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Clarisse Crisis ~the Soul of Japan 2.0~

This study show you that today Japanese Lolicon culture is right for Japanese people in the point of evolutionary psychology and statistics,of course historically. I would like to remove the dogma that all Japanese may be eager for child pornography.

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Clarisse Crisis ~the Soul of Japan 2.0~

  1. 1. Clarisse CrisisClarisse Crisis ~the Soul of Japan 2.0~
  2. 2. • Hentai • Samurai • Otaku • major in neuroaesthetics • Introduce Myself
  3. 3. ~ Manifest ~ This study show you that today Japanese Lolicon culture is right for Japanese people in the point of evolutionary psychology and statistics,of course historically. I would like to remove the dogma that all Japanese may be eager for child pornography. to know more about Lolicon →
  4. 4. total construction of this slide-share 1. manifesto 2. the definition of Lolicon 3. the history of Lolicon 4. the image of Lolicon 5. study in psychology 6. study in evolutionary psychology 7. conclusion
  5. 5. CAUTION!!!
  6. 6. this slide share … ①is to make no border between 3 dimension and 2 dimension. ②could not think of saving real-world abused children. ③is in the point of view from man,absolutely man(“yaoi”,"yuri" is the next theme to study). ④will not affirm that exploits toward juvenile should be done in asymmetric information and violence and economy. ⑤is to be changed by anybody’s good critic by my flexible attitude.
  7. 7. 2. the definition of Lolicon Lolicon (ロリコン?), also romanised as lolikon or rorikon, is Japanese discourse or media focusing on the attraction to young or prepubescent girls. The term lolicon is a portmanteau of the phrase "Lolita complex";[1] it describes an attraction to young or prepubescent girls, an individual with such an attraction, or lolicon manga or lolicon anime, a genre of manga and anime wherein childlike female characters are often depicted in an "erotic-cute" manner (also known as ero kawaii), in an art style reminiscent of the shōjo manga (girls' comics) style.[2][3][4][5] (from wikipedia『Lolicon』2015/2/22) worldwide Lolicon definition Lolicon types are various. (2dimension or 3dimension,sexual,platonic…etc)
  8. 8. Generally speaking,today Japanese people think that Lolicon is the temperament of adult male who have strawberry affection=Moe(萌) for girl(baby-face) whether object is 2 dimension or 3 dimension. This slide-share use this large definition.
  9. 9. 3.the history of Lolicon Lolita, light of my life, fire in my loins. 1955 Vladimir Nabokov's book Lolita 1969 The term "Lolita complex" was first used in the early 1970s with the translation of Russell Trainer's The Lolita Complex in Japan. 1974 an Alice in Wonderland manga parody (used nearly equal meaning today) →Shinji Wada used the word in his Stumbling upon a Cabbage Field (「キャベツ畑でつまずいて」 Kyabetsu- batake de Tsumazuite)
  10. 10. 1979 12/15「Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro」 After this work Lolicon boom was coming.Those days attitude for Lolicon is reinstatement and revalue pity for fragility;easily able to be destroyed,naive,small,tiny,weak,not perfect,fragment,cute,disordered,sick,unfortunate,etc.(「増補 エロマンガ・スタディーズ: 「快楽装置」として の漫画入門 (ちくま文庫) 文庫」 – 2014/4/9 Kaoru Nagayama) Of course,many of them look her,Clarisse sexual object.
