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Rarely Asked Questions


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IPA主催「OSS貢献者賞」授賞式 受賞スピーチ


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Rarely Asked Questions

  1. 1. Rarely Asked Questions Debian Project Official Developer 武藤 健志 (Kenshi Muto)
  2. 2. 感謝。
  3. 3. 11 years...
  4. 4. $ grep kmuto ml/debian-users/summary | grep Re: | wc -l 1956
  5. 5. Profile Reproduce Solve
  6. 6. Credit: Copyright 2010 Kenshi Muto Fig1: Cristiano Betta, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Fig2: woodley wonderworks, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Fig3: Windell Oskay, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Fig4: Kenshi Muto Fig5: Marcus Vegas, Creative Commons Attribution+ShareALike 2.0