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  1. 1. EPC & ENGLISH PRESENTATION Joshua Lee Yee Kai 0315820 Hong SangWon Brian 0314661 Ken Wong Chun Thim 0315534 Kelvin Yong Chen Yin 0316050 Muhammad Ikmal Bin Nor Hisham 0316037
  2. 2. History
  3. 3. Draisienne by Baron Karl von Drais Penny-farthing bicycle (aka Ordinary/high wheeler) by James Starley Early 18th century 1870s
  4. 4. 1885 Rover by John Kemp Starley (James Starley’s nephew)
  5. 5. Columbia by Albert Pope 1878
  6. 6. Present
  7. 7. Cyclon Cycle Industry CCI -Penang-
  8. 8. Cyclon Cycle Industry CCI
  9. 9. Cyclon Cycle Industry CCI
  10. 10. Cyclon Cycle Industry CCI
  11. 11. Cyclon Cycle Industry CCI
  12. 12. Cyclon Cycle Industry CCI
  13. 13. Cyclon Cycle Industry CCI
  14. 14. KSH Cycles TTDI -Klang Valley-
  15. 15. KSH Cycles TTDI
  16. 16. KSH Cycles TTDI
  17. 17. KSH Cycles TTDI
  18. 18. KSH Cycles TTDI
  19. 19. KSH Cycles TTDI
  20. 20. KSH Cycles TTDI
  21. 21. Comparative Analysis
  22. 22. Cyclon Cycle Industries Sdn Bhd KSH Bicycle (TTDI) Sdn. Bhd Services provided Selling bikes Repairing bikes Give advice on how to fit the riders on a bicycles Have a fitting station where we will fit our rider on his bike to the riding position like sit height, knee adjustment and etc Correct some of their minor cycle habit because some people have awkward cycle positions Selling bikes Repairing bikes Products sold Mountain bikes Road Bikes Mountain bikes Road Bikes Customers Mainly high-end bicycle enthusiasts Famous people Foreigners All age groups from kids to adults
  23. 23. Strategies in managing business Teamwork Be a friend but not too friendly Need to know what is sellable and what is not Have to know what is in season Keep updating through the magazine and internet Get the right components, get the right bicycles, get the right items and also get the right time. Train good staff Bring in good products Have a reasonable price Marketing: sponsoring events and advertising in magazines Number of branches One branch in Penang Nine branches across Malaysia How many competitors? Five to six in the area Two to three in the area Strategy to compete with competitors Sell a brand different from competitors Have a mutual agreement with competitors to sell different brands Provide more variety of products to the customers Try to provide best service in this industry Advertise and join events
  24. 24. How often new products are released Every month Every month Is pricing affected by competitors? Puts a fair price which is not too low or high as a respect towards their competitors There is a price war between everyone so the price is set lower. Future plans Shifting attention from retailing to focusing on distribution. Keep opening new outlets in Malaysia Train more trainees Bring in more stock
  25. 25. Recommendation
  26. 26. Focus more onto their customers CCI cycles
  27. 27. Open more branches CCI cycles
  28. 28. KSH cycles
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  31. 31. Thank you