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Dirt and brooms


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A story about Broomcorn Production in Baca County Colorado which was at one time the "Broomcorn Capital of the World"

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Dirt and brooms

  1. 1. Dirt and Brooms by Kent Brooks
  2. 2. So Who Am I and How Am I Connected to All of This?
  3. 3. How Did I Started Writing Down Stories I Heard My Whole Life
  4. 4. Vesta Tuna????.... You mean Vesta Tune?
  5. 5. Photo Courtes6y of Johnny Jameson
  6. 6. So Where is the Broomcorn Capital of the World?
  7. 7. How many of you raised Broomcorn?
  8. 8. Photo Courtes6y of Ron Wilson
  9. 9. How many Acres of Broomcorn did you grow?
  10. 10. Handling broomcorn bales was more technique than brawn. When I was a teenager I could lift a 400lb. bale 6 inches off of the floor and turn 90 degrees with it. But it was all in knowing how to do it. -Charles Taylor
  11. 11. Back to the question where is Broomcorn Capital
  12. 12. The 3 Main “Broomcorn Capital of the World” Eras 1860’s-1900 Arcola IL I1900-1930’s Lindsey OK 1940’s-1974 Baca County
  13. 13. How many Broomcorn Farms were counted in 1974?
  14. 14. 307 215 9777