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Lac Viet Computing Corporation Brochure 2015


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Founded in 1994, Lac Viet Computing Corporation is a leading provider of IT products and services in Vietnam. We provide all types of software, hardware and services including: Software development; System integration, Online services with cloud based DC; Leasing and licensing by SaaS model; and System maintenance, BPM services.

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Lac Viet Computing Corporation Brochure 2015

  1. 1. 1w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v n Building Profitable Information Capital for Organizations and People Mobility years an IT leading company + 21 SureHCS SureERP SureRMS SureLRN SureLMSSurePortal AccNetC Social Cloud Data Analytics Vebrary Think TransformationInformation Connect Protect Profitable Professional Pioneer
  2. 2. 2 w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v n Ha Noi Da Nang HCMC HQ Can Tho Provide all types of Software, Hardware and Services Staff Mission Core values Vision Quality Certified CMMI level 3 ISO 27001 ISO 9001:2008 Software Development System Integration Online Services with Cloud based DC Leasing and licensing by SaaS model System maintenance, BPM services Profitable - Professional - Pioneer Providing proactive and helpful solutions, combining with superior quality, reasonable price, easy access and high quality of service. Building profitable information capital for organizations and people. 100% 0% Software/ Content System Engineer Customer Service 60 10 30 % % % Offices
  3. 3. 3w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v nContact: l (+848) 3842 3333 Ext: 444 LAC VIET consults clients on designing and building infrastructure - platform - cloud/mobile SaaS software solutions for private and public cloud DataCenter; provides networking services and security systems. Audit and efficiency calculation Platform selection Delivery of hardware, security and backup appliances Cloud, Virtualization, VDI Migration of physical infrastructure to the cloud Test zones and demonstration environments Technical support, outsourcing, out-staffing and training Security Go-live Management Hypervisor Network Storage Compute DataCenter
  4. 4. 4 w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v n Solutions for Enterprise Management Connect information and disjointed processes into a smoothly operating system with clear and reasonable process to increase profits and reduce costs. Data-Warehouse Knowledge Management mtd dictionaries mt machine translation E-mail Messenger Chat, Video Conf. Knowledge Base SurePortal Data Analysis/Business Intelligence E-Commerce B2B, B2CWeb Design CRM Marketing Sales Force Automation Customer Service Supply Chain, Project Management Workflow/ Customer Data Analysis Human Capital Management Finance Accounting Costing Production B S C T Q M ERP E-Payment Cloud - Mobility - Analytics - Security/Social- Software Defined Infra. • Finance/ Budgeting • Production • Logistics chains • Project management • CRM • Human capital • Manufacturing • Wholesales/Retail • Distribution • Agriculture • Sea-foods • Fashion/Textile • E-Commerce • AccNetC/CRM/POS • SureERP/ Retail • SureHCS • SurePortal • MS Dynamics AX • MS Dynamics CRM • Taylor made Application Areas Industry specific solutions Products & SaaS Contact: l (+848) 3842 3333 Ext: 550 HTML5 Android IOS Windows
  5. 5. 5w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v nContact: l (+848) 3842 3333 Ext: 500 e-Public Services Solutions Create more effective public services for a large number of civil servants and officials. Create simple administrative processes and procedures to save time and costs. • Training/ E-learning • Performance management • Competencies management • Workforce management • Recruitment • Compensation/ Incentives Human Capital • Document management • Internal communications • Document storage management • Project/Tasks management • Resources sharing • Digitized content • Integrated reporting and analytics BIO PORTAL Digital Portal Solutions • Document submission management • Periodical publication management • Document classification • Reader management • Document circulation management • Inventory management • Digital document management • Visualized portal Vebrary on Cloud • Objectives • Tasks • People • Time • Cost/Revenue • Location • Social/Collaboration • Project Data Analytics Project/ Tasks Management • Inspection/ Claims • Business Registration • Land/ Resources/ Environment management Public Services on Cloud/Mobile
  6. 6. 6 w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v n Lac Viet education solutions provide knowledge, organized learning environment and school administration. Education Solutions Contact: l (+848) 3842 3333 Ext: 600 Education Solutions FOR BUSINESS SureLearning • Meet the specific locals of a language • Focus on the phrases, idioms, local culture • Be always with examples for clear explanation of a word usages • Running on any devices Talent & Workforce management • Manage, support and supervise the training process • Lectures lesson plans management • Interactive teaching and learning • Training review • Provide useful information about the country and people of Vietnam: Events, Travel, Cuisines, Characters, Places, Plants, Translation, eBooks, Forums… • Learning Forum Digital knowledge base LMS/ e-Learning SureLRN for K12 Classroom Management • Interactive learning • Collaboration between Teachers & Students/Parents/ School Managers • Training Plan • Calendaring Digital Content Solutions Dictionaries LAC VIET mtd FRENCH Dictionary ENGLISH Dictionary KOREAN Dictionary Borderless Knowledge Borderless Knowledge Borderless Knowledge JAPANESE Dictionary Borderless Knowledge CHINESE Dictionary Borderless Knowledge Law, Medicine, Economics, Construction, Oil & Gas, Bilingual Dictionaries
  7. 7. 7w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v nContact: l (+848) 3842 3333 Ext: 521 Outsourcing Services Deployment process & Implementation Data warehousing & Business intelligence • Data Sources: Various internal or external information systems in any formats can be used as data sources • ETL Procedure: Extract data; Transform data to a necessary format, merge data from multiple sources; Load data into Data Warehouse • Data Warehouse • Analytical Model • Data Presentation • Business end user app • Education and references apps • Mobile game apps • Mobile photo apps • Mobile entertainment apps Mobile Apps Development
  8. 8. 8 w w w. l a c v i e t . c o m . v n 23 Nguyen Thi Huynh St., Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh city Tel : (+84.8) 3842.3333 Fax : (+84.8) 3842.2370 Email : 2nd floor Hacinco, 110 Thai Thinh St., Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Ha Noi city Tel : (+84.4) 3512.1846 Fax : (+84.4) 3512.1848 Email : 36 Ham Nghi St., Thac Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang city Tel : (+84.511) 365.3848 Fax : (+84.511) 365.2567 Email : Head Office Ha Noi Branch Da Nang Branch Profitable Professional Pioneer