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This presentation provides information about how social media can help benefit Northwestern Technologies. The enclosed presentation also gives a brief history about social media, who it has affected the business world, and it effect on the IT industry. With this information you can see how adding social media as an adverting tool can not only help Northwestern technology, but help any company who is trying to expand their brand.

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  • Social Media is electric commutation in which people share information, ideas, and other thing. Social media has been around from many dating back to the late 80s. The closet concept to our modern day social media interaction was first attempted by a company called CompuServe. CompuServe was one of the first major commercial online services in the world. . CompuServe was offered customers the chance to have multi-user chat, send personal email and participate in online forums. Now today we are about to do a lot more than. This image indicates some of the functions and action in which we are able to do now.
  • As social media emerged into businesses the whole landscape of how manufacturers interact with consumers changed. Almost all the mainstream companies’ haven navigated themselves to social media sites to expand their influence on a global scale. Social media sites give manufacturers the chance to connect with millions of customer all around the world simultaneously. Social media is a great tool to use for advertising, and the cost of it is a lot cheaper than creating commercials. By using this tool company are able to cut back on some of the money they spend annually on ads and other advertising methods.
  • With the development of social media the IT industry has been directly impacted as result. Social media is all about sharing content digitally within a timely manner (in today’s world that means instantly), with that being said that affect the overall landscape of the It field. Companies must produce devices and software that are capable of operating it functions at incredible speed to keep up with the customers demand. Companies must continue to improve their device s and software to start afloat in this day and age. Social media has expanded the landscape of the technical world, providing a larger platform allowing manufacturers to connect with customer on many different levels. It important for companies in the technical industry to cease this opportunity that has been provide by the creation to expand their growth.
  • Benefit of social mediaAdding social media to this company’s arsenal would greatly help this company in the long run social media would provide a wide range opportunities that we otherwise would not have if we going to stray away from it. Implementing social media sites to our business can do things like; stay connected with customer, and helps brand company, let’s go in-depth. The feedback allows us to make changes to better assist the customers. Informing customers about events allows us to become more involved in the community, helping provide exposure for us. Keeping consumers updated about specials and changes shows that we reliable with keeping this informed. These things improve our brand because the show accountability, demonstration that we are a great organization to conduct business with. And let’s not forgot that social media sites are very inexpensive in the sense of advertising compared to TV commercials and other forms
  • These are potential social media sites in which we can get started into. Also feel that if we are seriously about doing this successfully then we also must a hire an individual or several individuals to contently maintain these sites. The responsible of that position or positions would be to ensure that all information, links and other content is up to date, and provide feedback for the customers. This way, it would not put any extra stress on any of our other employees who are working on other critical projects.
  • Why wait to succeed? We need to get started marketing our brand. The possibilities for us to expand our clients list, global influence, and expand our revenue are endless. The only one stopping us from getting ahead is ourselves. I feel that it is imperative for us to get started immediately marketing our brand on social media sites. With all the information I have learned throughout my research I feel that social media exposure is a tool that every company should use if they hope to maximize their opportunity of succeeding in this day and age.
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    1. 1. Software For Tomorrows Universe By Kenyatta Williams Mr. Powell October 13,2013
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    3. 3. Social Media in the Corporate World
    4. 4. Social Media in the IT Industry
    5. 5. Benefits for NWT • Stay Connected with Customer • Helps Brand the Company • Saves Money
    6. 6. Benefits for NWT continued  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Tumblr  Foursquare
    7. 7. Conclusion
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