  11. 11. Since late 1970 s Lolicon became known better, and to the early 1980 s Lolicon came into fashion all over Japan. アニメージュ(Animage)1982 May Interview Article 1968「The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun 」 1974「Heidi, Girl of the Alps」 1976年「3000 Leagues in Search of Mother」  ←Hilda;died last scene ←Clara;sick,feeble Fiorina;no mother,admirable→
  12. 12. Meanwhile in real world,beautiful girl photography and show business also came into fashion in Western countries as mainly non sexual object,symbol for liberation of sex. *Goes without saying that some of them look those girls sexually. Serge Gainsbourg(1928-1991) Irina Ionesco(1935-) David Hamilton(1933-) Jacques Bourboulon(1946-)  『Lolita』(1962年)Stanley Kubrick(1928-1999) 『Daisies (Czech: Sedmikrásky) 』(1966) 『Maladolescenza (German: Spielen wir Liebe) 』(1977) 『Pretty Baby』(1978) …etc.etc. In addition to this examples,you can easily find tremendous information about Lolita art by googling or binging. 毎日広告デザイン賞 - 公共福祉広告シリーズ 第6回テーマ:「性」
  13. 13. In Japan from 1980 to 1984,「Lolicon-boom」occurred in many area including movie,PC and video game. Many various types of photography and Hentai manga magazine were published.Until then affection for girl was half-tabooed but this Lolicon-boom urge many people to come out their temperament.The word and general idea of Lolicon spread quickly all over Japan and to be on everyone s lips.Some of them call proudly themselves Lolicon as they got honor medals. ・1977∼1995 monthly「OUT」 ・1978∼1987 「アニメック(Animec)」  ・1980 「ファンロード(fanroad)」 ・1982~1998「レモンピープル(Lemon People)」 ・1982∼1986「漫画ブリッコ(Manga Burikko)」  ・1978∼「アニメージュ(Animage)」 ・1974 「シベール(shibe-ru)」 ・1979 1986 「リュウ(ryu)」 ・1980「クラリスマガジン(Clarisse Magazine)」 ・1983「ロリータ・シンドローム(Lolita Symdrome)」FM-7,PC8800 ENIX ・1983年「ロリコンハウス おしめりジュンコ(Lolicon house Osimeri Junko)」  movie 日活(Nikkatsu) Saori Minami and Momoe Yamaguchi who were those days teen idols sung a song implying sex. ↑PC game lol ロリータ・シンドローム(エニックス)1983
  14. 14. In 1989 notorious Tokyo-Saitama little girl kidnap-murder incident happened. This changed Otaku(=Lolicon) image of light parody funny jerk into criminals or would-be criminals who exploits and destroy children s dignity and sexuality . After this,Otaku bashing began and Winter season for Otaku started. In fact the number of visitors who came to Comiket that is the largest Doujinshi fair,was increasing rapidly.Only one years later the incident,there were twice as many people(250,000) who came to Comiket.Then the number have kept increasing from then to today. chronological tabel of Comiket history Tokyo-Saitama little girl kidnap-murder incident the number of general visitors change the number of Circles graph of the number change
  15. 15. In real 3 dimenshonal world,finally(lol)Japanese government gave a tacit understanding of hair-nude photography in the context of fine arts. →Deregulation of restrictions dealing with 3 dimension sexual arouse,accelerating radical expression. →Goes without saying that 2 dimension world.Expressions of Hentai manga and anime were more radical and the cluster engaging doujin-shi or something Comiket-tische did not hesitate to sell,buy,draw. Kishin Shinoyama『Water Fruit』 Kishin Shinoyama
  16. 16. Since 80 s Regulation for Lolicon started. 1984 5 girl magazines was criticized by the member at the Diet.One of them immediately ceased publication. 1985~ Weekly magazines for women criticized Lolicon expression of general magazines.They condemned, little girl shall be prey for Lolicon criminals! 1986 「177」is PC parody game whose base motif is the Penal code of the laws regarding rape.( game was condemned at the Diet.→People in Japan first knew that video games also has the sexual contents. 1987 Girl nude photography「プチトマト(Petit Tomate)」was disclosed. 1991 沙織事件(saori-incident)FAIRYTALE that is the game company that created adult game,the title「Saori: the House of Beautiful Girls 」 was disclosed. 1994 「Convention on the Rights of the Child」have validity in Japan country. 1999 Child pornography laws in Japan have validity.Real girl nude photography were banned to publish.→ low teen idol industry From 70’s to 80’s Japanese men tourist went to east-south asia,mainly in Cambodia to sex with girls by great rising economic power.The situation became social problem internationally but the situation remained by 90’s. 「177」 「プチトマト(Petit Tomate)」」 「Saori: the House of Beautiful Girls 」
  17. 17. 2002 Moe(萌)-book boom occurred from guidelines of Copyright and law to and vocabulary book of English. 2004 「Train Man」boom had Akiba Otaku culture tolerant broadly. ( 2005 In Grand Prix of word on everybody s lips by U-CAN「Moe(萌)」took tenth place in this year.Moe that is high affinity for Lolicon turned the otaku slung into the general word.Descrimination for Otaku have been very improved. meanwhile 2005 「Best Selection!」(by Sumiko Kiyokawa)that the National Diet Library had was certified as child pornography.Anyone can not read. Architecture Biennale .5th OTAKU persona=space=city 2006 Few hundred source book containing girl nude were banned to read at the national Diet Library. 2010 symposium produced by Takashi Murakami 「Possibility of Cool-Japanology」 →Cool Japan as national strategy 2014 Sexual arouse expression for non-existent juvenile have been legal. 2005 Architecture Biennale .5th OTAKU persona=space=city 2000’s,winter season for Lolicon ended.
