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Costa ricapres


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Pre-Costa Rica Presentation: Money

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Costa ricapres

  1. 1. Ashley Thacker and Kaylen Kent
  2. 2. Economic Standing The economy It depends has made a on positive growth within the past tourism, agr couple of years! Approx. 21% of the iculture, anpopulation is below d electronic the poverty line exports.
  3. 3. In Comparison GloballyWhen considering human, cultural and naturalresources Costa Rica is ranked 24th worldwide and 7thwhen just taking into account natural resources.Costa Rica ranked 121st out of 183 countries in the2010 World Banks Ease of Doing Business Index.
  4. 4. Quality Of Life… a study by the Inter American Development Bank (BID), Costa Ricans are the MOST SATISFIED people in Latin America. The study is based on the country’s educational system, health care and employment opportunities. Costa Ricans value their high quality of life above materialism. It has the highest standard of living within the region of Central America!
  5. 5. Depending on the Area
  6. 6. How do they make money ?Technology is growing in Costa Rica! Most of theworkers are employed by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, and Cisco Systems.A large percent of the jobs are in agriculture! Theseemployees take care of the natural resources that areexported outside of the country.
  7. 7. $1 = 512.11 COLONES
  8. 8. How to Exchange ?
  9. 9. Sources of GDPThe average income is 10,900 U.S. dollars in Costa Rica. bananas, pineapples, coffee, melons, ornamental plants, sugar; seafood; electronic components, medical equipment All of this would not be possible without the fertile land and frequent rainfall. 23.9% of exports go to the U.S. It has a 1.92 billion-dollar-a-year tourism industry.