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Object Computing Brochure

  1. 1. OBJECT COMPUTING, I NC. Delivering Software Engineering Excellence www.ociweb.com
  2. 2. Leadership Mission Statement Statement To partner with progressive clients and deliver robust, reliable, open and secure infrastructure systems. Company Vision and Goal We believe the lowest cost, most durable and reliable systems are those built on a foundation of open architectures, standards and an open source code base. Open source, standards based software synthesizes the collective wisdom and experiences of large numbers of highly skilled engineers into high qua- lity, large scale reusable components, able to be widely and expeditiously employed in systems at low risk and low cost. OCI’s goal is to be a leading enabler of such systems.Object Computing
  3. 3. Business PrinciplesWe are a service oriented company.A guiding principle of OCI is that we are partners with our clients.- We do not resell products or act on behalf of anybody except our clients.- We impart only objective advice, we only sell services.We expect our employees to behave with the highest personal integrity.We focus on adding value not cost to our client projects.W e take seriously our role and responsibilities in community softwaredevelopment projects.Our Social ValuesOur OCI team is our primary assetWe commit, to one another, our families, our clients and our communities.We strive for a lifetime of learning, personal growth and sharing of knowledge.W e expect personal integrity, respect and transparency in our relationshipswith each other and our clients. www.ociweb.com
  4. 4. Core Mission critical infrastructure systemsCompetencies In order to better meet the integration needs of our clients we are multi- platform, multi-language development shop. Software engineering the development process Our development process is designed for openness, with our clients able to see the scoreboards of our continuous build and test systems. At the conclusion of the project we deliver the tools and the process, as well as the product, so that our client can seamlessly assume responsibility for the evolution of the project. Knowledge transfer A third of our staff are also our instructors and mentors. They have advanced degrees, which we believe shows a commitment to learning. Superior com- munications skills are required for these roles. We continuously evaluate new technologies and techniques to help our clients make wise choices. In keeping with our philosophy of openness and knowled- ge transfer we publish our findings monthly in two widely read journals, “The Java Newsbrief” (which was recently renamed “Software Engineering Tech Trends” to reflect its broader role.) and “The Middleware Newsbrief.” Object Computing
  5. 5. Scope of ServicesOCI offers consulting, product development in our internal, multi-platform de- Services /velopment center, educational services and staff augmentation. ProductsProduct rangeOCI develops and provides commercial grade support for open source tech-nologies that are core to the markets we serve. This includes stable, versionmanaged releases, high quality documentation, training classes, consultingand service level support agreements, including 24 by 7. Technologies include:open source CORBA products such as TAO (The ACE ORB), JacORB, OpalORBand the portable pattern libraries, Boost and ACE. More recently OCI develo-ped and added support for another open source middleware implementation,that of the OMG DDS specification known as OpenDDS. OCI also providesand supports an unencumbered JBoss implementation for free redistribution.Our software engineering curricula is one the most comprehensive offeringsin the Midwest with some 60 discrete offerings, organized into tracks. Wepartner with Washington University in St. Louis or CAIT (Center for the Ap-plication of Information Technology) to provide continuing education clas-ses for graduate software engineers employed by local companies. We alsodeliver many of our classes privately to global clients. www.ociweb.com
  6. 6. Examples of Telcos Application OCI provides real time, open source products and services to equipment manufacturers and carriers as way to help them hold down their cost of Areas good sold (COGS). Finance OCI has built next generation stock exchanges, market data distribution systems, high performance trading systems and enables traders to connect to many more global exchanges via our open source implementations of trading and market data protocols. New Media OCI real-time middleware products and services are widely used for real time ad-insertion, distributed editing, video on demand services, and pro- gram distribution. Defense OCI products are used in ballistic missile defense systems, shipboard surfa- ce defense, sonar systems, UCAV control, software defined radios, satellite systems mission planning infrastructure and on board AWACS aircraft.Object Computing
