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Noun Study Guide


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Noun Study Guide

  1. 1. Noun Study Guide<br />Identify the type of noun that is underlined: Abstract, Collective, Common, Proper or Possessive<br />Hull House helped the victims of poverty and sickness.__________<br />Mrs. Short is my Language Arts teacher.__________<br />I had to go out to the farm and feed the flock of sheep. __________<br />Jan went over to Becky’s pool to swim.__________<br />Did you go to the football games over the weekend? __________<br />Underline all the nouns in each sentence:<br />A school, a clinic, and a gym were built yesterday.<br />People came to Chicago from other countries to see the new buildings.<br />Helen Keller dreamed of libraries for blind people.<br />Braille invented a system using lots of dots.<br />Some businesses used this type of writing.<br />Identify the noun as an S for singular and a P for plural:<br />day<br />children<br />woman<br />people<br />cat<br />historian<br />books<br />tomatoes<br />sheep<br />Define the following nouns:<br />Collective-<br />Abstract-<br />Common-<br />Proper-<br />Singular-<br />Plural-<br />Possessive-<br />Make the following nouns possessive by adding apostrophes:<br />A poets desk<br />Ten poets desk<br />A womans talent<br />The childrens book<br />Chriss pen<br />Make the following nouns plural:<br />family_______________<br />toy_______________<br />cry_______________<br />wish_______________<br />business_______________<br />church_______________<br />hero_______________<br />knife_______________<br />