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Birds Of Kentucky


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a brief look at a small sample of the many birds who call Kentucky home.

  • I have been teaching my 4 and 8 yr old grand children about Ky birds and respect for their natural habitat, its nice to have a place where they can actually view pics of Ky birds. Thank You, they really enjoyed the site and looking for the birds they saw in your pics!!
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Birds Of Kentucky

  1. 1. Birds of
  2. 2. For the birds <ul><li>Kentucky is home to more than 360 different kinds of birds </li></ul><ul><li>Reasons include Kentucky’s vast open space, the diversity of its habitat and variations in the weather </li></ul>
  3. 3. RED-HEADED WOODPECKER No other Kentucky woodpecker has an all-red head
  4. 4. RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER Will return to the same tree year after year
  5. 5. DOWNY WOODPECKER One of Kentucky’s most abundant woodpeckers
  6. 6. NORTHERN FLICKER The only woodpecker to regularly feed on the ground
  7. 7. YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER Only woodpecker with a red chin patch
  8. 8. TREE SWALLOW First swallow species to return each spring
  9. 9. BLUE GROSBEAK Population has increased over the past 30 years!
  10. 10. INDIGO BUNTING Migrates at night
  11. 11. BLUE JAY The “alarm” of the forest
  12. 12. BELTED KINGFISHER Fish-lover
  13. 13. CAROLINA WREN Sings 40 different song types
  14. 14. EVENING GROSBEAK Seed-cracking bill
  15. 15. AMERICAN REDSTART Appears hyperactive when feeding
  16. 16. NORTHERN CARDINAL Territorial in spring
  17. 17. PURPLE FINCH Only seen during the winter
  18. 18. MALLARD Will return to place of birth
  19. 19. ROCK DOVE aka the Domestic Pigeon
  20. 20. MOURNING DOVE Mates for life
  21. 21. GREAT HORNED OWL Largest owl in the state
  22. 22. EASTERN SCREECH-OWL Mates for life
  23. 23. CAROLINA CHICKADEE Friendly bird
  24. 24. YELLOW BILLED CUCKOO Ask him what time it is
  25. 25. KILLDEER Only shorebird with two black neck bands
  26. 26. RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD Sign of Spring
  27. 27. AMERICAN COOT Excellent diver and swimmer
  28. 28. AMERICAN CROW One of the smartest birds
  29. 29. PURPLE MARTIN Largest swallow in North America
  30. 30. WHIP-POOR-WHILL Popular songbird
  31. 31. AMERICAN KESTREL Only small prey bird with a rusty colored back or tail
  32. 32. HOODED MERGANSER The nest-sharer
  33. 33. WILD TURKEY Our would-be national bird
  34. 34. BALD EAGLE Soar Eagle, Soar!