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What’s New in Kentico Cloud—2017/03

Another month, another batch of features and improvements for you to get your teeth into. And now, with an entirely new website and a new single-product approach, you will find all the info, news, resources, features, improvements under the Kentico Cloud umbrella. So what's new this month?
Link Content Items
Customer Experience Management Improvements
Required Elements
Kentico Cloud Import Module
Usability Improvements

You can watch the webinar recording here as well:

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What’s New in Kentico Cloud—2017/03

  1. 1. What’s New in Kentico Cloud— March 2017
  2. 2. Agenda • APIs for Digital Experience • Kentico Cloud Business Update • New Features • Roadmap • Q&A
  3. 3. APIs for Digital Experience
  4. 4. Market Landscape 2017 • Download from the blog
  5. 5. Business Update
  6. 6. Early Partner Program First 20 projects confirmed! • Free use of Kentico Cloud for your website project for the first year • Onboarding and assistance from our team • A dedicated Customer Success Manager • Increased visibility for your project through our channels We extended the program—you can still join the program with a specific project by March 31, 2017!
  7. 7. New Website iMedia launched on Kentico Cloud
  8. 8. New Features • Required elements (follow-up) • Limit and validate elements • Content links and usage reports • Dynamic segmentation
  9. 9. Delivery API Performance • 99.95% service availability • 100 ms average response time • 95% requests are served in <250ms
  10. 10. Roadmap
  11. 11. Delivered
  12. 12. Focus Major fears we plan to address with Kentico Cloud this quarter: 1) Managing web-channel using Omni-channel solution 2) Page composition without developer’s input 3) Development costs
  13. 13. Priorities Are we missing anything important? Let us know:
  14. 14. Be a Part of the Future! Try the new Kentico Cloud at
  15. 15. Ask Questions, Get Answers