  18. 18. social image of Lolicon( otaku)is… sweat,smell,filthy,obese,bald,creepy,hent ai,strange,gross,…etc. 「Train man」(2004) helps to remove negative image of Otaku but the stereo type remains strongly.In fact 「Train man」,however,may help to remake the image of Otaku. Every time kidnap or murder of girl incident happens,same image repeats and repeats. 4. the image of Lolicon ↓ the general image that Lolicon prefers : Train man(DVD)2005
  19. 19. Should Lolicon be hated as Paraphillia ? A paraphilia is a condition in which a person's sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. (from「Psychology Today」) *Sex moral and social common sense are abstract idea.The standard of border between normal and non- normal depends on values of period,culture and indivisuals.Interpretion and definition of non-normal may cause discrimination and stereo types. ↑ 青SHUN学園 → 5. study in psychology
  20. 20. Most people with atypical sexual interests do not have a mental disorder. To be diagnosed with a paraphiliac disorder, DSM-5 requires that people with these interests: ⑴ feel personal distress about their interest, not merely distress resulting from society’s disapproval;or ⑵ have a sexual desire or behavior that involves another person’s psychological distress, injury, or death, or a desire for sexual behaviors involving unwilling persons or persons unable to give legal consent. In case someone is a parafillia,he meets both(1)and(2)criteria.If he does not meet both ⑴ and ⑵,he is not a paraphilia. Previously referred slide,two men do not meet this criteria if they do not feel personal distress about their interest and their behavior do not involve someone threatened. Thus,Many Lolicon in Japan are not paraphilia because of the definition of prevalent DMS-5. (American Psychiatric Association :
  21. 21. NHK survey in 2002「The Japanese general idea and behavior on Sex」show that boys in their teens(16-19)of 5%,twenties of 5%,thirties of 4%,forties of 1%,fifties of 8% and sixties of 0% positively want to sex with girl under 13 years old.Meanwhile all generation of women of almost 0% positively want to sex with boy under 13 years old.Choices of the questionnaire are : 「want to sex if anything」,「do not want to if anything」,「do not want to」「had a correlation already」 →Under sixties man,all generation of all men of nearly 5% positively want to sex with girls under 13years(potentially more because the questionnaire survey was done with interviewer. ) Poll survey by Cabinet office in 2002(the subjects are 5000 all over Japan) show that men of 15% answer watching the real-child porn.In addition,men of 10.9% know acquaintances who have real-child porn(photography,VHS,CD,DVD) *By the Megan’s Law homepage,wrongdoer of 90% are acquaintances of child victim and more than half of wrongdoers are family of victim.In addition,in the case of wrongdoer of non- acquaintances,they should be investigated in way of thinking brain dysfunctions,like Pick’s disease or other. Potential Lolicon in our daily lives
  22. 22. Paraphilia is mental disorder concerning sex and so the definition of mental disorder change by the period or culture. For example、once upon time homosexual was paraphilia diagnosis but in the end it was deleted on DMS.The society or authority in the person lives which make what is abnormal or normal. Incidentally,Richard Green who tried deleting homosexual as paraphilia on DMS insists that it is normal for general people to have sexual affection for child.25% of general people have the such temperament and react to sexual arouse of child.So Dr.Green tries deleting pedofilia on DMS as well as homosexual. (「Is Pedofilia a Mental Disorder?」,Green,2002) *CAUTION  Adult homosexual has power of symmetric information and violence,economy on equal term each other but the difference of age between major and minor make the situation complicated and perhaps the difference helps to exploit minor sexually one-sidedly.
