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Introduction to Kentico Cloud - the headless CMS and digital experience platform


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Introduction to the new Kentico Cloud products that were launched at 404 conference at the beginning of November. Learn how we see the future of the CMS market and how Kentico Cloud is going to deliver 10-times better experience and results for both developers and marketers.

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Introduction to Kentico Cloud - the headless CMS and digital experience platform

  1. 1. Introducing Kentico Cloud
  2. 2. The future of CMS
  3. 3. camelopardalis =+ leoparduscamelus
  4. 4. CLOUD CMS+ =
  5. 5. + =
  6. 6. CMS on premise
  7. 7. CMS in the CloudCMS on premise
  8. 8. CMS in the CloudCMS on premise Cloud CMS
  9. 9. Why now?
  10. 10. Digital Transformation
  11. 11. SaaS
  12. 12. API
  13. 13. Multichannel
  14. 14. Digital Transformation Cloud API Multichannel
  15. 15. 1995-2000 Page generators 2000-2008 Dynamic CMS 2008 - 2017 DX platforms 2017 -> Cloud-first DX
  16. 16. EngageDraft Deliver
  17. 17. Kentico Cloud Draft Deliver Engage the cloud-first digital experience platform for agencies and their clients
  18. 18. Kentico Cloud Your Project
  19. 19. Kentico Cloud Your Project
  20. 20. Traditional CMS <body> <h1>Great news!</h1> <p>We have a new...</p> </body> <form method="GET"> <h1><%=NewsTitle></h1> <p><%=NewsText></p> </form>
  21. 21. Traditional CMS Kentico Cloud <body> <h1>Great news!</h1> <p>We have a new...</p> </body> <body> <h1><%=NewsTitle></h1> <p><%=NewsText></p> </body> <form method="GET"> <h1><%=NewsTitle></h1> <p><%=NewsText></p> </form>
  22. 22. Demo
  23. 23. Free $0per month 3 users Standard $49per month 5 users Kentico Draft Structure, collect and manage content smoothly
  24. 24. Kentico Deliver (includes Draft) Display content instantly with an API-first CMS, using the tools you love Free $0per month 3 users 500 entries 100k API calls Standard $99per month 5 users 5,000 entries 2M API calls Professional $299per month 10 users 10,000 entries 2M API calls Enterprise $999per month Custom 24×7 support SLA
  25. 25. Kentico Engage (Preview) Track customer behavior and provide a personalized experience Free $0per month 1 users 500 contacts Standard $99per month 3 users 1,000 contacts Professional $299per month 5 users 5,000 contacts Enterprise $999per month Custom 24x7 support SLA
  26. 26. Kentico Cloud Enterprise Suite Everything you need from $1,499per month Custom plan 24x7 support SLA
  27. 27. How we position Kentico Cloud Developer-centric cloud-first headless CMS Monolithic on-premise/hosted digital experience platforms Cloud-first digital experience platform
  28. 28. Kentico CloudKentico EMS
  29. 29. Kentico Cloud Early Partner Program Contact:
  30. 30. Contact: Try it now!