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Daily Republic Article on Revolve Solar Vacaville 12-8-13 Sunday Edition

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Daily Republic Article on Revolve Solar Vacaville 12-8-13 Sunday Edition

  1. 1. Daily Republic Review of 5 shopping apps to getyou the best prices. Page C6 Sunday, December 8,2013 SECTIONC TECHTIPS Guide to protecting Internet accounts ANICKJESDAMJN THEASSOCIATED PRESS S ecurity expertssay passwords for more than 2 million Facebook,Google and other accounts have been compromised and circulated online,just the latest example of breaches involvingleading Internet companies. Some servicesincluding Twitter have responded by disabling the affected pass- • words. Butthere are several things you can doto minimize further threats - even ifyour account isn't among the 2 million that were compro- mised. Here are some tips tohelp you secure your online accounts: - ' . '- ' ' Wentworth new director of sales, marketing at citys visitors bureau AMY MAGINNIS-HONEY DAILY REPUBLIC FAIRFIELD Christian Wentworth has joined the Fair- field Conference and Visitors Bureau as the new director of sales and marketing. This new role in the organization was a part of management district plan for the new tourism improvement district that was formed earlier this year. Wentworth worked as direc- tor of sales for the Hilton Garden Inn. He also served as chairman of the board for the Fairfield Conference and Visi- tors Bureau. "His knowledge and involve- ment with the CVB in the past will not only be a great asset, but will save a lot of time avoidinga replay of what we've done and accomplished in the past," said Anand Patel, president and CEO or the Fairfield Conference and Visitors Bureau in a press release. "I have had the pleasure of working with Christian as my board chair. I feel his experience with hotel and meetings sales in this market will give him great insight on which direction to focus our efforts." "After 35 years of working in the hospitality industry, I am excited to be given the opportu- nity to be the director of sales and marketing for the Fairfield Conference and Visitors Bureau," Wentworth said in the press release. "I look forward to working with local businesses and community to make Fair- fielda mark onthe map as a des- tination." The Fairfield Conferenceand Visitors Bureau, a destination marketing organization, was created by a Tourism Improve- ment District consisting of 18Fairfield hotels to market and promote tourism to the area, including overnight stays. For more information, call 399-2445 or visit www.Visit Reach Amy Maginnis-Honey at 427-6057 oramaginnis® Follow her on amaginnisdr.
  2. 2. Brad Zweerink/Daily Republic photos Above, Revolve Solar employees Chris Bookout, left, and his son, Jacob, Install solar panels on a Fairfield home. Below, a solar panel. SOLAR ENERGY COMPANY OPENS STORE IN VACAVILLE BARRY EBERLING DAILY REPUBLIC VACAVILLE Fairfield resident Lincoln Beals heard an offer from Revolve Solar that he didn't think he could turn down. Revolve Solar would lease him solar panels on his house for 25 years to provide him electricity. The rate would stay a flat $83a month for the duration. "I'm on a fixed income now," Beals said. "I need to be real careful about how I manage myexpenses." 'Now he will be protected from Pacific, Gas & Electric Co.rate hikes, he said. Revolve Solar sells and installs solar systems. It opened on West Texas Street in Fairfield in June and recently moved to 871 CottingCourt, Suite D,in Vacaville. "We're converting people from dirty energy to clean energy," said Ken Stout, sales manager for the local office. Revolve Solar is based in Austin, Texas.If has a California office in Redding, as well as the new Vacaville office. Stout attended Vacaville High School and Solano Community College, as well as San Jose State University. He started the Live Music Center music store in Vacaville in 1987 and worked at that business for 20 years. He sold the Live Music Center in 2006 and gotinvolved with solar energy. California has a GoSolar California cam- paign put on by the state Energy Commis- sion and the state Public Utilities Commission. It calls for having state residents install 3,000 megawatts of solar energy systems at homes and busi- nesses by 2017. Another goal is to produce 400 megawatts of solar electricity on about 160,000 homes. Stout makes the pitch that Revolve Solar is better suited to serve Solano County cus- tomers than the bigger solar companies. "What we want to do is offer a community service," Stout said. "We are here for the community. The other companies, they just what to go in, make their money and get out. Our history is to service and maintain our clients locally." See Solar, Page C2