  23. 23. Pre-Lolita complex unconscious period of Lolicon historical personage(Wikipedia,「少女愛(girllove)」) Not including criminals.the list is on the large definition of girllove whether platonic or not.They are supposed to be Lolicon by anecdote and history book. • Dante Alighieri( Beatrice was 9 years old) • Francesco Petrarca(Francesco Petrarca,12) • Lucas Cranach der Ältere  • George Gordon Byron • John Ruskin(19C Art historian;He proposed 10 years old girl) • Lewis Carroll • Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger(disclosed by diary) • Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin (married to 13 years old girl) • Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin(famous in movie world) • Henry Darger(20C.artist) • Woody Allen • Jock Sturges,photographer • Balthus,painter • Jock Sturges,photographer • ohann Wolfgang von Goethe • Gustav Klimt • William Adolphe Bouguereau,painter • Jock Sturges,photographer • Balthus,painter • 坂口安吾(Ango Sakaguchi) Japanese novelist(in his essay) • 三島由紀夫(Yukio Mishima)(girl novel) • 谷崎潤一郎(Jyunichiro Tanizaki)(+leg fetichism) • 手塚治虫(Osamu Tezuka) manga artist • 宮崎駿(Hayao Miyazaki)(At drinking party with his friends,he insisted why is it bad for adult to fall in love with 12 years old girl? .)…etc. by Lewis Carroll by Balthus by Gustav Klimt by Bouguereau by OsamuTezuka
  24. 24. ①Late teenager girl is right to be pregnant biologically,but in high-ed modern society minors under 18 years old are considered of immature in mental and not to be prepared for marriage and give birth to a child. ②Immature girls in mental have difficulty raising child.The situation is likely to lead child neglect and child abuse.Mainly in leading countries,it is not good to quit high education before standing alone stably economically and mentally. ③As background women more easily become independent before and Child Mortality Rate downs. Women are not urged to give birth to a child and tendency to marry late is on the rise. ④As marriage age rises,the general idea that children should be raised preciously is established and it clarifies the distinction between child and non- child.Thus Lolicon became deviant in the point of social-morally and child- human-right view. The reasons that why Lolicon is not good in modern society
  25. 25. The community system that monopolizes on violence in which people live always decides what is good or what is bad everywhere and every culture and every period.
  26. 26. Incidentally… The Tale of Genji (源氏物語 Genji monogatari?) is a classic work of Japanese literature that our country is prouds of in the early years of the 11th century, around the peak of the Heian period. In chapter5 「若紫(waka-murasaki)」 Genji visits Kitayama, the northern rural hilly area of Kyoto, where he finds a beautiful ten-year-old girl. He is fascinated by this little girl (Murasaki), and discovers that she is a niece of the Lady Fujitsubo. Finally he kidnaps her, brings her to his own palace and educates her to be his ideal lady ̶ that is, like the Lady Fujitsubo. This case is criminal in modern society lol. 「TheTale of Genji」 WakiYamato This is our country’s classic literature expressing “transience of life”
  27. 27. Lolicon is ,however, considered of hentai,pervert in this modern society.Prevalent negative image of Lolicon can not be easily washed out.Perhaps negative wrong image would spread by itself and strengthen its stereo type. There are discussions that the today situation which can easily satisfy Lolicon helps them drive crime. Some people against Lolicon think that tremendous hentai manga,anime,game and doujin-shi prompt Lolicon to be criminal. Statistics approach Is it true?
  28. 28. juvenile criminal datebase(manager Kanga-Eruo) statistics of girl victim of rape crime Now,there is discussion that “should be anime restricted? “on TV Asahi.Thus,I will show you the graph of correlation of the number of animes broadcasted per year and the number of girl victims of rape crime per year. Statistics does not show positive correlation. the number of anime broadcast(date from Wiki) the number of girl victim(before primary school) the number of girl victim(primary school)
  29. 29. 「These days incidents involving child is increasing.」 「No,it decreases.」 「…it gets more astrocious. 」 「No,it gets less astrocious. 」 「…it seems less cause of declining birth rates. 」 「It decreases in ratio of population. 」 「The source of date is wrong.」 「The source of date is from Ministry of Justice.」 「No!INCRESING!!!」 STAP cell lol
  30. 30. If positive correlation between the number of animes broadcasted and the number of girl victims of rape criminal,or radical expression of anime,is found,then you should also consider the correlation concerning films,literature and video games.It goes without saying that the environment of wrongdoers on home and school should be considered of. If negative correlation is found,it is not fact that only the number of anime broadcasted influence the situation. Often there is discussion that correlation between criminals and reading hentai manga.However I think more correlation of big restriction of hentai manga and the changing number of sunspots.I …do not blame the Sun…
  31. 31. 6. study in evolutionary psychology Evolutionary psychology (EP) is an approach in the social and natural sciences that examines psychological structure from a modern evolutionary perspective. It seeks to identify which human psychological traits are evolved adaptations ‒ that is, the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection. (wikipedia,「evolutionary psychology」) This chapter show Lolicon is right in Darwinism and Human ethology.
