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First Place for Youth Rating Summary


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First Place for Youth Rating Summary

  1. 1. NPI Evaluation of First Place for Youth NPI Rating: BUY Rating as of 1/30/2013 Analyst: Rich Scudellari
  2. 2. NPI Rating: BUYThrough a staunch commitment to hiring qualityemployees and consistently tracking relevant data, FirstPlace for Youth has built a high quality program, whichcontinues to generate positive results for participantsand has become a model program for supporting youthtransitioning out of foster care.
  3. 3. First Place for Youth: Strengths▲ Well-defined mission has been thoughtfully crafted into an effective and precisely executed program model.▲ First Place for Youth has helped 92% of participants exit the My First Place program in stable housing (compared to 40% of exiting foster care participants) and 55% exit employed (compared to 29% of former foster youths).▲ The executive leadership team does an excellent job of hiring quality employees, instilling in them a “youth first” mindset and self-policing which ensures youth are receiving the most effective support.▲ Commitment to data tracking ensures that First Place for Youth is providing effective care to youth and generating positive outcomes for program participants.
  4. 4. First Place for Youth: Cautions● Heavy reliance on government funding can cause working capital issues between July and November as the government fiscal year comes to a close and subsequently reopens. Although cash can be tight during these months, the risks are mitigated by an experienced management team, private funding and access to a $1MM credit line.● High turnover rates amongst case managers (Youth Advocates and Education and Employment Specialists) negatively impact the relationships built by program participants within the organization.
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