled this in were teens and students. 2. With most of them being white, Christian males. 3. A large portion of the audience watch programing on their TV’s. 4. The TV genre that got picked the most was comedy.
  11. 11. Channel to broadcast our advert: • In order to show our advert to our teenage audience. I decided to have the advert broadcast on the TV channel E4. • This due to how shows like Misfits, Skins and The big bang theory are aimed to a 16-33 year old audience, in which they all feature a young cast of actors. • Along with the channel advertising themselves as having a young and youthful personality.
  12. 12. Other channels I researched: • I looked into BBC Three as a possible suggestion to broadcast the advert. Due to how they aim their programs to a young adult audience. • I also looked into MTV as a suggestion, as they also aim for said audience with their programming and music videos they broadcast. • In the end I chose E4 because their young audience, along with the variety of programming featured (comedy and drama) The advert would be better suited there.
  13. 13. Production research: Weekly hire price:£62 Weekly hire price:£75 Weekly hire price:£65 I had to research what equipment to hire for our filming, and how much I will cost. This will be the equipment I found to film with on set. Cannon Cameras Nikon Cameras
  14. 14. Editing research: • I researched the cost to hire a Mac Pro computer in order to edit the footage of our advert. • Along with the use of Final Cut Pro as our editing software, which will be used to put the finished video together. • Adobe Premiere is what I ended up using to edit the footage. The cost being: £58.
  15. 15. Cast Decisions: Kenny Colliver Lewis Roberts Clare O’Mara Kieron Diaz Nathan West
  16. 16. Story boards: These are screen shots the story boards for the advert. As I was asked to make three version and this is the version I chose to produce.
  17. 17. Other versions of the advert: Version two: Version three:
  18. 18. Animatic: This is the animatic of the advert I made to show what the finished product was originally meant to look like.
  19. 19. Location research: • The school itself was located in the Sutton area. • This was done in order to relate with our teen audience; because the majority of the audience are young people in school or college. • This is the details of Glenthorne High School, the location of our shooting. • We shot our footage in corridor of one of the school buildings outside a room called Jo3.
  20. 20. Advert risk assessment: • This is the risk assessment I used to judge the safety issues to be faced while filming on location.
  21. 21. Advert brief: • As previously mentioned, the advert is about anti bullying. • This advert uses a Vox Pop style in which the five teens featured discuss their experiences with Cyber bullying. Before mentioning how the site Connectcast can help.
  22. 22. The research paying off: • For research I had find the conventions and style of other anti bullying adverts. • Example: I will use a dark and somber tone to reflect on the issue, a convention of this sort of advert. The same thing being with the use of teenagers in the adverts. • I also used the research from my audience in the planning of the advert.
  23. 23. • For example we found that a large portion from the questionnaires were 16-28 years old. Hence why I’m aiming towards that age range. • But I also used information I found from the focus group. Such as the advice of keeping safe by looking into a person you’re talking to.
  24. 24. This has been the making process behind my advert for Thank you for your time.