  3. 3. know aboutsuchtricks asadding numbersand symbols,soyou'll want tomakesure the words you use aren't inthe databases. One trick isto think ofasentence and usejust the first letter ofead? word - asin"tqbfjotld" for "the quick brown foxjumps over the lazydog." • Avoid easy-to-guesswords, even ifthey aren'thithe diction- ary. Avoidyourname, company name or hometown, for instance. Avoid pets and relatives' names, too. Likewise,avoidthings that can be looked up, suchasyour birthday or ZIPcode. One otherthingtoconsider: Many sites letyou resetyour passwordbyanswering a security question,butthese answers - such ^•^^^^^••^^^^^•^••^^••^^•^•^^••^^ The Associated Press file (2002) In this Jan. 10, 2002, file photo, a computer screensnowsapassword attack In progress. asyourpet ormother's maiden name-are possible tolookup.So • try tomakethese answers complexjust like passwords, by adding numbers and special characters andmakingup responses. A second layer Many services offer a second levelofauthenticationwhen you're accessing them from a computer or device for the first ready accesstoyourphone. Facebook, Google,Microsoft and Twitter are among the seirvices offering this dual authentication. It's typically ah option, somethingyouhavetoturn on.Dothat. It maybe apain,but it will save yougrief later.In most cases,youwon'tbe asked for this second code whenyoureturn to a computer you'veused before, but be sure to decline that optionif you're in apublicplace such as a library or Internet cafe. Onefinalthought Change yourpasswords regularly. It's possibleyour account information is already Banking and shopping sues aic obvious, as are email and social- networking services. It probably doesn't matter muchif someone breaks intothe account you useto read newspaper articles (unless it's a subscription). And strong passwords alone won't completely keepyou safe. Make sureyour computer is running the latest software, as older versions can haveflawsthat hackers havebeen knownto exploit. Be careful when clicking on email attachments, asthey may contain malicious softwarefor stealingpasswords. Usefirewalls and other security programs, many ofwhichare available for free. Solar: Based in Texas From Page Cl Beals looked at having solar panels on his roof about five .years ago.Aperson from a solar company looked at his house and told him the project wouldn't be -feasible because of the orienta- tion of his house.YetBeals didn't .forget aboutrenewableenergy. "If I could put a windmill up in my yard, because I get the Delta breeze, I would dothat,"he - saidwith a laugh."Butmyneigh- bors would certainly object to ..-that" More recently, somebody -from Revolve Solar knocked on his door. "This guy was so patient in answering my questions," Beals said. "Usually, I tell those guys who knockonmy doorto get lost. ...Hegave meaflier,spentsome time with me and explained the program and how it works as a lease." Technology in the solar indus- try hasapparentlyadvancedover the past fewyears. Beals learned he could indeed have solar energy generated at his house, and with panels only on about half the garage roof atthat. Installers from Revolve Solar came to his house a couple of weeks ago and installed the panels. Stoutseesalotmore solar panels in SolanoCounty's future. "Homeowners, business owners, government,', they're going to be the solution for creat- ing power hi the community," Stout said. ReachBarry Eberling at 427-6929or beberting@dmly Follow him on Twitter at bebertingdr. Stevenson: Uncertainty From PageCl deterioration in the perceived safety of any and all municipal bonds issued by the city of Chicago. It would become difficult, if not impossible, for Chicagoto issue municipal bonds with whatwouldamountto a pension fund bankruptcy looming overitsfinances.In addition, municipal bondfunds thathold Chicago, or eventhe stateof Illinois, obligations,might see their newassetvalueweaken. What legislators are faced with ispotentialangeramongcurrent state workerswhoare already protesting that promises be kept, regardless ofwhether or not it turns the city'sfinancialsystem on its head. Asan aside comes newsthisweekthat ajudgehas given the green light to allow - Detroit's pension funds to be included asthat city's massive bankruptcy filing. State treasury officials in Illinois are quickto point outthat the state constitution stipulates that debtholders bepaid first in the event ofa severe financial breakdown.That should mean that Chicago and Illinois bond- holders havenothingtoworry about, andthere's noreasonto think otherwise. But there is stillthe problemof uncertainty, whichbondholders, and indeed, mostinvestors, arent comfortable with.Wedont know what the ripple effect might be in the eventofa majorpension fund disaster.Imagine, Chicagocould become kind ofa Midwestern city ofVallejp. BudStevenson, a retired stock- broker, lives in Fairfield. Reach him at VICUli uunni «VIIHM«W holiday outreach FAIRFIELD - Travis Credit Unionmembers and employees are taking part in the Solano and Contra Costa Food Bank's annual food drive, The Festival of Trees, Christmas Wish 2013, Toys for Tots and the 2013 Children's Miracle Network Holiday Stocking Campaign. It needs some help with thefooddrive. Each year, -the credit union helps the working poor, seniors,single parents and the homeless in Solano County through the food drive. Credit union employ- ees, members and the public can bring nonperish- able foods to all credit union branches in Solano, Yolo, and Contra Costa Counties through Jan. 31, 2014. "Through these pro- grams and others like them, we are reaching out to people in need;" Patsy Van Ouwerkerk, chief exec- utive officer of Travis Credit Union, said in a press release. "We are proud to be helping the community and atthe same time makinga difference in people's lives." The credit union has branches hi Fairfield at S075 Business Center Drive, 2570 N. Texas^St. and 1340 Gateway BlvdU in Suisun City at 131 Sunset Ave.; and in Vacaville at One Travis Way, 2020 Har- bison Drive, 11 Cernon St. and 2010PeabodyRoad.