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Essensa fast track distributor


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Essensa Naturale is a company that manufactures and distributes Organic, Non-Toxic, All natural products in different categories such as Fragrances, Personal Care, Skin Care, Facial Care, Home Care, Food Supplements, Agri-products and etc. Essensa Naturale believes in Dutch proverb “Prevention is Better than Cure”, that’s inspired its vision to offer quality alternative products to those who really love themselves, their family and friends. Nowadays, there are a lots of commercially available products that are economically formulated with harmful chemicals known by experts and are widely used in the market today. Essensa Naturale is Backup with its sister company that has the strong Manufacturing Facilities and capabilities. LYNX-NIA MEDICA, INC. is a duly registered Corporation with the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) licensed as a Cosmetic Laboratory and Drug Laboratory. The Company is on strict compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) and is capable.

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Essensa fast track distributor

  1. 1. Your Complete Daily Anti-Oxidants SupportNatural Anti-oxidants inBuah Merah Mix helps:• Gives extra energy and stamina• Boosts Immune system• Fights cancer cells• Reduces bad cholesterol• Normalizes Blood Sugar Level• Detoxifies toxins Made from synergistic combination of Fruits and Green Superfoods
  2. 2. Natural Components Researchers and Experts opinion: Energy booster, Increases Immune Beta Cryptoxanthin, rich in Vitamin E and system, improvement of diabetes Pro-vitamin A. carotenoids include alfa- mellitus, atherosclerosis. Repairs damage and beta-carotene, cell, Reduce risk of cancer, Hypertension, SexualBUAH MERAH impotency etc. Enzymes (Fatty Acid Reduces blood clots and bad Oxidase, Peroxidase, Catalase, Cytochrome cholesterol, Protects heart and Oxidase and Transhydrogenase) chlorophyll arteries, Regulates blood sugar level. , Arginine (14.3mg/g) Procollagen Type IV prevents BARLEY asthma, ulcer, Myoma, Stroke, Ulcer, Arthtitis, Prevents urination. such as frequent diseases Phytonutrients (Xanthones, Catechins cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Proanthocyanidins), rich in iron, fiber and disease and other chronic diseases. carbs, Possesses Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-MANGOSTEEN bacterial and antioxidant properties. 90 nutrients & 46 antioxidants, Vitamins: Miracle tree, Ultimate Super A, B12, B6, C, E, K. Minerals: Food, Reduces blood clots and bad Calcium, magnesium, Selenium, Chromiu cholesterol, Protects heart and MORINGA m , Potassium, Rich in fiber arteries, Guarantees blood oxygenation Chlorophyll, Essential Amino Acids Natural Chlorophyll, Enzymes, (SOD) King of alkaline foods, natural detoxifier over 90 minerals, high concentrations of the Improves Blood circulation, Anti-bacterial potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium. Faster Wound recovery. It gives extra Vitamins A and C oxygen to every cellsWHEAT GRASS Annonaceous acetogenins, Vitamins A MIRACULOUS Natural Cancer Cell Killer, 10,000 times stronger than C, B1, B2, potassium and dietary fiber, chemotherapy its abilities to fight acetogenins, muricins, annomuricine and cancer cells, kill viruses, bacteria and GRAVIOLA muricapentocin, muricatocins A and B, parasitesThe Father of Modern Medicine said…“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” > Hippocrates