  32. 32. Darwinian theory of beauty ・tree which easily climb up←run away from animals ・waterside←water ・rich nature←food ・clan,friends←corroborate each other ・way(always developed←safe) → advantage for survival ↑ Our aesthetics have been created by the process of evolution. Denis Laurence Dutton (1944–2010) most preferable paint
  33. 33. Supernormal Stimulus …is an exaggerated version of a stimulus to which there is an existing response tendency, or any stimulus that elicits a response more strongly than the stimulus for which it evolved.
  34. 34. Peak Shift Principle For instance, a rat is trained to discriminate a square from a rectangle by being rewarded for recognizing the rectangle. The rat will respond more frequently to the object for which it is being rewarded to the point that a rat will respond to a rectangle that is longer and more narrow with a higher frequency than the original with which is was trained. This is called a Supernormal stimulus. The fact that the rat is responding more to a 'super' rectangle implies that it is learning a rule.  (Wikipedia,Neuroesthetics,Peak Shift Principle)
  35. 35. Different from rat,human-being selects preferable stimulus.It is voluntary rewarded by himself.    ↓ Spiral of pleasure    ↓ Music lover loves more music. Big-Mac lover loves more Big-Mac. Hentai manga lovers loves more Hentai manga. Incidentaly chimps pay for what they want to see.They pay by juice. Most preferable thing male chimps want to see is hip of female chimps,next superior male chimps,worst is inferior male chimps In other we,human-beings have pleasure by cooperating each other.Being with lover or family give us pleasure.
  36. 36. Baby Schema Lorenz proposed the concept of baby schema (Kindchenschema), a set of facial and body features, that make a creature appear "cute" and activate ("release") in others the motivation to care for it. (wikipedia,cuteness 2015/2/22) Men prefer the women who have the traits of childlike face and of typical mature body. Almost ethic groups,women are likely to have both two traits.These traits appeal men to take care of her.Cunningham s study,traits of new born baby(big eyes,small nose,small chin)and female appealing have a positive correlation.(1988,BEAUTY AND THE BRAIN) 美を脳から考える 芸術への生物学的探検(新曜社) p.20
  37. 37. In other,there are many appealing points. ・Density of blonde-hair,bull-net hair←proving young ・Face symmetry←proving genetically strong immune for bacteria ・Rich body like Marilyn Monroe→proving fertility ・Smoothing skin→proving genetically strong immune for bacteria and young ・Florid cheek→proving good health
  38. 38. Remember 1.Human ethology 2.Super Stimulus 3.Peak Shift Principle 4.Voluntary Rewarded 5.Baby Schema 6.Other Appealing Points Peak Shift Principle goes on the basis of Baby Schema driven by Curiosity that is our nervous system traits… *Curiosity is the nervous system that ignores repeated or expected stimulus and prefers new or unexpected stimulus eagerly. Applying hentai manga art area
  39. 39. Preferable Lolicon manga art by Kantoku by karory by Buriki
  40. 40. A BIOLOGICAL HOMAGE TO MICKEY MOUSE Stephen Jay Gould The Simpsons(1987-) Crayon Shin-chan(1990-) Baby Schema peak-shiftings in the world.
  41. 41. 「The experience of mathematical beauty and its neural correlates」 (Semir Zeki1*, John Paul Romaya1, Dionigi M. T. Benincasa2 and Michael F. Atiyah3 You can not feel the beauty of mathematics if you do not train mathematics.
  42. 42. Generally speaking,the person understands some information deeply as he trains some particular information.For example the person engaging music is likely to listen music more deeply as well as some area such as painting,sculpture,etc. In other words,the person who engaging hentai manga understands hentai manga deeply .The more he trains,the more he goes into deep hentai Lolicon world.
  43. 43. By the way,which faces do yo like?  →Decided,then go to next slide.
  44. 44. Men who lives in rich society and good hygiene environment choose left face,more female.
  45. 45. Compared to other country,Japan is tolerant of hentai manga,anime and game because of cultural background.I mention short the context of Japanese culture,using repeated cliche.
