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Simple Sensory Language And Sound Devices


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Simple Sensory Language And Sound Devices

  1. 1. Simple Sensory Language and Sound Devices<br />To add details, writers will use different types of sensory language. Read the description of each below, and try writing some of your own. Which is your favorite?<br />Alliteration: Using the same consonant sound again and again to get the reader’s attention- This is sometimes like a tongue twister. <br />Ex: Several silly sheep slept sideways.<br />________________________________________<br />Simile: Making a comparison using like or as<br />Ex: My brother is as mean as a snake.<br /> _______________________________________________<br />Metaphor: Making a comparison without using like or as<br /> Ex: My dog was a monster eating everything in his path!<br />_______________________________________________<br />Personification: Giving a human characteristic to something that isn’t human<br />Ex: The sun kissed the cheeks of the children.<br /> _______________________________________________<br />Onomatopoeia: Sound words<br />Ex: Boom, Bang, Pop, Crash, ZZZiiip!<br />_______________________________________________<br />