  3. 3. ESSENSAFAST TRACK DISTRIBUTOR Buy P1,000.00 worth of Fast Track Product Package Benefits: •Get P1,050.00 worth of products (3 Bottles of Buah Merah Mix) •Online / Real time / 24-7 / Business Access login on •Direct Rebates of P500.00 per Fast Track Distributor entry •InDirect Rebates of P10.00 from 2nd up to 10th Level •Optional Cash Advanced support from P500.00 up to P50,000.00. No interest, No Collateral, to be paid thru Commission Deduction 20% •Cash Gift of P100,000.00 once you reach the 5th level •Potential income of P200.00/Pair (P3,200.00/day, P96,000.00/Month). If you upgrade your account as Starter Distributor (P880 or P1,000) •Earn Monthly continuously based on repeat purchase of all Essensa products
  4. 4. DIRECT REBATES You Number of Direct Direct Members Rebates (P500) 5 P2,500 10 P5,000 20 P10,000 50 P25,000P500 P500 P500 P500 P500 100 P50,000 = P2,500.00 Sample computation less tax : (P2,500.00 less 10% w/tax = P2,250.00
  5. 5. CASH ADVANCED SUPPORT (Optional)Cash Advanced Support is Essensa’s way of helping the distributors accumulate acertain amount (fund) that they can borrow optional without interest in times of need. Number of Direct DIRECT CASH ADVANCED SUPPORT Members CASH ADVANCED FUND *No Interest 5 P 500.00 *No Collateral *No credit Investigation 10 P 1,000.00 *No Guarantor 20 P 2,000.00 *Payment thru Commission 50 P 5,000.00 Deduction (CD) 20% 100 P 10,000.00 *Deposit Payment thru Number of company account INDIRECT Level Members CASH ADVANCED FUND Less 5% processing fee 1 5 P500.00 Cash Advanced can be requested for released as 2 25 P2,500.00 long as the previous cash advanced is already paid 3 125 P10,000.00 4 625 P50,000.00
  6. 6. INDIRECT REBATES (2nd to 10th Level) Level Number of Indirect Projected Income Members Rebates 1 5 2 25 P10.00 250.00 3 125 P10.00 1,250.00 4 625 P10.00 6,250.00 5 3,125 P10.00 31,250.00 6 15,625 P10.00 156,250.00 7 78,125 P10.00 781,250.00 8 390,625 P10.00 3,906,250.00 9 1,953,125 P10.00 19,531,250.00 10 9,765,625 P10.00 97,656,250.00 P 122,070,250.00
  7. 7. How to getCASH GIFT of P100,000.00? You Number of CASH ADVANCED & Get Five within Level CASH GIFT 30 Days Members 1 5 P500 CA Optional 2 25 P2,500 CA Optional Get 5 within 30 days you are Candidate for P100,000CG 3 125 P10,000 CA Optional Get 5 more than 30 days you are Not a Candidate for P100,000CG 4 625 P50,000 CA Optional P100,000.00 5 3,125 P100,000 CG CASH GIFTTo Qualify for P100,000 Cash Gift:• Complete 5 Direct Members within or less than 30 Days• Accumulate 3,125 on the 5th Level (No Time Frame on Accumulation)• You have paid your previous Cash Advanced Members who are P50,000.00 Let’s Get 5 Not a Candidate In less than Will get CASH GIFT 30 Days
  8. 8. SUMMARY OF POTENTIAL INCOMEGet 5 friends who will buy Fast track Product PackageLevel Number of DR , CA Indirect Projected Income Members & Cash Gift (CG) Rebates 1 5 P500.00 DR x 5 P2,500.00 + P500.00 CA + P500.00 CA = P 3,000.00 2 25 P 2,500.00 CA P10.00 P 2,500.00 + 250.00 3 125 P 10,000.00 CA P10.00 P10,000.00 + 1,250.00 4 625 P 50,000.00 CA P10.00 P50,000 .00 + 6,250.00 5 3,125 P100,000.00 CG P10.00 P100,000.00 + 31,250.00 6 15,625 P10.00 156,250.00 7 78,125 P10.00 781,250.00 8 390,625 P10.00 3,906,250.00 9 1,953,125 P10.00 19,531,250.00 10 9,765,625 P10.00 97,656,250.00 TOTAL P 122,235,750.00
  9. 9. SUMMARY OF POTENTIAL INCOMEGet 1 friend who will buy Fast track Product Package Level Number of Direct Rebates & Indirect Projected Income Member/s Cash Gift Rebates 1 1 P500.00 500.00 2 5 P10.00 50.00 3 25 P10.00 250.00 4 125 P10.00 1,250.00 5 625 P10.00 6,250.00 6 3,125 P10.00 31,250.00 7 15,625 P10.00 156,250.00 8 78,125 P10.00 781,250.00 9 390,625 P10.00 3,906,250.00 10 1,953,125 P10.00 19,531,250.00 P 24,414,200.00
  10. 10. GET your Commissions & Cash Gift Thru your BDO ATM (CASH Card) Security Bank Card. •Encode your bank account number on your own essensa account online. Transaction Period (Cut Off): Monday to Sunday Online Encashment Day: Monday & Tuesday Weekly withdrawal on ATM: Friday Buy Fast Track Product Package for only……P1,000.00 now!!!!