  46. 46. THE IDOL M@STER fire work cherry-blossom ②Impermanence ③Line culture ④Animism ⑤Festival ⑥Parody ⑦Western complex ⑧Lost war 11.Erotic paradise 12.Pretermit 10.Most safe country ①Appreciating moment beauty ⑨Beauty of stop motion 13.Wabi,Sabi,Iki
  47. 47. Lolicon is a by-product taste resulted in rich society.
  48. 48. Japanese culture which mainly appreciates fragile things concentrates on many cultural essences and produces Kawaii. Moe(萌) that is strawberry affection for girl in 2 dimension or 3 dimension can be produced only in Japan.Thus temperament of Lolicon which is high affinity with Moe can be consequently produced only in Japan. In the first place,memes and genes which play a role in dealing with あはれ(Pity) and を かし(Coquettish) since Heian Period give us temperament of accepting Kawaii and those of that continue in our blood and brain.We,today s human-being is evolving and Kawaii- genes in our gene pool play an important role in our daily life.
  49. 49. 7.conclusion
  50. 50. Almost potential Lolicons in Japan are nothing fear on the basis on statistics. I am sure that Lolicon(≒Otaku) seems creepy but all of them are self-control man and completely harmless. Lolicons in Japan will aim of becoming Lupin the Third,the paragon of Lolicon. *Dark-side Lolicon should be punished as DarthVader.
  51. 51. “One thing we can only do is to fight against absurdity acting on the self-control rule.” Today restrictions on Hentai culture are claimed by any other country and even our country.In the storm I finally put down my pen,extracting nice advice for us. 「Ghost in the Shell 」Daisuke Aramaki
  52. 52. ご視聴ありがとうございまみた! かわいいは正義! 「化物語(Bake-monogatari)」Mayoi Hachikuji Lolicon is Justice! Thank you for watching!
  53. 53. Future tasks I think…of course, my hypothesis is… The world should become girlized.
  54. 54. Future tasks I think… Today Japan is girlizing country,seemingly she is feeble. However, think that baby boys run around house and fight each other every time meanwhile baby girls sit down keeping quiet peacefully and play each other.It goes without saying that there is no rule without exceptions,but I think so. Thus,I guess world-wide girlizing is not bad.It is often said that Japan is neoteny country,but it is not appropriate,strictly speaking Japan is girl-neoteny country,leading the world.
  55. 55. Future tasks I think… we do not know future,but we can do our best to make the world better. Girlizing world is not bad, at least compared to today’s world. Watching our history and instinct to never repeat same ridiculous mistakes,once Weizsäcker said. Be the change we wish to see in the world together! What Japan can do for the next world is making People around the world be Lolicon.
  56. 56. Future tasks Kawaii save the world!
  57. 57. - better explanation for Girl neoteny world -
  58. 58. Scientist may be likely to be careful.They are mute as long as the evidence is not certain.However the attitude like that is egoism of scientist themselves before the evidence make the world change.
  59. 59. So…I think…
  60. 60. Japan should spread Japanese culture by Manga,Anime,Game and other cool or Kawaii things more and more freely or flexibly like Hollywood to the world… because… and for… for Girlizing world
  61. 61. for Girlizing world Critical period for acoustic preference in mice Eun-JinYanga, Eric W. Lina, andTakao K. Henscha,b,1 Critical period hypotheses of Lolicon(=Otaku)
  62. 62. for Girlizing world States of Curiosity Modulate Hippocampus-Dependent Learning via the Dopaminergic Circuit Matthias J. Grubercorrespondenceemail, Bernard D. Gelman, Charan Ranganath •People are better at learning information that they are curious about •Memory for incidental material presented during curious states was also enhanced •Curiosity associated with anticipatory activity in nucleus accumbens and midbrain •Memory benefits for incidental material depend on midbrain-hippocampus involvement
  63. 63. for Girlizing world People are familiar with science are likely to be Lolicon historically. So science and reading education is more important role in producing Lolicon. Timing the impact of literacy on visual processing Felipe Pegadoa,b,c,d,1, Enio Comerlatoe, FabricioVenturae,Antoinette Joberta,b,c, Kimihiro Nakamuraa,b,c,f, Marco Buiattia,b,c, PauloVenturag, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertza,b,c, Régine Kolinskyh,i, José Moraish, Lucia W. Bragae, Laurent Cohenj, and Stanislas Dehaenea,b,c,f,1
  64. 64. for Girlizing world Reading literary fiction temporarily enhances ToM(Theory of Mind). More broadly, they suggest thatToM may be influenced by engagement with works of art. Reading Literary Fiction ImprovesTheory of Mind David Comer Kidd*, Emanuele Castano*
  65. 65. for Girlizing world Rika-chan doll game of make-believe enhanceTheory of Mind
  66. 66. for Girlizing world Asia is one 2.0 People in cultural sphere of Chinise character,calligraphy art, or art of line are familiar with Manga. Line culture originate from most ancient painting,Grotte de Lascaux. Line is the easiest way to make border between things and things like word,so the worked information of object fit our cognitive system and it can enter into our mind easily and clearly.