  7. 7. Representative ProjectsBloomberg FinancialThe client required a way to streamline their aggregation of market datafrom diverse sources into a unified stream for secure delivery to subscribersin accordance with their subscription agreement terms. Their service aggre-gated some 40 terabytes of data per day and delivered it via 125 thousandsmessages per second. Previously it had delivered the data to Bloombergproprietary hardware. The new system had to be standards based and ableto be viewed on normal industry workstations.OCI designed a platform neutral system in which data was tagged, auto-matically filtered and combined into messages defined such that users onlyreceived what they paid for and no bandwidth was needlessly consumed bymessages that were subsequently discarded.O rbital ExpressBoeing required a mission planning infrastructure for a low earth orbit (LEO)maneuverable satellite system. This system had to support satellites that couldmaneuver extensively in orbit for repurposing and refueling. This was intendedto be the first reusable open satellite services framework that Boeing could le-verage across other projects. It made extensive use of standards and real-time,open source technologies.I ridium NextBoeing required that the previous Iridium mission planning and developmentinfrastructure be upgraded from older proprietary products to more contem-porary open source, standards based products. The new framework for thisnew constellation of satellites had to be evolved and maintained at a fractionof the previous cost. OCI provided software and systems engineers who notonly had worked on the original Iridium project (from 1994 to 1999), but werealso familiar with the new open source products that were to be inserted. www.ociweb.com
  8. 8. Future Combat Systems (FCS) OCI provided a team of 15 to 20 engineers for over three years to develop critical real-time, multi-language components for the System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE) infrastructure. Much of the Java infrastructure leveraged open source technologies that OCI had utilized pre- viously. In 2008 OCI received from the US Amy its Future Combat Systems Small Business Supplier of the Year Award. Breakwater Trading The Chicago based client was a proprietary trading company that required a trading infrastructure which could accommodate a ten fold increase in volume and a dramatic reduction in response time latency to market changes. The company went from trading $2-3 billion of face value positions each day to that of $30 billion. This was accomplished by utilizing real-time C++ compo- nents, multi-threading, an in-memory data base and best of class, open source pattern libraries such as ACE and Boost both of which OCI supported. B AE Systems Continuous support over many years for multiple software defined radio projects (US Army projects) and airborne navigational systems (USAF Pro- jects). BAE utilized OCI’s expertise with multiple real-time operating sys- tems, digital signal processors, RT CORBA, parallel processing, and the C/ C++ language. Alcatel Lucent (ALU) Provide support for various open source products that ALU is now inclu- ding into their line of telecommunication products. The client is gradually replacing proprietary products with open source equivalents. OCI provides advice on the selection and then assists in migration and incorporation of the products into the ALU product range around the globe. The intent is to dramatically reduce their COGS or cost of goods sold with minimal risk.Object Computing
  9. 9. Markets / Customers (partial list)Private GovernmentBoeing NAVAIR ESTEL E2C LabLockheed Martin MDA HuntsvilleRaytheon Sandia LabsNorthrop Grumman NASA JPLBAE SystemsVerizon InternationalManhattan Associates Alcatel LucentSpot Trading FABMation GmbhGelber Capital Management HavelsanESPN AselsanSaber Holdings ToshibaEMC BMC- IsraelAcxiom L3 ELAC Gmbh www.ociweb.com
  10. 10. OCI DDS Eclipse Modeling tool Profile OCI was founded in 1993 and is a privately held Missouri company. Dr. Moshiri the CEO and founder of the company spent many years in academia and the aerospace industry. His experiences led him to found OCI just at the time Object Oriented (OO) and middleware technologies were becoming main- stream. OCI software engineers (SEs) were some of the very early adopters, and proponents of Java, leading to Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) awarding OCI one of Sun’s first and few Authorized Java Center (AJC) designations. OCI has been both a member of the Object Management Group (OMG) and a developer of OO products based on its standards for many years. OCI is an employee owned company with it commitment to its employees and their families. Over time our engineers progress to become partners in the company. This approach results in high staff retention rates. OCI staff both implement OMG technologies in products and implement them with clients on projects. This gives OCI a unique practitioner’s perspective.Object Computing
  11. 11. OCI has development offices in St. Louis MO (the headquarters) and Pho-enix AZ. OCI financial systems are GAO approved for cost-plus US Govern-ment contracts.OCI has one of the largest software engineering curricula in the Midwestwith multiple tracks across various languages, modeling and developmentmethodologies. Approximately one third of OCI’s staff has advanced de-grees, develop courseware, write monthly SE papers, and instruct.In 2008 the US Army Future Combat Systems Program Office awarded OCIwith its small business of the year designation, in recognition of its superiorcontributions to the Systems of Systems Common Operating Environment(SOSCOE). OCI self-managed teams performed their tasks in the OCI St.Louis development center which was approved by the US Army for unclas-sified, sensitive, NOFRN development activities.The OCI Advantage: clients use OCI supported open source, standards basedproducts to ensure they have the highest possible quality infrastructure, withthe lowest possible operating cost, over the longest period of ownership. OCI’sbusiness model focuses on helping clients reduce their cost of ownership. www.ociweb.com
  12. 12. Contact Phone: 314-579-0066 Email: sales@ociweb.com Web: www.ociweb.com 12150 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 250 St. Louis MO 63141-5099, USAObject Computing