  11. 11. Want to Earn More!!!You Encourage and Train your organization to purchase any Essensa products with a minimum of 500 Point Value (PV) (more or less P1,100) / month. Benefits: •Be promoted as Manager (21%) (60,000PV Group PV)Level Number of •Get Rebates, Overrides, Members Leadership Commissions 1 5 •Car / House & Lot Incentives (2 Line Manager) 2 25 3 125 •Profit Sharing (at least Manager) 4 625 •Travel Incentives (2 Line Manager) 5 3,125 6 15,625 •Annual (Founders Royalty) (3 Line Manager) 7 78,125 8 390,625 •Earn additional income (Pairing Income) of P200 /pair , 9 1,953,125 P3,200 / Day!!! or P96,000 / month!!! By upgrading 10 9,765,625 your account to Starter Distributor (P880 or 1,000)
  12. 12. Pairing Income If the members under your organization will upgrade their account to Distributor Starter (P880 / P1,000) you will earn the following: P200 P200 P200Max Pairs / Day = 16 Pairs = P3,200/Day
  13. 13. Essensa Fast Track Product Center Description Barangay Municipal City Congressional Mobile Mobile Product Center Product CenterInvestment P50,000 P100,000 P250,000 P500,000Exclusivity Barangay Municipal City Wide Congressional Level Level LevelNumber of Fast Track 40 80 200 400Product PackagesReturn of Investment P40,000 P80,000 P200,000 P400,000If the Package is soldIncome if Package is sold P20,000 P40,000 P100,000 P200,000DirectlyTotal ROI P60,000 P120,000 P300,000 P600,000Marketing Collaterals Tarpaulins, Flyers and Application Forms& Trainings Training Support from the Upline LeadersDelivery Free delivery for minimum order of P30,000 within Luzon, P50,000 within Visayas and MindanaoService Fee / Entry sales P10 P20 P22 P25Of Fast track PackageService Fee / Repeat sales of 3% 6% 8% 10%All Essensa Products (PV)
  14. 14. Essensa Fast Track Product CenterService Fee per Entry Sales Type of Barangay Municipal City Congressional Registration Mobile Mobile Product Center Product CenterFast Track (P1,000) P10 P20 P22 P25Starter (P880) P15 P25 P27 P30Starter(P1,000) P15 P25 P27 P30Builder (P1,500) P35 P50 P75 P100Dealer (P4,800) P100 P200 P300 P400Executive (P8,000) P150 P300 P350 P400Service Fee per Repeat SalesRepeat Sales 3% 6% 8% 10%Percentage (PV) Direct Selling Earnings from 20% up to 50% if other Essensa products sold to non-members
  15. 15. Essensa Product Center Finders Fee Barangay Mobile (50K) = Finders Fee P2,500.00 Municipal Mobile(100K) = Finders Fee P5,000.00 City Product Center (250K) = Finders Fee P12,500.00 Congressional Product Center (500K) = Finders Fee P25,000.00
  16. 16. Why start an Essensa Business Now? Company: Timing (Pioneering Stage) Own Plantation Own Manufacturing Facilities Products: Quality and Demonstrable Products Highly Consumable Affordable •Herbal Coffee •Feminine wash •Juice •Facial Soaps •Fragrances (Perfume/Cologne) •Dishwashing Liquid •Shampoo •Facial Wash •Conditioner •Facial Toner •Deodorant •Day/Night Cream •Lotion •Food Supplements & Etc. Plan: Long term Business Plan Incentive based recognition A Residual Income for your Early retirement