  67. 67. Japanese language enlarge corpus callosum which helps multi modal tusks. Perhaps Enlarger corpus callosum may make us more famine. Japanese language is Japan.Language is virus that proliferate in our brain.From the point of my country’s strategic view by this policy Japanese language can be conserved in many place of the world. for Girlizing world Ardekani, B.A.; Figarsky, K.; Sidtis, J. J. (2012). "Sexual Dimorphism in the Human Corpus Callosum:An MRI Study Using the OASIS Brain Database". 完本・文語文 (文春文庫) 文庫 – 2003/3 山本 夏彦 Japanese language is advantage of reading Manga. Japanese language is Manga,IsaoTakahata says.
  68. 68. for Girlizing world Playing Super Mario induces structural brain plasticity: gray matter changes resulting from training with a commercial video game S Kühn,T Gleich, R C Lorenz, U Lindenberger and J Gallinat Playing Mario may help treat brain disorders
  69. 69. for Girlizing world Novelty is an essential feature of creative ideas, yet the building blocks of new ideas are often embodied in existing knowledge. Atypical Combinations and Scientific Impact Brian Uzzi1,2, Satyam Mukherjee1,2, Michael Stringer2,3, Ben Jones1,4,* Cool Japan should be considered from the point of absorptive theory.You focus the process of invading of Japanese Manga,Anime,Game over the world.
  70. 70. for Girlizing world The process of accepting Marquis de Sade and Bataille in Japan leads to modern Hentai culture.
  71. 71. Future tasks Neuroprediction of future rearrest Eyal Aharonia,b,1,2, Gina M.Vincentc, Carla L. Harenskia,Vince D. Calhouna,d,Walter Sinnott-Armstronge, Michael S. Gazzanigaf, and Kent A. Kiehla,b,2 Bad Lolicon (Pedophilia) should be examined by neuroscience to live with others peacefully.
  72. 72. for Girlizing world A genetic variant near olfactory receptor genes influences cilantro preference Nicholas Eriksson*, Shirley Wu, Chuong B Do,Amy K Kiefer, JoyceYTung, Joanna L Mountain, David A Hinds and Uta Francke There is Lolicon taste gene like Umami gene. Genetic and Molecular Basis of Individual Differences in Human UmamiTaste Perception Noriatsu Shigemura , Shinya Shirosaki, Keisuke Sanematsu, RyusukeYoshida,Yuzo Ninomiya
  73. 73. for Girlizing world Not a Chimp:The Hunt to Find the Genes that Make Us Human Paperback – June 25, 2010 by JeremyTaylor (Author) Domestication of Human-being by himself make themselves famine or childish.
  74. 74. for Girlizing world Not a Chimp:The Hunt to Find the Genes that Make Us Human Paperback – June 25, 2010 by JeremyTaylor (Author) Domestication of Human-being 50,000~60,000 years ago by himself make themselves famine or childish.
  75. 75. for Girlizing world Not a Chimp:The Hunt to Find the Genes that Make Us Human Paperback – June 25, 2010 by JeremyTaylor (Author) ADHD,Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia gene is double-edged sword gift. active,curious,creative,adventurous sometimes not to be appropriate for social Producing something is always with pain. BeingVincent Willem van Gogh is tough.
  76. 76. for Girlizing world We call them “NewType 2.0”
  77. 77. for Girlizing world Released from labor in modern time,”girl”was born. “She” will be generalized the time has come when robots mainly engage in 1~3th industry.At that moment what we,NewType2.0, can do straight way is to gain basic income for calm creative life like Ancient Greece.
  78. 78. I would like to be the man who wants to earn 1000 dollars a month.I would like to stand alone. Please give me job.Hack the world,together! Thank you! Feed me!