Student: Brand thyself


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Kenton Larsen's presentation for his Web Lesson - Central Michigan University Instructional Design class

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  • Student: Brand thyself

    1. 1. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN PROJECTBy Kenton LarsenPresented to Instructional Design classCentral Michigan University
    2. 2. IntroductionThe Big Idea: Student – Brand thyself!• Purpose: Familiarize students with the role, function, purpose, and business of branding, how it impacts and works with advertising and marketing, and the elements of branding to achieve the proper planning and execution of advertising creative.• Product: An interactive Web lesson that answers the questions: – What’s a brand? – What’s branding? – What’s personal branding? – How can you build your own brand?
    3. 3. ADDIE Process2.1 Analyze – Clarify the instructional problem• Weaker marks in the branding part of Intro to Advertising class.• Students don’t have a firm grasp on “branding” and how to apply it to clients’ advertising and promotional problems.• Gap between desired and actual outcomes.• Educational need: to instruct students in the subject matter using “authentic pedagogy,” worthwhile and meaningful accomplishments reflecting what happens in the workplace, and promoting “deep knowledge and understanding.” (McTighe and Self, 2003)
    4. 4. ADDIE Process Cont.2.2 Design – Design instructional strategies• After completing an interactive Web-based lesson, students will be able to write, construct, and express a brand story – a snapshot of what it is now or where they hope to take it – using a technology-based learning resource.
    5. 5. ADDIE Process Cont.2.3 Develop – Produce materials.• I’ve built an interactive Web-based lesson, which will act as a supplemental/enrichment resource: student- controlled, self-paced, and embedded with tasks and a final assessment.
    6. 6. ADDIE Process Cont.2.4 Implement – Testing prototypes• Use this lesson with Advertising students at the end of the branding unit, just before the final test in the course.• Test:
    7. 7. ADDIE Process Cont.2.5 Evaluate – Evaluating program effectiveness• Before – Oral and observational assessments• During – Embedded task• After – Oral presentation/dramatization marked with rating scale – Final test – Cross-class comparison
    8. 8. Learning Objectives• Students will know and be able to explain and describe: – Which brands are most successful and valuable and why. – Branding from a personal and corporate perspective. – Why every product and person needs a great brand.• Students are able to: – Write, construct, and express a brand story using a technology-based learning resource (default: Prezi). – Break down the characteristics of a brand and use them to “position” a dominant, against, or niche product. – Build a brand for an advertising client or themselves.
    9. 9. Product Demo MENU SUB PAGEHome: IntroductionLesson 1: What’s a brand? • Brand personality and positioning • The benefits of brandingLesson 2: What is branding? • Which brands are most valuable? • How can you use a personal brand?Lesson 3: What is personal branding? • Is your favorite band a brand? • Constructing your own personalLesson 4: Build your personal brand brand: the first steps • Assignment: The Personal BrandSources and contact
    10. 10. Implementation Plans• Use this lesson with Advertising students at the end of the branding unit, just before the final test in the course: – Payoff to the prior in-class formative assessments and scaffolding, and a bridge to the summative assessment on end-of-semester test.
    11. 11. Evaluation and Results 8muh32z8uv7/start web-lesson-how-is-it.html
    12. 12. Evaluation and Results• Peer evaluations x 4: – “What’s a Web lesson?!” – “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” in 15 categories. – Courtesy bias? – One suggestion for improvement, re: task link. – Request from colleague to use the Web lesson in Intro to Advertising class next year. – Two requests to learn more about the program at CMU.